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  中考英语必考动词短语 1



  常见的有look for, look after, ask for, laugh at, hear of 等。这类短语动词的宾语只能放在介词后。如:

  Don’t laugh at others.

  Tom asked his parents for a bike.


  常见的有give up, pick up, think over, find out, hand in,等。这类短语动词的宾语如果是名词,既可放在副词前边,又可放在副词后边;宾语如果是人称代词或反身代词,则要放在副词前边。如:

  You’ll hand in your homework tomorrow.

  Please don’t forget to hand it in.


  常见的有 go on with, catch up with等。这类短语动词的宾语只能放在介词后边。如:

  Go on and I’ll catch up with you in five minutes.

  After a short rest, he went on with his research work.


  常见的有take care of, make use of, pay attention to, make fun of 等。这类短语动词的宾语只能放在介词后边。如:

  You should pay attention to your handwriting.

  We should make full use of our time.


  常见的有leave open, set free, cut open等。这类短语动词的宾语如果是名词,则宾语可放在形容词的前边,也可放在后边;宾语如果是人称代词或反身代词,则必须放在形容词前边。如:

  The prisoners were set free.

  He cut it open.


  常见的有take place, make friends等。这类短语动词用作不及物动词。如:

  This story took place three years ago.

  I make friends with a lot of people.


  (1)be made in(在……生产或制造),be made of(由……组成或构成)

  (2)come down(下来;落),come along(来;随同),come to oneself(苏醒),come true(实现),come out(花开;发芽;出现;出来),come over(过来;顺便来访),come in(进来),come on(来吧;跟着来;赶快), come up with(找到;提出)

  (3)do one’s best(尽最大努力), do well in(在……干得好), do one’s homework(做作业),do some reading(阅读)

  (4)fall asleep(入睡),fall behind(落在…..后面),fall off(从……掉下),fall down(到下;跌倒)

  (5)get down(下来;落下),get on(上车),get to(到达),get up(起床),get back(回来;取回),get off(下来),get on well with(与……相处融洽),get married(结婚),get together(相聚)

  (6)give up(放弃),give…a hand(给与……帮助),give a concert(开音乐会)

  (7)go back(回去),go on(继续),go home(回家),go to bed(睡觉),go over(过一遍;仔细检查),go out(外出;到外面),go wrong(走错路),go on doing(继续做某事),go shopping(买东西),go boating(去划船), go fishing(去钓鱼),go hiking(去徒步旅行),go skating(去滑冰),go straight along(沿着……一直往前走)

  (8)have a look(看一看), have a seat(坐下), have supper(吃晚餐), have a rest(休息), have sports(进行体育活动), have a cold(感冒), have a cough(咳嗽), have a good time(过得愉快), have a headache(头痛),have a try(尝试;努力)

  (9)look for(寻找),look out(留神; 注意),look over(仔细检查),look up(向上看;抬头看),look after(照顾; 照看),look at(看; 观看),look like(看起来像),look the same(看起来像),(10)make friends(交朋友),make phone calls(打电话),make money(赚钱),make the bed(整理床铺),make a noise(吵闹),make a faces(做鬼脸),make one’s way to(往……走去),make room for(给……腾出地方),make a decision(做出决定),make a mistake(犯错误),make up one’s mind(下决心)

  (11)put on(上演;穿上;戴上),put up(挂起;举起),put down(把某物放下来),put away(把某物收起来), put off(推迟)

  (12)take off(脱掉衣服),take photos(照相),take time(花费时间),take out(取出),take a seat(坐下),take an active part in(积极参加),take care of(照顾;照料;注意),take exercise(做运动),take one’s place(坐某人的位置;代替某人的职务),take turn(轮流)

  (13)talk about(谈话;交谈),talk with(和……交谈)

  (14)turn on(打开电灯,收音机,煤气,自来水等),turn off(关上电灯,收音机,煤气,自来水等),turn down(关小;调低),turn…over(把…..翻过来)

  (15)think of(认为;想起),think about(考虑)

  中考英语必考动词短语 2



  come across (偶然)遇见(或发现)

  come along (意外地)出现;发生;来到

  come down 降落

  come from 来自

  come back 回来

  come on 快点;加油

  come out 出版;发表;开花;发芽

  come over 顺便来访

  come true (希望、梦想等)实现


  get away 逃离

  get back 返回

  get down 下降

  get on 上车

  get off 下车

  get over 克服

  get up 起床;起来

  get along/on with sb. 与某人相处


  go away 走开;离开

  go back 回去

  go up 上升;增长

  go out 出去;熄灭

  go off 爆炸;走开;衰退

  go over 仔细检查;复习

  go through 通过


  give away 赠送;分发

  give back 还给;归还;恢复(健康等)

  give in 投降,屈服

  give out 发出(气味、光线、声音、信号);分发

  give up 放弃


  look after 照顾;照看

  look at 看

  look around 环顾四周

  look for 寻找;寻求

  look into 调查

  look out 当心

  look over (仔细)检查

  look through 浏览

  look up (在词典、参考书等中)查阅;查找

  look up to 钦佩;仰慕;尊敬

  look down upon 瞧不起

  look forward to 盼望;期待


  put away 把……收起来;储存……备用

  put down 写下;放下

  put off 推迟;拖延

  put on 穿上;上演;增加

  put out 扑灭;熄灭(火)

  put up 张贴;搭建


  take away 拿走;带走

  take down 取下;记下;拆卸

  take in 吸入;吞入(体内)

  take out 取出

  take off 脱下(衣服);(飞机等)起飞

  take up 占据(时间、空间);开始从事;拿起

  take care 当心;小心

  take after (在外貌、性格等方面)与(父母等)相像

  take care of 照看;照顾


  turn down 调低,调小;拒绝

  turn up 开大, 调高;出现

  turn on 打开

  turn off 关闭

  turn out 结果是

  turn in 上交




  care about 关心;在意

  talk about 谈论;讨论;议论

  think about 考虑

  throw about 乱丢;抛撒

  worry about 担心


  point at 指向

  look at 看(某人)

  throw at 投向;掷向

  laugh at(sb.) 嘲笑(某人)

  knock at 敲

  shout at(sb.) 对(某人)大喊

  aim at 瞄准;旨在


  get away 逃离

  give away 赠送;分发

  put away 把……收起来;储存……备用

  run away 逃跑;跑掉

  take away 拿走

  throw away 扔掉

  move away 搬走,移开


  bring back 恢复;使想起;归还

  come back 回来

  get back 回来;恢复

  give back 归还;送回

  go back 回去

  pay back 偿还(借款等)

  talk back 回嘴;顶嘴


  break down 停止运转;出故障

  calm down 保持冷静

  cut down 砍倒;削减

  fall down 落下;摔倒

  get down 下来;落下

  put down 写下;记下;放下

  shut down 关上;停业

  take down 拆除;记录

  turn down 调低;关小;拒绝

  write down 写下;记下


  believe in 信任;信赖

  check in 报到;登记

  come in 进来

  hand in 交上;提交;呈送

  take in 吸入;吞入(体内);理解;欺骗


  hear of 听说

  think of 思考;考虑

  get out of 离开;从……出来

  take care of 照顾;照看


  break off 突然中止;中断

  cut off 切除;切断

  drop off 减少;下降

  fall off 从……掉下

  get off 脱下;下车

  go off (闹钟)发出响声;发出(光、热等)

  keep off 勿踏;勿踩

  knock off 停止做某事

  pay off 偿清(欠款等)

  put off 推迟;拖延

  run off 跑掉;迅速离开

  see off(为某人)送行

  set off 动身(去某地);起程

  send off 派遣

  shut off 关闭;停止运转

  take off 脱下(衣服),(飞机等)起飞

  tell off 责备;分派

  turn off 关闭


  put on 穿上

  turn on 打开

  fight on 坚持

  pass on 传递

  keep on 继续(进行)

  try on 试穿;试试看

  work on 从事;忙于

  depend on 依赖

  come on 赶快;加油;来吧

  hold on 等一等(别挂电话)


  blow out 吹灭

  break out (战争、火灾等)突然发生;爆发

  bring out 使显现;使表现出

  check out 查明;离开

  clean out 清除;把……打扫干净

  clear out 清理;丢掉

  come out 出版;发表

  cut out 删除;删去

  find out 查明;发现;了解

  get out 出去,离开

  give out 发出(气味、光线、声音、信号);分发

  go out 出去;熄灭

  hand out 分发;发放

  keep out 不让......进入

  leave out 不包括;不提及;忽略

  look out 留神;当心

  put out 扑灭;熄灭(火)

  run out 用尽;耗尽

  sell out 卖完;售光

  set out 出发;启程

  stand out 站出来;突出;坚持到底

  take out 取出

  work out 算出;解决

  help (sb.) out 帮助(某人)解决困难


  come over 顺便来访

  fall over 绊倒

  get over 克服;恢复;原谅

  go over 仔细检查;复习

  look over (仔细)检查


  bring up 教育;培养;提出

  cheer up 使振奋;使高兴起来(cheer sb. up)

  clean up (把……)打扫干净;(把……)收拾整齐

  cut up 切碎

  dress up 穿上盛装;装扮

  eat up 吃光;吃完

  fix up 修理;修补

  get up 起床

  give up 放弃

  grow up 成长;长大

  hang up 挂断电话

  hurry up 赶快

  look up (在词典、参考书等中)查阅;查找

  make up 编造;形成;组成

  pick up 捡起

  put up 张贴;搭建

  send up 发射,把……送上去

  set up 建立;创立;开办

  show up 出席;露面

  stay up 不睡觉;熬夜

  take up (尤指为消遣)学着做;开始做

  think up 想出

  turn up 开大(声音);出现

  use up 用完;用光;耗尽


  agree with 赞同;持相同意见

  begin with 以……开始

  connect with 与……相连

  deal with 处理;应付

  catch up with 赶上

  come up with 提出;想出(主意、回答等)

  get along/on with sb. 与某人相处

  go on with 继续

  keep in touch with sb. 与某人保持联系

  keep up with 与......并驾齐驱;跟上