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  1、All things come to those who wait.


  2、Victory won''t come to me unless I go to it. -- M.Moore

  胜利是不会向我们走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。 -- 穆尔

  3、We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. -- Mattin Luther King

  我们必须接受失望,因为它是有限的,但千万不可失去希望,因为它是无穷的。 -- 马丁 · 路德 · 金

  4、A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step.


  5、Never, never, never, never give up (Winston Churchill)

  永远不要、不要、不要、不要放弃。(英国首相 丘吉尔)

  6、A man is not old as long as he is seeking something. A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. (J. Barrymore)


  7、While there is life there is hope.


  8、I am a slow walker,but I never walk backwards. (Abraham.Lincoln America)


  9、It''s great to be great , but it''s greater to be human. ---W. Rogers


  10、I can make it through the rain. I can stand up once again on my own.

  我可以穿越云雨,也可以东山再起(Mariah Carey-through the rain)

  11、One''s real value first lies in to what degree and what sense he set himself.(Einstein Germany)

  一个人的真正价值首先决定于他在什么程度上和在什么意义上从自我解放出来。(爱因斯坦 德国)

  12、One thing I know,that is I know nothing.(Socrates Greek)

  我所知道的一件事就是我一无所知。(苏格拉底 古希腊)

  13、Cease to struggle and you cease to live. -- Thomas Carlyle

  生命不止,奋斗不息。 -- 卡莱尔

  14、Never underestimate your power to change yourself!


  15、Nothing is impossible!


  16、Nothing for nothing.


  17、The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible ". (Bonaparte Napoleon ,French emperor )

  凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说“不可能的”。( 法国皇帝 拿破仑. B.)

  18、I will greet this day with love in my heart.


  19、Do what you say,say what you do


  20、You have to believe in yourself . That''s the secret of success.(Charles Chaplin , American actor )

  人必须相信自己,这是成功的秘诀。 (美国演员 卓别林. C.)

  21、When love is not madness, it is not love.


  22、Love is blind.


  23、Brief is life, but love is long.


  24、Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.


  25、One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life.That word is love.


  26、Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.


  27、There is no remedy for love but to love more.


  28、Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.


  29、The darkneis no darknewith thee.


  30、She who has never loved, has never lived.


  31、Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.


  32、If I know what love is, it is because of you.


  33、May your love soar on the wings of a dove in flight.


  34、If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.


  35、I miyou so much already and I haven't even left yet!


  36、Love is hard to get into, but harder to get out of.


  37、At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.


  38、Precious things are very few in this world. That is the reason there is just one you.


  39、Love is a light that never dims.


  40、Love is a vine that grows into our hearts.



  1、Life is a journey, not the destination, but the scenery along the should be and the mood at the view.人生就是一场旅行,不在乎目的地,在乎的应该是沿途的风景以及看风景的心情。

  2、I'll stand on my own two feet.一人做事一人当。

  3、Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.时间在流逝,生命中人来人往。不要错失机会,告诉他们在你生命中的意义。

  4、That's always the case.习以为常了

  5、Being criticized is awful被人批评真痛苦

  6、Get over yourself.别自以为是

  7、I'm really in a bind.我左右为难。

  8、He always goofs off.他总是糊里糊涂。

  9、One should love animals. They are so tasty.每个人都应该热爱动物,因为它们很好吃。

  10、You've gone too far!你太过分了!I can't take it anymore.我受不了了!

  11、He is a fast talker.他老是说得天花乱坠

  12、In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.到头来,你活了多少岁不算什么,重要的是,你是如何度过这些岁月的。

  13、If you wish to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend, experience as your reference, prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry.如果你希望成功,当以恒心为良友以经验为参谋以谨慎为兄弟以希望为哨兵。

  14、I'll try to smooth things over.我会妥善处理。

  15、I think you've put your finger on it你说到点子上了。

  16、I'm mad about Bruce Lee.我迷死李小龙了。

  17、It's on the house.这是免费的。

  18、They're selling like hot cakes这些都很畅销。

  19、Everything would have all right if you hadn't said that假如你没那样说,一切都好办

  20、You may be out of my sight, but never out of my mind.你也许已走出我的视线,但从未走出我的思念。

  21、In fact, we have to admit the fact that the quality of life is as important as life itself.事实上,我们必须承认生命的质量和生命本身一样重要。

  22、One needsthings to be truly happy living in the world: some thing to do, some one to love, some thing to hope for.要得到真正的快乐,我们只需拥有三样东西:有想做的事,有值得爱的.人,有美丽的梦。

  23、When the whole world is about to rain, let's make it clear in our heart together.当全世界约好一起下雨,让我们约好一起在心里放晴。

  24、Cut it out.省省吧。

  25、She had a bad cold.她患了重感冒

  26、Love is not a maybe thing. You know when you love someone.爱不是什么可能大概也许,一旦爱上了,自己是十分清楚的。

  27、His argument doesn't hold water.他的论点站不住脚

  28、It's up to you.由你决定

  29、Still water runs deep大智若愚

  30、Try to have a mind of your own做有主见的人

  31、No matter how bad your heart has been broken, the world doesn't stop for your grief. The sun comes right back up the next day.不管你有多痛苦,这个世界都不会为你停止转动。太阳依旧照样升起。

  32、This is in way over my head.对我而言这实在太难了。

  33、I lied when I said I didn't like you. I lied when I said I didn't care. I lie every time I try to tell myself I will never fall for you.我说不爱你,那是假话;我说不在乎,那是假话;我告诉自己对你再不会有感觉了,那也是假话。

  34、Your happy passer-by all knows, my distressed there is no place hides.你的幸福路人皆知,我的狼狈无处遁形。

  35、It's a hit.这件事很受人欢迎。

  36、a short fuse(俚)脾气火爆

  37、It's full of hot air.这是雷声大雨点小

  38、In the last decades, advances in medical technology have made it possible for people to live longer than in the past.在过去的几十年,先进的医疗技术已经使得人们比过去活的时间更长成为可能。

  39、It slipped my mind.我忘了

  40、I'll think of you every step of the way.我会想你,在漫漫长路的每一步。

  41、We should spare no effort to beautify our environment.我们应该不遗余力地美化我们的环境。

  42、Don't nag me!别在我面前唠叨!I feel terrible!我觉得遭透了!I guess so!我想是吧!

  43、I know Jerry puts her down我知道杰瑞看不起她

  44、I'm glad I kept my fingers crossed.我很高兴一直都这么幸运。

  45、The information I've collected over last few years leads me to believe that this knowledge may be leuseful than most people think.从这几年我搜集的信息来看,这些知识并没有人们想象的那么有用。

  46、Watch out!(口)当心!

  47、I have a sweet tooth.我喜欢吃甜食

  48、He is now in the soup.他现在糟糕了。I'm on the WAGON(马车,车).我戒酒了。

  49、you have given it your best shot,anyway!不管怎样,你已经尽力了

  50、Get out of my face.从我面前消失!You piss me off.你气死我了。

  51、You've jumped on the bandwagon.随大流

  52、You'd better wise up.放聪明点

  53、I'll see to it我会留意的

  54、He always talks big.他总是吹牛

  55、I am up to my ears in work.我忙的不可开交

  56、The price makes my hair stand on end.那价钱把我吓了一跳。

  57、I am an exam jitter我一考试就紧张

  58、Let's find a happy medium.我们还是找一个折衷的办法

  59、My treat.我请客。

  60、I don't like splitting hairs.我不爱斤斤计较

  61、Tom always gets cold feet.汤姆总是裹足不前。

  62、Don't give me a song and dance!不要找借口

  63、That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!那是我听到的最愚蠢的事!(比尔·盖茨常用)

  64、This is beyond comparison.无与伦比

  65、He got under the boss's skin.他惹恼了老板

  66、You're laying it on thick.你过奖了

  67、I'll put everything in black and white!我会把所有事情白纸黑字写清楚。

  68、Can you give me a lift?载我一程好吗?

  69、Accept what was and what is, and you'll have more positive energy to pursue what will be.接受过去和现在的模样,才会有能量去追寻自己的未来。

  70、You have my word.我保证

  71、Tom is nobody's fool!汤姆是个很聪明的人。

  72、I have a runny nose.我流鼻涕。

  73、You've got a point there.你说得挺有道理的。

  74、Suit me fine!太适合我了!

  75、People equate succein life with the ability of operating computer.人们把会使用计算机与人生成功相提并论。

  76、I'm fed up.我厌倦了

  77、a knock out(俚)美得让人倾倒

  78、Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have.除非你能和真实的自己和平相处,否则你永远不会对已拥有的东西感到满足。

  79、In love folly is always sweet.恋爱中,干傻事总是让人感到十分美妙。

  80、If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it. Every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth.-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.要想射中靶,必须瞄准比靶略为高些,因为脱弦之箭都受到地心引力的影响。

  81、Let's go Dutch.各付各的

  82、It really turns me on.这令我兴奋。

  83、He is an operator.他是个老油条。Don't get on my nerves!不要搅得我心烦

  84、People believe that computer skills will enhance their job opportunities or promotion opportunities.人们相信拥有计算机技术可以获得更多工作或提升的机会。

  85、The hard part isn't making the decision. It's living with it.做出决定并不困难,困难的是接受决定。

  86、Happiness is a way station between too much and too little.幸福是太多和太少之间的一站。

  87、Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.任何值得做的,就把它做好。

  88、Wishful thinking一厢情愿的想法

  89、You should give him a piece of your mind你该向他表达你的不满

  90、Great minds think alike英雄所见略同

  91、Don't go to pieces.不要着急

  92、I'm sick of it.我都腻了。

  93、Now, it is generally accepted that no college or university can educate its students by the time they graduation.现在,人们普遍认为没有一所大学能够在毕业时候教给学生所有的知识。

  94、Before giving my opinion, I think it is important to look at the arguments on both sides.在给出我的观点之前,我想看看双方的观点是重要的。

  95、That will be the day.有这么一天就好了。

  96、Who but he would do such a thing?除了他谁会做这种事?

  97、It is a hard nut to crack.这是一件棘手的事情

  98、Give me a break!你饶了我吧!(开玩笑的话)Don't give me a hard time!别跟我过不去好不好!

  99、Don't sell yourself short别看轻自己

  100、It's better to be alone than to be with someone you're not happy to be with.宁愿一个人呆着,(经典语句.)也不要跟不合拍的人呆一块。


  1. Nothing is more important than …没有什么比更重要

  EgNothing is more important than health./ to be independent.


  2. sb./sth. is the +最高级+(n.) that I have ever met/ seen/ known.......是我所遇到、见到、知道最......

  Eg. Mr zhang is the kindest teacher that I have ever met/ seen/ known.


  Freindship is the most valuable thing that I have ever had.


  3. We can not/ never emphasize the importance of(doing)sth … too much.

  We can never attach too much importance to(doing)sth ….


  Eg。 We can not/ never emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much.


  We can never attach too much importance to reading books widely and wisely.


  4. Only when we......can we….只有当我们....时候,我们才能......

  Eg。Only when we devote ourselves to study can we achieve great success.


  Only when we have a healthy body can we do what we want.


  5. As the saying goes正如谚语所说

  There is a saying that goes,

  As a proverb says,

  Eg.As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way.


  There is a saying that goes, “failure is the mother of success.”


  As a proverb says, no pains, no gains.


  6. Perhaps the most dangerous phenomenon gripping the nation today is…


  7. Never before in history has the issue of…been more evident than now.


  8. Perhaps it is time to reexamine the idea that…


  9. A growing number of people are beginning to realize that…is not the sole prerequisite for happiness.


  10. Years of observing human behavior has enabled me to conclude that the major difference between…and…lies solely with…