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  War, that's what people are fighting against. Virus, that's the dreaded devil. The SARS in those days was very creepy. Now the tragedy repeats, and the epidemic breaks the peace. How many people can't be reunited with their families because of him, how many people are still fighting in the front line of anti epidemic because of him, and how many people have lost precious lives because of him.


  There is such a academician who leads all comrades in fighting on the front line of critical illness, working day after day until the last moment of their lives. He is Liu Zhiming, the director of Wuchang hospital. On January 21, Liu Zhiming was assigned to receive 499 pneumonia patients at his Wuchang hospital. For three days without sleep, Liu Zhiming was really busy. The expansion of the hospital, the adjustment of medical staff, the increase of beds, everything needs Liu Zhiming's confirmation. He is really busy.


  On the eve of the Spring Festival, Liu Zhiming's identity changed completely. Now he is also lying in the ICU ward fighting against the disease. CT shows that his lung has been seriously infected. Even so, he kept on working in the ward. After a while, he called his colleagues to ask if the patient had received it. Then he immediately replied to the message to ask how to prevent and control the hospital infection. Facing the concern of his colleagues, he said: "I'm the Dean, I can't lose it!" He also told his colleagues not to worry about him. When he recovered, he would fight side by side with everyone.


  Liu Zhiming's wife is a head nurse in Guanggu district. His wife wanted to take care of Liu Zhiming, but he always replied "no". Liu Zhiming knows that keeping his wife in the post will give more people hope for life. Liu Zhiming did not know that he would never be able to fight with his colleagues. On February 14, his condition suddenly deteriorated and he was transferred to other hospitals for rescue. Until the morning of February 18, he left us forever. We will always remember the name Liu Zhiming.


  No matter how long the dark night, the dawn will come. The epidemic is not over yet. We must continue. Let's cheer for the heroes who are still fighting the epidemic!



  This year's winter vacation is an extraordinary one. Due to the novel coronavirus, the school hours are delayed. In order to ensure the normal progress of teaching, the school launched the network course. Today is the fourth day of online teaching. The students have gradually adapted to this new teaching method, and have not slackened their study due to the supervision of the teacher. They actively answer the teacher's questions in class, listen carefully, and finish their homework on time after class. The teachers who become the "anchor" take turns to complete the teaching of various subjects. They are very active in class, attentive in courseware preparation and in place in knowledge summary. I feel that this online teaching method can not only protect the safety of students and teachers, but also further stimulate students' interest in learning, so as to improve the efficiency of learning.


  A novel coronavirus epidemic caused by pneumonia in 2020 was enveloped in China. People began to stay indoors and life became oppressive. In this context, the Ministry of Education issued a notice of "no suspension of classes", officially opening up a new way of learning, online teaching.


  Every day in nail live group classes, I think this teaching method has become lively, my interest in learning has also increased a lot. Teachers teach each lesson to us in the form of courseware in the live room. The knowledge framework of the whole lesson becomes clear and clear, which is very conducive to our acceptance and digestion.


  Secondly, this way has broken through the original teaching mode. In school, there is only one teacher for each subject, but in online teaching, many different teachers are our teachers, so that we can fully understand the teaching styles and characteristics of different teachers, and then we can know the teaching methods we are interested in.


  Moreover, in online teaching, each teacher only needs to have one or two classes a day, which makes the teachers have enough time to grade and write comments for the students, so that the students can understand the shortcomings and highlights of their own work, and then know which direction we can work in.


  All in all, we are interested in learning in this winter. "If winter comes, will spring be far behind?" I believe that as long as we carefully carry out online learning and always maintain our confidence in learning, there will always be a ray of sunshine, which will break through the haze of the epidemic and bring warm spring. When spring comes, we will get together on campus.



  On the road, there were few pedestrians. The expression on their face was divided into two parts by the big mask. Their eyes were full of anxiety and they walked in a hurry. The whole world seemed to have only the dull breath under the mask. The novel coronavirus infection in Wenzhou has been reported in 58 cases, 114 cases and 172 cases.


  I suddenly remembered the video that my mother had shown me: the sweaty doctors were taking care of the patients in heavy protective clothing, masks and goggles, and they could not recognize each other because they were "fully armed". So they wrote their names on the back of the clothes. When they change their protective clothing, if they are a little careless, they will be infected. These angels in white are always brave to stand in the front line of the epidemic, to block the terrible virus and build a protective wall for us. We are eating Chinese New Year's Eve dinner and watching the Spring Festival party, but they are saving lives that have been damaged by pneumonia virus.


  I don't know when the new year's red envelope turned into a pack of masks. The fear of the virus keeps us at home. I think of the angel in white who doesn't ask for return and is not afraid of danger. I'm really worried for them. Many doctors have been infected, and there are still many doctors rushing to the front line of the epidemic. Grandpa Zhong Nanshan, in his 80s, led his team to study the virus day and night, hoping to develop a specific medicine as soon as possible. Although the venerable old man is an octogenarian, he still contributes to the control of the epidemic together with others. I admire their bravery and persistence. In this new year, they give us the courage and the method to face the epidemic correctly. It's the angels in white who give people hope to recover. From the end of the year to the new year, they have been unremitting in their efforts to fight against the virus.


  One white figure, one sweaty figure, one dutiful figure. Under the protective clothing of the doctors, how many heavy tasks are they shouldering, but they still face it with a smile.


  Thank you, angels in white for your efforts; thank you, medical researchers for their hard work. Thank you to people from all walks of life for fighting the epidemic. It is their efforts that have helped us build a safe protective wall. It is their hard work that has helped us usher in happiness and well-being. Although the virus is powerful and terrible, with their help, we will eventually overcome all difficulties.



  No angel in white, just a group of ordinary people put on a white coat with a mission. On January 23, nearly one thousand medical staff from the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University signed their names or signed up in the work group, asking to join the medical team of the hospital to fight against the new crown pneumonia. They said that patients must go up if they come, as long as they don't fall down. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is being applied to the leaders to join the fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia. Among them, there are not only young doctors and nurses, but also senior chief nurses. They leave the danger to themselves and protect the health of the citizens with their lives. They practice the original intention and mission of the doctors to save the lives and help the wounded, and love the boundless.


  Every time I see those white soldiers in military uniform fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention on TV, I am full of piety. They regard the epidemic situation as the enemy, regard the hospital as the battlefield, and forget to die in the fight without gunpowder smoke. With the spirit of fearlessness and the will of steel, they compose a glorious and magnificent hymn of life.


  The medical staff rushed up, they put their personal safety aside and fought hard with the disease devil; the scientific and technological staff rushed up, they worked day and night, working together, trying to overcome the virus pass as soon as possible; the journalists rushed up, they devoted themselves to their duties, spread the voice of the party and the government, reported the "new pneumonia" epidemic and countless touching stories.


  "For the sake of the country's life and death, do you avoid it because of misfortunes and blessings?".


  The fight against "new pneumonia" has once again brought out the great national spirit of the Chinese nation. In times of crisis, inspired by the national spirit, hundreds of millions of people have built a steel great wall to fight against the "new pneumonia". No matter the surging flood or the ghost invisible virus, they can only stand back in front of the indomitable Chinese nation.


  Thanks to the people who keep the life, you carry the light and hope, guard the peace and health, you are our example, I am willing to be like you, we love you not only today, but also every day in the future life!


  I would like to be such a person.