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  BBC News with David Austin.

  The British Prime Minister David Cameron has saidLondon will deploy military personnel in Ukraine tohelp train government forces. He told theParliamentary committee that failing to stand up toRussia in eastern Ukraine may lead to destabilization in Moldova or the Baltic States. Here'sreport from our Defence of Diplomatic corespondent Jonathan Marcus.

  With the fighting in Ukraine continuing, David Cameron is signaling the western resolve and acommitment to Ukraine. Britain, he said, was not at the stage of supplying lethal equipment tothe Ukrainian military. But giving evidence before the House of Commons Liaison committee,he announced the launch of a small training programme for Ukrainian army. Up to 75 Britishpersonnel will go to Ukraine, divided into a number of separate teams. Mr. Cameron made itclear that this is all about providing the Ukrainian military with knowledge. Britain is not joiningin the fighting. And he stressed that all of the training will be well away from the area ofconflict.

  The Ukrainian Foreign Minister has expressed fears that the pro-Russia rebels in the east ofthe country are moving their heavy weapons towards the strategic port of Mariupol instead ofpulling them back in line with the agreed ceasefire. International monitors say they can notconfirm the withdrawal of the rebel weaponry or their movement to Sumal till the reclaimhas been reported on the ground. The OSCE monitors say that to verify any pullout, theywould need to know the number of weapons, where they were being taken and by what means,and they did not have that information.

  The White House says President Obama has vetoed the Bill that would have given the goaheadfor the construction of a controversial Keystone XL pipeline carrying oil from Canada toNebraska. Its supporters say it could provide jobs and improve the US energy security, butenvironmentalists warn it could contribute to global warming. Gary O'Donoghue reports.

  Despite significant majorities in both House and Senate for the pipeline, President Obama hasalways said he would not sign any legislation until the review have been completed by theState Department. His veto can only be overturned by a 2/3 voting both chambers, amongseveral Democrats voted for the measure in the Senate for example, supporters were still 5short of overcoming that hurdle. This is the third time the President has exercised his veto,but it represents the first major legislative clash between the President and the newCongress.

  At least 27 people have been killed in northern Nigeria in apparently coordinated suicide bombattacks on bus stations. The blasts occurred in Kano, the largest city in the north, as well asthe town of Postikum. President Goodluck Jonathan condemned the killings, but said the daysof the mourning victims of incessant attacks would soon be over as the tide deterred againstthe Islamist group Boko Haram. The group has increased its activities ahead of elections thathave been postponed because of security concerns until March.

  World news from the BBC.

  The American Justice Department has said a white man who shot dead an unarmed blackteenager in Florida 3 years ago will not face hate-crime charges at a Federal level. GeorgeZimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder after saying he opened fire on TrayvonMartin in self-defence. The case triggered a fierce debate in the US of the guns and racerelations.

  The European Finance Commissioner has said the Euro-zone's approval of changes by Greeceto its bailout programme has averted an immediate financial crisis. But Pierre Moscovici said thedeal was only the starting point, Greece has until the end of April to find a more permanentsolution to its debt crisis. And the government of Alexis Tsipras has been criticised forabandoning many of its electoral promises, as Mark Lowen reports from Athens.

  They had to roll back on certain pledges and for example their pledge to raise the minimumwage by 170 euros a month, to reverse privatization, to reverse austerity measures actuallyand to rehire thousands of public-sectors workers laid off during the financial crisis. What thePrime Minister said is that he was back into a corner on this, that Greece had to compromiseand take awesome concessions in terms of spending more on welfare, on helping the victims ofthe humanitarian crisis as they call it, but they had to negotiate with the Euro-zone on this, andthey managed to negotiate and keep Greece in the Euro-zone.

  More than 30 people have been killed in Iraq in a series of bomb blasts in and around the capitalBagdad. Twenty-five of the victims died in a dual attack that took place just before sunset.First a suicide bomber detonated in an explosive vest in a tea shop, then a minute later a carparked on the street outside blew up.

  Fossil teeth found in Kenya have shed new light on the origins of the hippopotamus and how itreached Africa. Researchers say the teeth which are about 28 million years old, confirmed thelink to a family of now extinct plant-eating semi-acritic mammals called Hathoric Fears.