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  1.As we all know,China has a great many cultural heritages,________ attract people from all over the world to learn about China.


  A.that B.what

  C.which D.when【解析】选C。考查定语从句。分析句子结构可知,这是一个非限制性定语从句,因此用which引导非限制性定语从句,指代前面提到的cultural heritages,在从句中作主语。

  2.________is often the case,some British people are not familiar with different cultures.

  A.Which B.As

  C.It D.That

  3.A woman with a bleeding hand hurried in and asked,“Is there a hospital around________I can get some medicine for my wounded hand?”

  A.that B.which

  C.where D.what【解析】选C。考查定语从句。句意:一个手上流血的妇女匆忙进来问:“附近有没有一家医院,我可以去治我的手伤?”句中的 around 不是介词,而是副词,意为“在附近”;其后的 where 引导定语从句用以修饰其前的地点名词 hospital,定语从句中不缺主宾表,缺少的是地点状语,选C。

  4.In most cases,college graduates don’t mind what job they will do so long as it is one________they can earn money to support themselves.

  A.what B.where

  C.that D.how【解析】选B。考查定语从句。句意:在大部分情况下,大学毕业生不会介意他们会做什么样的工作,只要这是一个他们能挣钱养活自己的工作。这里使用定语从句,先行词是one=a job,定语从句中不缺少主宾表,缺少地点状语,所以用where引导定语从句。

  5.You should realize the fact that when you graduate from university,you are still not prepared for the possible situations________you may face in the working world.

  A.where B.that

  C.what D.when【解析】选B。考查定语从句。句意:你应该知道,当你大学毕业的时候,你依然还没准备好应对你在职场可能面对的各种局面。本空需要关系词引导定语从句修饰名词situations,连词在从句中作face的宾语,此时用that/which引导这个定语从句。

  6.—Did you remember the days________we studied in the university?

  —Certainly.Especially the hard times________we spent together.

  A.which;when B.when;which

  C.when;when D.which;which【解析】选B。考查定语从句。第一个空从句中的study为不及物动词,不缺少宾语故用when引导定语从句修饰先行词days;第二个空spend是及物动词且缺少宾语故用which引导定语从句。

  7.Dave William runs a website________he encourages people to protect the environment.

  A.that B.which

  C.there D.where

  8.It’s helpful to put children in a situation________they can see themselves differently.

  A.that B.when

  C.which D.where【解析】选D。这里的先行词是 “a situation”,带入定语从句中还原后有“they can see themselves differently in the situation”,所以关系词应为where,相当于“in which”。

  9.On the second floor there are two rooms,________is used as a meeting room.

  A.the larger of which

  B.one of them

  C.the larger one of that

  D.the largest of which【解析】选A。句意:在二楼有两个房间,其中较大的那个被用作会议室。句中没有连接词,可知逗号后为定语从句,the larger of which=and the larger of them=and the larger of the two rooms。B项变为and one of them才正确;定语从句中,若介词置于引导词前,则不能用that而用which,所以C项也不正确。

  10.Li Hua made some foreign friends in the summer camp,________,just like himself,are interested in world history.

  A.where B.who

  C.they D.all【解析】选B。本题为分隔式非限制性定语从句,先行词是foreign friends,引导词在从句中作主语。此句的意思是“李华在夏令营交了一些外国朋友,就像他自己一样,他们对世界历史感兴趣。”

  11.It has been announced that the award will be given to ________ has made the largest donation to charity this year.

  A.anyone B.the one

  C.whomever D.whoever【解析】选D。考查定语从句中的关系代词。句意:已经宣布奖项将会给予本年度为慈善机构捐款最多的人。这里关系代词既作主语又作宾语,且指人,只能选whoever,表示任何人,故选D。

  12.She lost her temper,________ I decided to go back home.

  A.in this case B.in which occasion

  C.at which point D.in the event

  13.—How are things going,Janet?

  —They have set out to deal with the present situation ________ they think deserves their immediate attention.

  A.which B.where

  C.when D.what【解析】选A。考查定语从句。本句考查定语从句的连接词,先行词为situation,在从句中担当主语,故选择A。答语句意:他们已经着手处理目前的情况,他们认为这种情况值得他们及时的关注。

  14.The course about Chinese food attracts over 100 students per year,________up to half are from overseas.

  A.in which B.for whom

  C.with which D.of whom【解析】选D。考查非限制性定语从句。句意:这门关于中国饮食的课程每年都吸引一百多个学生,其中一半是留学生。of表示“……的一部分”,关系代词whom指代100 students,在从句中作介词of的宾语。

  15.A story I read two years ago,________name I can’t remember clearly,changed my idea about education.

  A.which B.that

  C.whose D.what【解析】选C。考查定语从句。句意:两年前我读过的一个故事,它的`名字我记不清楚了,改变了我对教育的看法。whose修饰name,引导非限制性定语从句,该从句修饰先行词a story。

  16.Recently our community has launched a campaign among all the residents,________we are called upon to do our little bit to prevent the worsening environment.

  A.which B.that

  C.when D.where【解析】选D。考查定语从句。句意:最近我们社区在所有居民中发起了一项运动,运动号召我们做力所能及的事来阻止环境的日益恶化。分析句子结构可知,空处引导非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词a campaign,且从句中不缺成分,故选关系副词where。

  17.The film brought the hours back to me ________I was taken good care of in that faraway village.

  A.until B.that

  C.when D.where

  18.Our English teacher often creates an environment ________we are given the opportunity to practice spoken English.

  A.when B.which

  C.where D.that【解析】选C。句意:我们的英语老师常常给我们创造一种环境,在这种环境下,我们可以有机会练习英语口语。根据语境与句子结构可知答案为C项。

  19.I will forever remember a certain occasion________we were in trouble and at that moment our best friend gave us a hand.

  A.where B.which

  C.why D.when【解析】选D。考查定语从句。先行词是occasion,根据后面的时间状语at that moment可知 occasion指时间,从句中缺少的是状语,故要使用关系副词when,相当于at which time。句意:我会永远记住当我们有麻烦时,我们最好的朋友帮助了我们。

  20.My teachers always tell me that I have reached a point in my life________I am supposed to make decisions by myself.

  A.where B.which

  C.how D.why