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  1. He has ________(驾驶) for 200 kilometres.

  2. The glasses can keep the worker’s eyes ________(安全).

  3. How _______(喧闹) the students are playing on the playground!

  4. When was the party _______(成立)? On July 1,1921.

  5. _______(无论哪里) he goes, he is always ready to help others.

  6. Have you ever read a book on _______(环境).

  7. You have ever _______(乱扔) things about, haven’t you?

  8. The ______(风景) of Guilin is very beautiful

  9. He always reads many kinds of _______(杂志) so he knows a lot.

  10. As a teacher, he often ______(鼓励) the students to work hard at all the subjects.

  11. The factory are ________(倾倒) waster water into the river.

  12. Have you got _______(几本) science books?

  13. Wherever you live, you can do something around your ________(街坊,四周).

  14. Have you ever drawn pictures on _______(公共的') walls?

  15. The more we ______(练习), the better we will do.

  16. These _______(说明) use the 24 hour clock.

  17. It was a _________(舒适的) room. We all likes living in it.

  18. What is the number of the Smiths’ ________(航班) out of Beijing?

  19. I just want to go to sleep as soon as ________(可能的).

  20. He bought a ship and used it _______(探索) under the sea.

  21. He likes the beautiful _______(珊瑚) very much.

  22. Many sharks ________(以…为食) on fish and other sea animals.

  23. The two sisters are very much ________(相象的).

  24. With the money he saved, he built a _______(化学) lab for himself.

  25. Edison was a great American _______(发明家), he _______(发明) a lot of useful things.

  26. Tom’s father wants to learn how to run quickly and to eat _______(健康地).

  27. The door is too narrow for the elephant to go ________(通过).

  28. Their father _______(悄悄地) goes into their bedroom.

  29. The ground is ________(覆盖) with thick snow.

  30. This TV play is very _______(精彩), I’d like to see it again.

  31. Some people believe that dinosaurs have not _______(消失), but they have become birds.

  32. At last, the ________(主人) of the shop sold the old woman a small turkey.

  33. People in different places ________(庆祝) this holiday in different ways.

  34. I can’t find my _______(历史) book. Have you ________(看到) it anywhere?

  35. Books give me _________(知识) and make me happy.

  36. Water sports _______(吸引) numbers of ________(游客) to the islands.

  37. I want to go to Tsinghua ________(大学) and become a _________(科学家).

  38. You may become _________(垂头丧气) and at times you’ll feel like _______(放弃) up.

  39. I want to remember how you are going to _________(完善) yourself this year.

  40. In some places there are watch towers on the beaches ________(警告) people about sharks in the rivers.

  41. They do this for fun and to bring the ________(精神) of Christmas to the people in each house.

  42. The boy is in great danger. We must ________(动手术) on him at once.

  43. Three ________(四分之三) of the world books and newspapers are written in English.

  44. China has built a new Great Wall across the _______(北方的) part of the country.

  45. The increasing population is the greatest _________(挑战) of the world today.

  46. The Japanese girl has _________(成功地) bought a camera.

  47. I can’t find my ________(地理) book.

  48. When Aunt Wang _______(回来), I was so tired.

  49. My father is an _______(工程师).

  50. Mr Smith said he did not want to _______(争吵) with the policeman.

  51. Our knowledge of the universe is __________(增长)all the time.

  52. Have you got any English books on those _________(书架).

  53. It is impolite to jump the _______(队伍).

  54. Go ______(直接) to school without stopping.

  55. I haven’t ______(收到) a letter from my brother yet.

  56. The language _______(本身) is not the most important for English study.

  57. Words cannot ________(描述) my joy now.

  58. What’s the ________(人口) of the world in the year 2000?

  59. The old man you want to find has been _______(死) for two years.

  60. He ______(毕业)from Zhejiang University in 1998.

  61. The teacher is so kind to her students that the students all r  her as their mother.

  62. Li Min made up his m    to go to study abroad when he was 18 years old.

  63. If you m  four by twenty-five , the answer is one hundred.

  64. My uncle is very good at computer skills. He is a computer e   .

  65. You look w   today. What has happened to you?

  66. Here is my a    , you can easily find my house with it.

  67. If you don’t know the way, you’d better ask the p    .

  68. Father C   will give the children some presents during the night.

  69. Edison was a great American i   .

  70. We should make a c    to improving our environment.

  71. What were you doing b    2:00 and 4:00 yesterday afternoon?

  72. Fish cannot live w   water.

  73. We have looked for Jim e   ,but we can’t find him anywhere.

  74. Jim thought that t   by train was like having a moving party.

  75. He p   to the new bike under the tree and said, “look, that’s mine”.

  76. Everyone is at school e  Lin Tao.

  77. The river won’t be c   if you put dirty things in it.

  78. Please don’t e    without knocking at the door.

  79. He will o  me 5000yuan to buy a computer. He is really kind.

  80. We had an e  holiday in the beautiful village, all of us were very happy there.

  81. There was an accident just now. A taxi c   near the railway station

  82.The bus stopped suddenly. I b  my head, but it is not too painful.

  83. The weather is bad now. All the city are hid in m  .

  84. The high mountain is very s   . Almost no one can each the top of it.

  85. This is the watch w   my mother gave me for my birthday.

  86. We must help the people in t   .

  87. Miss Gao went to look after the man in a h  .

  88. Though I am alone, I don’t feel l .

  89. It’s better to give than to r   .

  90. The nurses in the hospital are very kind to the p   .

  91. The teacher is so kind to her students that her students r   her as their mother.

  92. “What’s the p   of the coat?” “One hundred yuan”.

  93. Now we can get I  from a lot of ways, such as newspapers, TVs and the internet.

  94. China is still a developing country, while the USA is a more d  country.

  95. He gave all his money to the poor after he died. His spirit of g   should be learned by us.

  96. Can’t you see the s  ? It says “No Smoking”

  97. N   of the two answers is right.

  98. In western countries, people sing and dance together to c   Jesus’ birthday.

  99. My uncle no l  lived here. He moved to the south five years ago.

  100. He helped his family to d  the Christmas tree. Now it looks very beautiful. C: 1-10: driven, safe, noisy, founded, Wherever, environment, thrown, scenery, magazines, encourages  11-20: pouring, several, neighbour, public, practice, instructions, comfortable, flight, possible, to explore  21-30: coral, feed, alike, chemistry, inventor/invented, healthily, through, quietly, covered 31-40: disappeared, owner, celebrate, history/seen, knowledge, attract/tourists, University, scientist, frustrated/giving, improve, to warn,  41-50: spirit, operate, quarters, northern, challenge, successfully, geography, returns, engineer, quarrel 51-60: increasing, bookshelves, queue, straight, received, itself, describe, population, dead, graduated   61-70: regard, mind, multiply, engineer, worried, address, policeman(/policewoman/police), Christmas, inventor, contribution, 71-80: between, without, everywhere, traveling, pointed, except, cleaned, enter, offer, exciting/excellent   81-90: crashed, banged, mist steep, which, trouble, hurry, lonely, receive, patients   91-100: regard, price, information, developed, generosity, sign, Neither, celebrate, longer, decorate