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  Betty: hi, andy, how are you finding your new job?

  A: pretty good.My colleagues seem alright.So far everything is great.

  B: that's nice.What do they have you doing over there?

  A: well, I work in the marketing department.The corporate culture is totally different from my last employer.Before, when I was assigned a task, I was totally on my own but here most of the work is done in teams.Everyone works very closely with each other.

  B: that' s really good.It's very important to feel like you are part of the team at work.

  A: indeed.Team work is highly valued in this new company.I like our boss too.He is easy to get along with treats everybody with respect and appreciation.He's highly respected by all his employees.

  B: that's great, that's good for a positive work environment and helps motivate employees.I wish my boss was like that.

  A: true, take my former supervisor as an example.He was extremely controlling and overbearing.He always had to micromanage everything.

  B: well, now you don't have to worry about that.This new place sounds really good.

  A: yeah it is.


  1.absolutely not.绝对不是。

  2.are you coming with me? 你跟我一起去吗?

  3.are you sure? 你能肯定吗?

  4.as soon as possible.尽快。

  5.believe me.相信我。

  6.buy it .买下来!

  7.call me tomorrow.明天打电话给我。

  8.can you speak slowly? 请您说得慢些好吗?

  9.come with me.跟我来。


  11.do it right! 把它做对。

  12.do you mean it ? 你是当真的吗?

  13.do you see him often? 你经常见到他吗?

  14.do you see it? = do you understand? 你明白了吗?

  15.do you want it? 你要吗?

  16.do you want something? 你想要些什么?

  17.don’t do it .不要做。

  18.don’t exaggerate.不要夸张。

  19.don’t tell me that.不要告诉我。

  20.give me a hand .帮我一下。

  21.go right ahead.一直往前走。

  22.have a good trip.祝旅途愉快。

  23.have a nice day.祝你一天过得愉快。

  24.have you finished? 你做完了吗?

  25.he doesn’t have time.他没空。

  26.he is on his way.他现在已经在路上了。

  27.how are you doing? 你好吗?

  28.how long are you staying ? 你要呆多久?

  29.i am crazy about her.我对她着迷了。

  30.i am wasting my time .我在浪费时间。

  31.i can do it .我能做。

  32.i can’t believe it .我简直不能相信。

  33.i can’t wait .我不能再等了。

  34.i don’t have time .我没时间了。

  35.i don’t know anybody.我一个人都不认识。

  36.i don’t like it .我不喜欢。

  37.i don’t think so .我认为不是。

  38.i feel much better.我感觉好多了。

  39.i found it .我找到了。

  40.i hope so .我希望如此。

  41.i knew it .我早知道了。

  42.i noticed that.我注意到了。

  43.i see.我明白了。

  44.i speak english well.我英语说得很好。

  45.i think so .我认为是这样的。

  46.i want to speak with him.我想跟他说话。

  47.i won.我赢了。

  48.i would like a cup of coffee, please.请给我一杯咖啡。

  49.i’m hungry.我饿死了。

  50.i’m leaving.我要走了。

  51.i’m sorry.对不起。

  52.i’m used to it .我习惯了。

  53.i’ll miss you.我会想念你的。

  54.i’ll try.我试试看。

  55.i’m bored.我很无聊。

  56.i’m busy.我很忙。

  57.i’m having fun.我玩得很开心。

  58.i’m ready.我准备好了。

  59.i’ve got it .我明白了。

  60.i’ve had it .我受够了。

  61.it’s incredible! 真是难以置信!

  62.is it far? 很远吗?

  63.it doesn’t matter.没关系。

  64.it smells good.闻起来很香。

  65.it’s about time .是时候了。

  66.it’s all right.没关系。

  67.it’s easy.很容易。

  68.it’s good.很好。

  69.it’s near here.离这很近。

  70.it’s nothing.没什么。

  71.it’s time to go .该走了。

  72.it’s different.那是不同的`。

  73.it’s funny.很滑稽。

  74.it’s impossible.那是不可能的。

  75.it’s not bad.还行。

  76.it’s not difficult.不难.

  77.it’s not worth it .不值得。

  78.it’s obvious.很明显。

  79.it’s the same thing.还是一样的。

  80.it’s your turn.轮到你了。

  81.let me see .让我想想。

  82.let me know .告诉我。

  83.me too.我也一样。

  84.not yet.还没有。

  85.relax! 放松。

  86.see you tomorrow.明天见。

  87.she is my best friend .她是我最好的朋友。

  88.she is so smart.她真聪明。

  89.show me .指给我看。

  90.tell me .告诉我。

  91.thank you very much.多谢。

  92.that happens.这样的事情经常发生。

  93.that’s enough.够了。

  94.that’s interesting.很有趣。

  95.that’s right.对了。

  96.that’s true.这是真的。

  97.there are too many people here.这里人很多。

  98.they like each other.他们互相倾慕。

  99.think about it .考虑一下。

  100.too bad! 太糟糕啦!

  101.wait for me .等等我。

  102.what did you say? 你说什么?

  103.what do you think? 你认为怎样?

  104.what is he talking about? 他在说些什么?

  105.what terrible weather! 多坏的天气。

  106.what’s going on/ happening / the problem? 怎么啦?

  107.what’s the date today?今天几号?

  108.where are you going ? 你去哪里?

  109.where is he? 他在哪里?

  110.you are impatient.你太性急了。


  1.I have obtained a BA degree/a MS degree/a DS degree.

  我已获得文学学士学位/理科硕士学 位/理科博士学位。

  2.I majored in Chemistry/Physics.

  我学的是化学专 业/物理专业。

  3.In college, I majored in computer technology.

  大学 期间,我主攻计算机技术。

  4.I was in Department of Physics.


  5.I graduated from the Department of Business Administration at People’s University of China.

  我毕 业于人大企管系。

  6.I am a Master of foreign languages at Beijing University of Foreign Studies.

  我是北京外国语大学 外文硕士。

  7.This coming May, I will be getting my Bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Co~ lumbia University.

  今年五月,我会得到哥伦比亚 大学机械工程学士的学位。

  8.I am a college student and have three months left until I graduate?


  9.In my college and present employment, I have had the chance to learn a lot of things, not only in translating but also in business.

  在上大学期间和 现在的工作中,本人不仅能学到许多翻译技 能,还能接触到不少商务领域的知识。

  10.I was very interested in Business Management.And I think it’s very useful for my present work.

  我最喜欢企业管理,我觉得它对我现在的工 作很有用处。

  11.I have learned Economics there for four years.

  我 在那里学了4年经济学。

  12.My major subject is Economics and my minor subject is English


  13.I received my MBA degree from Beijing University in 1994.

  我于1994年在北京大学获得工 商管理硕士学位。

  14.My major courses are British Literature, Linguistics, Western Culture and Society.

  我主修的学 科有英国文学、语言学、西方社会与文化。



  Are you finishing your dinner yet? You are slow.

  Oh, no.I just wanna enjoy life.And I have to rush our time.

  But they are waiting for us.

  Oh, that’s right.I almost forget.I ‘ll be done the seconds.

  Gee, Why is life always so rush, rush.


  What's the weather like?

  It's fine.

  It's raining.

  Horrible weather we're having.

  It's warm today.

  It's thirty degrees.

  The weather is getting warm.

  The weather changes a lot lately.

  The winter is coming.


  Now more and more students choose to study abroad.

  Could you afford to study abroad?

  I'd like to study for a bachelor's degree.

  What's your major?

  I have five compulsory courses and two optional courses.

  Will your credits be enough?

  You've made great progress recently.

  It's said you are studing English by yourself.

  Is CET-4 difficult to pass?


  Let's go and have some fun.

  All right!

  What's your hobby? I mean,what do you usually do for fun?

  I don't have a hobby.


  I'm not interested in anything.

  So how do you spend your spare time?

  Most of the time I sleep.

  Come on,you're yong.You can't live such a door life.

  Let's go.I will take you to some place really interesting.



  What's you hobby?


  What's the make of your camera?


  Do you own your own dark room?

  No,I usually get my film developed at a photo studio.But I make my own enlargements.


  Because I can make many different kinds of pictures from one negative.

  That's more,but that saves money.


  Have you noticed that our son is kind of weird?

  No,I'm too busy recentlly to care for him.What's wrong?

  He often comes home very late and talks a lot about computer games with his friends on the phone.

  Really? He has got a new hobby?

  Yes,but it seems that his hobby is not a good one.

  His teacher called today.She said Jim often fell asleep in class these days.

  We can't let him indulge in that.

  Yes,maybe should i have a talk with him.

  Sure.Is he at home now?

  No,he won't come back until 11PM.