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  BBC news with Julie Candler.

  Thousands of people have laid flowers and lit candlesat the spot where the Russian opposition activistBoris Nemtsov was shot dead on Friday. Europeanambassadors were among those who pay tribute tothe activist to the makeshift memorial on a bridge close to the Kremlin. Mr. Nemtsov was dueto lead a protest rally on Sunday. Instead opposition supporters will now hold a march tomourn his death. From Moscow, here's Sarah Rainsford.

  All day, people came to the bridge just beneath the Kremlin to lay flowers, to stand then stuntquiet at the spot of one of President Putin’s biggest critics, were shot 4 times in the back.

  “we are in shock, we were crying all night, it is just impossible to believe, he was the mosthonest and open politician in our country.” Vladimir Putin has called the murder vile andcynical, investigators suspect the provocation are attempted to destabilize Russia. Mr. Putinspokesman is adamant that the Kremlin is not involved.

  A Ukrainian photo journalist has been killed in shelling in eastern Ukraine. Its newspaperSegodnya says Serhiy Nikolayev died near the village of Pisky northwest of the rebel-held cityof Donetsk. Sporadic fighting has continued since the ceasefire agreed earlier this month. Bothsides have said they were continuing to withdraw heavy weapons from the frontline.

  Thousands of supporters of Italy's right wing Northern League have poured to Rome for a rallyagainst immigration. The party leader Matteo Salvini accused the government of selling out tothe European Union, “I want to change Italy, I want the Italian economy to be able to moveforward again, something that is obstructed by Brussels and mad European policies, I want tofree the energies for the prisoned Italy.”

  Mr. Salvini’s Northern League has been gaining support for attacks on the government’sausterity and immigration policies. But the center-left democratic party of the Prime MinisterMatteo Renzi is still ahead in the polls.

  The vice president of Sierra Leone has put himself into quarantine because one of his bodyguards has died from Ebola. Samuel Samsumana said he would remain in isolation for 21 days.At the same time, the authorities have reinstated some restrictions due to an increase inconfirmed Ebola cases. Mary Harper reports.

  “The government said it was gravely concerned about the rising new cases, many of whichwere connected with maritime activities. It's increased checks on ferries and other vessels andimposed a ban on ships leaving shore at night. He is also limiting the number of people allowedto travel in taxies and introducing more rigorous health checks across the country. At the endof last year, there was optimism about decline in new cases in Sierra Leone, but that trendhas been reversed, and the World Health Organization says it doesn’t yet know why.”

  World news from the BBC.

  The head of the Argentine national fire control agency has been sacked over a huge forest firewhich is threatening to engulf a renowned national park in Patagonia. Jorge Barrionuevo wasremoved from office during a visit to the region by a senior government official. The flameshave already destroyed 200 square kilometers of forest and are advancing to Los AlercesNational Park, which is home to larch trees dating back more than 1,000 years.

  One of Turky's best known novelist Yasar Kemal has died ,he was in his early 90s. Kemal whowas of Kurdish origin was best known for his book “Memed, My Hawk”, a story about feudal lifein southern Turkey, Mohammed al Wood reports.

  “Yasar Kemal first entered the world literary scene in 1955 with “Memed, My Hawk”, it wastranslated into dozens of languages, earning him rapid international fame. He was nominated forthe Nobel Literature Prize, but he also faced several trials in Turkey over his writings and hispolitical activism, particularly his denunciations of racism against the Kurds. People across theglobe have taken to social media to pay tribute to the man who many see as instrumental inrecreating Turkish as a literary language.”

  A film about jihadists in Mali is about to be screened for the first time in West Africa amid tightsecurity. The Oscar-nominated movie Timbuktu is being shown at the first Fespaco African FilmFestival, which just opened in Burkina Faso. The organizers of the Festival had earlier planned towithdraw the film for security reasons.

  A commission of inquiry in Rwanda has found that a BBC television documentary, whichquestioned official accounts of the 1994 genocide, failed to meet the organisation's owneditorial standards. It recommended that the Rwandan government take legal action againstthe BBC. Rwanda suspended broadcast by the BBC's Kinyarwanda’s language Service after thetelevision documentary was aired. The BBC said it was extremely disappointed by thefindings.






  意大利右翼政党北方联盟的`数千名支持者涌入罗马参加反移民集会,该党领袖Matteo Salvini指责政府对欧盟见风使陀,“我希望改变意大利,我希望意大利经济能向前发展,而这遭到了布鲁塞尔和疯狂的欧洲政策的阻扰,我希望让被囚禁的意大利释放出能量。”


  塞拉利昂副总统已将自己隔离,原因是他的一名保镖死于埃博拉。Samuel Samsumana说他将自我隔离21天,同时,由于最近确诊的埃博拉病例数量增加,当局再次宣布一些限制措施。玛丽·哈伯报道。




  土耳其最著名小说家Yasar Kemal去世,享年90多岁。他有库尔德血统,最著名的小说是《Memed, MyHawk》,讲述的是土耳其南方的封建生活。

  “Yasar Kemal最早是1955年凭借其作品《Memed, My Hawk》跻身世界文学界的,这部作品被翻译成几十种文字,为他赢得了世界声誉。他获得过诺贝尔文学奖提名,但也因为其作品和政治活动在土耳其受到几次审判,尤其是因为他对库尔德人所受种族主义的谴责。全世界的人们到社交媒体上向这位在人们看来用文学语言再创土耳其的人表示敬意。”