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  I.Dictation (15%)

  II.Cloze Test (15%)

  Passage 1 (5%)

  Even (1)___________ harmless falsehoods can have

  (2)____________ consequences. Philosopher Sissela Bok

  (3)____________ us that they can put us on a

  (4)_____________ slope. “After the first lie, others can come more

  (5)__________,” she wrote in her book Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life. “Psychological barriers

  (6)_____________ down; the ability to make more

  (7)____________ can coarsen; the liar’s

  (8)_____________ of his chances of

  (9)___________ caught may


  Passage 2 (10%)

  We all know that a magician does not really depend on "magic" to perform his tricks, but

  (1)_____ his ability to act at great speed.

  (2)______, this does not prevent us from enjoying watching a magician

  (3)______rabbits from a hat.

  (4)______ the greatest magician of all time was Harry Houdini who died in 1926. Houdini mastered the art of (5)______. He could free himself from the tight test knots or the most complicated locks in seconds.

  (6)______ no one really knows how he did this, there is no doubt

  (7)______ he had made a close study of every type of lock ever invented. He liked to carry a small steel needle like tool strapped to his leg and he used this in

  (8)______ of a key.

  Houdini once asked the Chicago police to lock him in prison. They

  (9)______ him in chains and locked him up, but he freed himself

  (10)______ an instant. The police

  (11)______ him of having used a tool and locked him up again . This time he wore

  (12)_____ clothes and there were chains round his neck, waist, wrists, and legs; but he again escaped in a few minutes. Houdini had probably hidden his "needle" in a wax like

  (13)______ and dropped it on the floor in the passage.

  (14)______ he went past, he stepped on it so that it stuck to the bottom of his foot. His most famous escape, however, was

  (15)______ astonishing. He was heavily chained up and enclosed in an empty wooden chest, the lid of

  (16)______ was nailed down. The

  (17)______ was dropped into the sea in New York harbor. In one minute Houdini had swum to the surface. When the chest was

  (18)______, it was opened and the chains were found inside.

  In 1912, Houdini introduced perhaps his most famous

  (19)______, the Chinese Water Torture Cell, in which he was suspended upside-down in a locked glass-and-steel cabinet overflowing with water. The act required that Houdini

  (20)_____ his breath for more than three minutes. Houdini performed the escape for the rest of his career.

  1. A. to B. for C. on D. with

  2. A. Generally B. However C. Possibly D. Likewise

  3.A. to produce B. who produces C. produce D. how to produce

  4. A. Out of the question B. Though C. Probably D. Undoubted

  5. A. escaping B. locking C. opening D. dropping

  6. A. Surprisingly B. Obviously C. Perhaps D. Although

  7. A. if B. whether C. as to D. that

  8. A. place B. stead C. substitution D. case

  9. A. involved B. closed C. connected D. bound

  10. A. at B. by C. in D. for

  11. A. rid B. charged C. accused D. deprived

  12. A. no B. heavy C. little D. thin

  13. A. candle B. mud C. something D. substance

  14. A. As B. Usually C. Maybe D. Then

  15. A. overall B. all but C. no longer D. altogether

  16. A. it B. which C. that D. him

  17. A. chest B. body C. lid D. chain

  18. A. brought up B. sunk C. broken apart D. snapped

  19. A. acting B. action C. act D. acts

  20. A. was to hold B. hold C. holding D. held

  III.Paraphrase (10%)

  1.When others were complimenting him on the new invention, the boss decided to take him down a peg by pointing out that the success was the result of collective effort.

  2.It dawned on her that Susan had told the lie to spare her feelings.

  3.It will certainly put a damper on your spring festival if you flunk your test this time.

  4.The researchers went out of their way to find information pertinent to this new environmental trend.

  5.I finally brought it home to my wife that I have never entertained the notion of spending my holiday in the packed casinos in Macau.

  IV.Sentence Rewriting (5%)

  1. Though it is an imperfect idea, it is the best we have and it is the work of the reason. (…as…)

  2. He has never thought that he would become the leading actor in the play. (occur)

  3. It was rather a monologue than an argument.(so much…as)

  4. In order that I can get the ammunition I need to make a complaint, I keep a special file for warranty cards and appliance guarantees. (so as to)

  5. You have finished your assignment. You may play computer games. (Now that)

  V. Translation (20%)

  1.从某种意义上来说,产出应该和投入成正比。 (in a sense, proportional)

  2.高考象征着公平竞争,但它时常不能正确地反映一个学生的天赋和潜能。(embody, justice)

  3.有些年轻的白领过于注重时尚,不惜一切代价追随时代潮流。(fetish,go out of one’s way)

  4.他极其渴望得到教授的`认可,所以抓住每个机会请他看自己的论文。(crave,pounce on)

  5.许多家长时常以爱的名义强加给他们的孩子一种被各种考试支配的生活。(in the name of, sentence sb. to)

  VI. Derivation (5%)

  1.1. Whether ___________ euthanasia should be made legal is still a controversy. (volunteer)

  2.Romance movies often have detailed depictions of emotional __________. (tangle)

  3. While the majority of people in China still live in rural areas, rapid ____________ is predicted by many experts. (urban)

  4.He has been ________ from waist down since the car accident last year. (paralysis)

  5.The rebellion was finally cracked down by the ruling party with _________. (brutal)

  6.Her electrifying gymnastics performances lifted her from (obscure) to worldwide renown.

  7.He had (acquaintance) himself with customs in America since he had been there for a couple of times.

  8.‘Sir,’he said with ( reverently), ‘it is a work of genius.’

  9.She seemed to be a living (embody) of vitality.

  10.The ‘all …not’ structure is of (part) negation.

  VII. Phrasal-verb (5%)

  1.Usually I am shy and find initiating conversations difficult. Suddenly a lifetime’s shackles of self-consciousness fell _______ and I was chatting to people about my childhood.

  2.Desperate times call _______ desperate measures.

  3.The nurses will helpfully attend _______ the patients’ needs.

  4.Children have an uncanny knack for seeking _______ rules and regularities in acquiring language.

  5.The gust of wind did not die ________ the whole night.

  6.The teacher tried to explain the problem, but the explanation did not get _________ to the class.

  7.I smell the fresh air and the grass and it sets me ___________ for the day.

  8.The lecture was so boring that the audience began to doze__________.

  9.After a hard day’s work, he can do ________ a good hot meal.

  10.I am afraid you’ve been taken _________; this pound note is a counterfeit.

  VIII. Multiple Choice (15%)

  1. You can use my notes, _________.

  A. such as they are B. such as they were C. such as it is D. such as it was

  2. Because of the _________ of its ideas, the book was in wide circulation both at home and abroad.

  A. originality B. subjectivity C. generality D. ambiguity

  3. America has now adopted more _________ European-style inspection systems, and the incidence of food poisoning is falling.

  A. discrete B. solemn C. rigorous D. autonomous

  4. Mainstream pro-market economists all agree that competition is an _________ spur to efficiency and innovation.

  A.extravagant B. exquisite C. intermittent D. indispensable

  5. His voice began to ________ at the mention of his sufferings in the old days.

  A. collapse B. falter C. warp D. shiver

  6.There will be a risk of public protest that could _________ reforms.

  A. set aside B. set up C. set back D. set in

  7. “You _______not steal,” is one of the Commandments in Bible.

  A. should B. would C. shall. D. will

  8. The new research institute is established to keep __________ with the rapid development in outer-space expeditions in such countries as U.S. and Russia.

  A. move B. step C. speed D. pace

  9. Look at the following words or phrases. Decide which of the four does NOT have a similar meaning to OVERSHADOW.

  A. dwarf

  B. have an edge on/over

  C. put somebody/something in the shade

  D. eclipse

  10. In the text Take Over, Bos’n, what turned Jeff Barrett from a half-mad animal tortured by thirst into a man of responsibility?

  A. His pity for the bos’n. B. His desire for promotion.

  C. The bos’n ‘s words to him: “take over, Bos’n.” D. A sudden enlightenment.

  11. Judge, according to “The Chaser” (Text I, Unit 7), which of the following statements is true.

  A. The old man has a large stock of potions in various types.

  B. The love potion has just a temporary effect.