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  (一) 9A Unit 1

  一、 单项选择 1-5 BCCAC 6-10 CBCCC


  1. laboratories 2. celebrate 3. butterflies 4. lively 5. available

  6. extra 7. creative 8. practical 9. organized 10. impolitely

  11. probably 12. explaining 13.easy-going 14. Otherwise 15. hard-working

  16. unfair 17. inactive 18. thoughtful 19. toothache 20. successfully


  1. They are worrying about having no time to look after their daughter.

  2. It’s kind/ nice of Lucy to help me solve the problem.

  3. The students were divided into four groups by the teacher.

  4. He is patient enough to wait without getting angry.

  5. There’s something wrong with his computer. He plans to have it repaired.

  四、阅读理解 1-5 D C C A A

  (二) 9A Unit 2

  一、 单项选择 1-5 D B C A B 6-10D C C A B 11-15 B B C C D


  1. rainbow, 2. satisfied 3. moods 4. decision 5. difficulty 6. deep 7. successfully

  8. diary 9.discovered 10. relaxed 11. growth 12. wearing 13. painting 14. help,say 15. buying


  1. Old people would rather walk there than take a bus there.

  2.It can help you when you have difficulty making a decision.

  3. It is good for health to eat more fruit and vegatables

  4.What does this photo remind you of?

  5.Orange can bring you success and cheer you up when you are sad

  6. Wearing red can make it easier for you to take action.

  7. Doctor Wang advised her to have a good rest.

  8. How much bread is there in the fridge? None.

  四、首字母填空 1-5: covering, both, designed ,anywhere ,dirty

  6-10: improves, before, offices/operations, lost , even

  (三) 9A Unit 3

  一、 单项选择 1-5 C C C D D 6-10 B C B A C 11-15 C D C D C

  二、 单词拼写

  1.successfully 2. choice 3. disturb 4. replied 5. plenty 6. reviewing 7. offered/ gave 8. valuable 9. quarrelling 10. whether 12. truth 13. causes 14. refused 15. pleasure

  16. noisy 17. hobbies 18. encourage 19. importance 20. either

  三、 完形填空1-5 D B C A A 6-10 C C D B D

  四、 翻译句子

  1. All the teachers are strict with their students in their study.

  2. I think the film is worth to seeing again.

  3. The students at my age often feel stressed.

  4. We should pay no attention to the students who laugh at us.

  5. He has made great progress with your help.

  (四) 9A Unit 4

  二、 单项选择1-5 BBCDC 6-10 ACAAB

  二、 完形填空 1-5ACCBA 6-10CDCAB 11-15 BBDBA

  三、 词汇运用

  1. up-to-date 2. (the) most regularly 3. especially 4. disturbing 5. including

  6. actresses 7. comedies 8. scared 9. competition 10. weekly

  11. dead 12. ending 13. experienced 14. mystery 15. announced


  1. Three thousand fans have voted online for their favourite songs, singers and music videos.

  2. This horror film is directed by a new director. It is full of horror and mystery.

  3. This 19-hour documentary makes us take a close look at Asian tigers.

  4. If I watch Sports World, I will hear a weekly round-up of what is happening in sport.

  5. While/As Millie was walking past the bookshop, she suddenly thought of buying a TV guide.

  6. It was Linda who made our story so perfect.

  7. He is interested in all different types of TV programmes.

  (五) 9A Unit 5

  三、 单项选择 1-5 ABBCB 6-10 CACDD 11-15 ADBCA 16-20CBBCB

  二、阅读理解 1-3 BCA


  1.effort 2. entered 3. charm 4. industry 5. mourned 6. angels 7. medium 8. murderer

  9. detective 10. cruel 11. wanted 12. more serious 13. Shortly 14. final 15. meanings

  16. interviewer 17. programmer 18. criminal 19. wearing 20. particularly


  1. She was honoured a number of awards because of her efforts in this area.

  2. I prefer to be a director rather than be an actor.= I would rather be a director than an actor.

  I prefer being a director to being an actor.

  3. He has put all his effort into his study since he enter the middle school.

  4. As the final train had left, we had to stay there for a night.

  (六) 9A U6 Detective stories


  1. engineers 2. Several 3. cruel 4. doorway 5. fingerprints

  6. safety 7. enemies 8. imported 9. leaving 10. heavily

  二、单项选择 1-5 CBBCD 6-10 BABAB 11-15 ADCAD


  1. After the 100-metre race, every runner stopped to breathe heavily.

  2. The hero put up a good fight with the bad man and saved the girl.

  3. So far, the boy’s family haven’t heard from him yet.

  4. The boy doesn’t work hard. As a result , he often fails in exams.

  5. He had no evidence to prove that he was at another place at the time of the crime.

  6. The boy was last seen fishing by the river.

  四、完形填空 1-5 BCADB 6-10 ADBCD 11-15 CACBD

  (七) 9B U1 Life On Mars

  一、选择填空 1~5 DADAD 6~10 DBBBC


  1.vehicles 2.population 3.normal 4.developing 5.various 6.discussion 7. describe 8.Humans 9.settlers 10.floating 11.imagine 12. dried 13.surface 14.fashionable 15.disadvantages 16.force 17.stored 18.cameras 19.offer 20. crowded 21.Hopefully 22.dangerous 23. fashionable 24.sleeping 25.living 26. Compared 27. Enjoyable 28.do 29.specially 30.polluted 31.running 32.dried 33.polluting 34.fixed 35.connected


  1. I thought you liked Mars.

  2.Humans need food ,water and air to survive.

  3.Grandma is too old to settle on another planet.

  4.He said he had never seen such an exciting match before.

  5.I hope to find a job in this company after I graduate from school

  6.Do you know what life on Mars will be like ?

  7.People must be stopped/prevented from polluting the environment.

  8.The journey to Mars will probably be very uncomfortable.

  9.I don’t think these books are worth reading.

  10.I didn’t imagine being a writer in my childhood.

  (八) 9B U2 Robots

  一、单项选择题 1-5 CCBBB 6-10 CBABA 11-12 CD


  1. ironed 2. swept 3. mirror 4. whatever 5. either 6. daily

  7. salesmen 8. caused 9. knock 10. spread 11. orders 12. taking

  三、完形填空 1-5 BBACD 6-10 CADCC 11-15ADBAC


  1. You will not pass the English exam unless you work hard.

  2. If you are not satisfied with the service in our company, you can write a complaint letter to us.

  3. I wonder if he has finished his homework.

  4. In order to find an ideal job, I must work hard from now on.

  5. He listened carefully in class, as a result, he got full marks.

  (九) 9B U3 Asia

  一. 选择 1-5 ABDDA 6-10 DDABC 11-15BDBBD


  1. filled 2. furniture 3. shapes 4. ancient 5. hired 6. lies 7. attractive 8. national

  9. healthily 10. eastern 11. services 12. chopsticks 13. Asian 14. ocean 15. underground

  三. 句子

  1. I speak slowly so that you can hear well. 2. Can you imagine living in a lonely island?

  3. Although that car is expensive, I decided to buy it .

  4. My little never cries, unless she is hungry.

  5. Unless you listen carefully in class, you can’t pass the exams.

  6. Many tourists gather there early in the morning so that they can watch the raising of the

  national flag.

  7. The gardens of Suzhou attract many tourists from home and abroad every year.

  8. Now it’s open to the public as a museum.

  9. You can’t imagine how amazing they are unless you see them with your own eyes.

  10.Although the traffic is always busy, there are enough public transport services so that people

  can go anywhere easily.

  四. 首字母填空

  1.like 2. because 3. more 4. open 5. won’t 6.speed 7. colours 8. saying 9. before 10. long

  (十)9B U4 Great People

  一、单项选择 1---5 DAAAA 6---10 ABCAC 11---15 BCBBC 16---20 DADAD


  1--5 interesting, carefully, clean, taller, landed 6-10 inventions, helpers, flying, managing, pilot’s

  11-15 successfully, selected, heroes, true, citizens

  16-20 pride, mentioned, mathematics, university, couple


  1. The things that the famous people used in the past are worth collecting.

  2. I think Yao Ming is the most famous basketball player that has ever lived.

  3. He is the pride of our whole school.

  4. The rock was taken back to the laboratory as a sample

  5. The car was out of control and crashed into a big tree.

  6. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


  1-5 sit, remember, reading, possible, only,6--10 themselves, place, because, jobs, Often