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  八年级下册英语重点短语归纳 篇1

  1、 系动词+形容词/名词

  2、have a sweet tooth 喜欢吃甜食

  3、 have a try 尝一尝;试试看

  4、 a lot of pretty of 大量的

  5、 be proud of 为….而感到骄傲

  6、 take part in 参加;加入

  7、 Would you like to try some?

  =Do you want to try a piece?


  8、 a bit sour 有点儿酸

  9、 in the middle 在…中部

  10、Shall I…. …好吗?

  11、(not) be sure (不)确信

  12、what’s the matter with you?

  = what’s wrong with you?

  =what’s the trouble with you?


  13、be worry about 担心

  be worry of sb/sth


  14、hear from sb 收到某人的来信

  15、be great to do sth 高兴做某事

  16、arrive at/in=reach=got to 到达

  17、each other 互相

  18、thanks for doing sth 感谢做某事

  19、sound like 听起来像

  20、sb spent st doing sth


  21、as well 也(用于句末)

  22、be good at + 名词/动名词


  23、for a few days 持续今天时间

  in a few days 在几天后

  24、How/What about doing

  25、at first 起初

  26、in the right way 正确的途径

  27、sb can’t wait to do sth


  28、wait for sb 等待某人

  29、be like 人怎么样(问品格)

  look like = do(es)like


  30、talk with sb 和某人谈话

  31、can/should do sth

  32、one of + 名词复数 …其中之一

  33、get good marks 取得好成绩


  34、first prize 一等奖

  35、win a prize 赢奖

  36、write about 写作

  make up 创作

  37、invite sb to do sth


  38、move A to B 从A搬到B

  39、count down 倒数


  41、be doing 正在做某事

  42、what kind of 什么种类

  43、go on a dream holiday


  44、good luck 祝你好运

  45、enter competition 参加比赛

  46、stop doing 停止正在做的事情

  stop to do 停下来去做某事

  47、That’s a pity! 那真是一个遗憾!

  48、a write competition 写作竞赛

  49、a fifteen-year-old boy



  50、at the moment 此时此刻

  51、two years ago 两年前

  52、work for a big company


  53、sent sb to sp 把某人送去某地

  54、stay in a country


  55、has/have been to 已经去过了

  has/have gone to 已经去了


  57、on a boat 在船上

  58、begin/start to do sth 开始做某事

  59、be different from 不同于

  60、mix with 把…相混合

  61、ask sb(not) to do sth


  62、learn to do sth 学习做某事

  63、I have ever 我曾经…

  64、one of + 最高级

  65、all over the word

  =around the word在世界各地

  66、sit near sb 坐在某人的旁边

  67、come true 实现


  68、the answer to the question


  69、sell out 售光

  70、read the newspaper读报纸

  see the film; watch TV看电影/电视

  71、make a lot of friends 交许多朋友

  72、the western country 西方国家

  73、so that (连词)+句子

  74、+ing修饰物 +ed修饰人

  75、dream of doing 做梦做某事

  76、be angry with sb 对某人生气

  77、by 在..旁边;乘坐..工具

  78、such a beautiful city= so a beautiful city多么美丽的城市

  79、fit sb 适合某人

  80、beat sb 打败某人

  81、travel around 环球旅行

  82、the book called 那本叫..的'书

  83、think about 考虑

  84、watch the sun rise 看日出

  85、a little有一点儿 little几乎没有


  a few 有一点 few 几乎没有


  86、so far 不久

  87、by myself 独自


  88、no problem 没问题

  89、the latest news 最新的消息

  90、space travel 航天旅行

  91、none of them 没有一个

  92、have an environment of有..的环境

  93、solar system 星系;尤指太阳系

  94、It’s (im)possible to do sth


  95、communicate with sb 和某人联系

  96、be up to do sth 忙于做某事

  97、make a spaceship


  98、several months 数月

  99、That’s why…那就是…的原因

  100、discover life 发现生命

  八年级下册英语重点短语归纳 篇2

  module 1

  1.tidy up 整理,收拾

  2. take up 占用

  3. all the time 总是,一直

  4.such as 比如

  5.as well as 并且,还,也

  6. come out 出版

  7.as a result 结果 8.play the violin 弹小提琴

  9.spend …(in) doing sth =spend …on sth 花费做某事

  10.mountain biking 山地自行车运动

  11.be interested in 对…感兴趣

  12.listen to sb do sth 听某人做某事

  13.at the end of 在…的尽头

  14.give an interview 接受采访

  15.make sb do sth 使某人做某事

  16.collect =have a collection of 收集

  module 2

  1.hold the line 稍等

  2.right now = at the moment现在

  3.whether…or not 是否

  4.by the way 顺便说说

  5.in fact 事实上

  6.a couple of 一对,几个

  7.feel like 觉得

  8.worry about 担心

  9.at that moment 在那时

  10.day by day 一天天地

  11.at first 开始,首先

  12.make friends with sb 与某人交朋友

  13.take a message 捎口信

  14.sometime next week 下周某一时刻

  15.every time =each time每次

  16.remember doing sth 记得曾经做过某事

  17.remember to do sth 记得做某事

  18.without a word没说一句话

  19.some.. .others…一些…另一些

  20.so that 以致

  21.personal question 私人问题

  22.close friend 亲密朋友

  23.be different from与…不同

  24.as usual 平常

  25.be afraid to do sth = be afraid of doing sth 害怕做某事

  26.something bright and friendly 一些光明和友好的东西

  27.start to do sth =start doing sth 开始做某事

  28.close to 接近,靠近

  29.smile at sb 对某人微笑

  30.call back 回电

  31.it doesn’t matter.没关系

  八年级下册英语重点短语归纳 篇3


  1.ae sure 确信;确认

  2.beat against... 拍打… …

  3.fall asleep 进人梦乡;睡着

  4.die dwn 逐渐变弱;逐渐消失

  5.wae up 醒来

  6.in a ess 一团糟

  7.brea.. . apart 使……分离

  8.in ties f difficult 在困难的时候

  9.at the tie f 当.......时候

  10.g ff (闹钟)发出响声

  11.tae a ht shwer 洗热水澡

  12.iss the bus 错过公交车

  13.pic up 接电话

  14.bring... tgether 使……靠拢

  15.in the area 在这个地区

  16.iss the event 错过这个事件

  17.b the side f the rad 在路边

  18.call the Anial Helpline 拨打动物保护热线

  19.wal b 走路经过

  20.ae ne’s wa t. 在某人去……的路上

  21.hear the news 听到这个消息

  22.iprtant events in histr 历史上的重大事件

  23.fr exaple 例如

  24.be illed 被杀害

  25.ver 50 5 0多(岁)

  26.a schl pupil 一个小学生

  27.n the radi 通过广播

  28.in silence 沉默;无声

  29.re recentl 最近地;新近

  30.the Wrld Trade Center 世贸中心

  31.tae dwn 拆除;摧毁

  32.have eaning t 对……有意义

  33.reeber ding sth. 记得做过某事

  34.at first 首先;最初

  35.in the librar在图书馆

  36.n the street在街上

  37.at the bus stp在公交候车亭

  38.wal he步行回家

  39.be bus ding sth.忙于做某事

  40.begin t rain heavil开始下大雨

  41.eat se war fd吃热食


  43.car wash洗车处

  44.right awa=at nce立即、马上

  45.in bad shape严重变形

  46.the night befre前一天夜里

  47.tell the truth说出真相

  48.have truble ding sth.做某事有困难


  1.—What were u ding at eight last night? 昨晚8 点你在干什么?

  — I was taing a shwer. 我在洗淋浴。

  2.When it began t rain, Ben was helping his ae dinner.


  3.—What was enn ding while Linda was sleeping?


  —While Linda was sleeping, enn was helping Mar with her hewr.


  4.I called again at eight and u didn’t answer then either.


  5.While u were sleeping, I called enn and she helped e.


  6.With n light, it felt lie idnight.


  7.But it was hard t have fun with a serius str happening utside.


  8.He fainll fell asleep when the wind was ding dwn at arund 3:00 a..


  9.Althugh the str bre an things apart, it brught failies and neighbrs clser tghter.


  10.When we gt t the place f the accident, the car was in bad shape fr hitting a tree.


  11.When the schl basetball cpetitin started, ate was still aing her wa t schl.


  12.Peple ften reeber what the were ding when the heard the news f iprtant events in histr.


  13.The reeber what the were ding when the heard the news.


  14.I was s scared that I culd hardl thin clearl after that.