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  1 :我的优点是:我很帅;但是我的缺点是:我帅的不明显。 My advantage is that I am handsome, but my disadvantage is that the handsomeness is not so obvious。

  2 :谈钱不伤感情,谈感情最他妈伤钱。 It does not hurt feelings, when it comes to money, but it indeed damn cost rf online disena money when it comes to feelings。

  3 :我诅咒你一辈子买方便面没有调料包。 I curse your buying instant noodles without getting flavoring cheap RF Online dalant bags。

  4 :会计说:“你晚点来领工资吧,我这没零钱。” The accountant said : “Could you please come for your earnings later, because I have no change here?”

  5 :虽然你身上喷了古龙水,但我还是能隐约闻到一股味儿。 Although you wear some RF online cp cologne, I can still vaguely smell a scummy whiff out of you。

  6 :有一次我上街,一群女孩把我拦住,她们说我帅,我不承认,她们就打我,还说我虚伪。 When I went shopping one day, a group of girls stopped me, saying that I was handsome .But I denied it, and then RF Online dalant they hit me and said I am hypocritical。

  7 :冲杯三鹿给党喝。 Pour boiling water into a cup of Sanlu milk powder, and give it to buy RF Online dalant the political party。

  8 :史上最神秘的部门:有关部门。 The most mysterious department in the history is the department concerned。

  9 :我这辈子只有两件事不会:这也不会,那也不会。 There are two cheap RF online cp things that I could not do in my life –I could not do this and I could not do that。

  10:人家有的是背景,而我有的是背影。 The others have their background, while what I have is the sight of my rf online cp back。

  11:别把虾米不当海鲜。 Never treat a dried shrimp not as seafood。

  12:我是天使,回不去天堂是因为体重的原因。 I am an angel, and the rf online dalant reason why I can not go back to heaven is the problem of my weight。

  13:骗子太多,傻子明显不够用了。 Since there are so many rf online disena deceivers, it is very obvious that idiots are not enough。

  14:你的手机比话费还便宜。 Your phone is much cheaper than the phone words fee。

  15:不怕偷儿带工具,就怕偷儿懂科技! We never be afraid t


  1、 "You are the sun will shine, but too hot I was afraid of hurting 【你是太阳会发光,但是太烫我怕伤】"

  2、 "I want to strong, is not what you said strengthened themselves. 我要的坚强,不是你所说的逞强。"

  3、 "You do not have to understand muic, to enjoy music.「你不必理解音乐,只需享受音乐。」"

  4、 "If I could have anyone in the world, it would still be you. 纵然世间任我挑,我的选择仍是你。"

  5、 "As long as I tried my best, I have no regrets.只要我尽力了,就没有遗憾。"

  6、 "I will always love you,until the end of time.我将永远喜欢你,直到时间停止。"

  7、 Goodbye my tears fall down and failure. 再见我的眼泪跌倒和失败。

  8、 You belong with me。你应该和我在一起。

  9、 My heart is blind but I do not care. -我的心已经坏了,但我不在乎。

  10、 Even no reason and you leave me without saying.(甚至没有原因你离开我却什么都没说。)

  11、 As long as you love me. 只要你爱我。

  12、 "Be strong , also hurt〔再坚强 也会伤〕"

  13、 Even my name wrong people do not deserve my love[连我名字都写错的人,不配说爱我]

  14、 The poor man must have hateful place (可怜人必有可恨之处 )

  15、 2020.5.20 we go to the marriage hall.【2020.5.20我们去婚姻的殿堂吧.】

  16、 you are my best love. 你是我的挚爱。

  17、 Please do not be in love with someone else. 请你不要爱上别人。

  18、 "The world of people, only you in my eyes【世上人潮万千,只有你入我眼】"

  19、 How could my dream everyone understand 我的梦怎么可能每个人都懂。

  20、 That way the dark will eventually own walk. 最漆黑的那段路,最终要自己走完。

  21、 "I love you very much, but all wait for your back.(我很爱你,可是终究等不到你的回头。)"

  22、 "Please forgive me, forgive the fish is like the ocean. 请原谅我,就像海洋原谅鱼。"

  23、 Laughter is the shortest distance between people.笑是人与人之间最短的.距离。

  24、 "Listen to me, you make a woman look very happy. 听我说,你要做一个喜上眉梢的女子。"

  25、 It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop(只要不停下脚步,走多慢都没事)

  26、 Vows of eternal love,Also can separate。海枯石烂,亦会分开。

  27、 You were never mine to lose. 你从来就不属于我,谈不上什么失去 。

  28、 [The Fightting Boys]我可以为你平凡或完美!

  29、 "The girl who loves laughing, do not let her cry.爱笑的女孩,别让她哭。"

  30、 YOU belong with me ![你跟我在一起才合适!]

  31、 Even if the road is not flat also should make oneself of the sun【就算路不坦荡 也要做自己的太阳】

  32、 You are my most dazzling lights! 你就是我最耀眼的发光体!

  33、 "love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow今天我爱你,比昨天多,但不如明天。"

  34、 Girlfriends is terrible! 闺蜜很可怕!

  35、 I think i will love you for a long time!我想我会爱你很久 !

  36、 "We never really grow up,We only learn how to act in pubilc.我们从未真正成长,我们只是学会了假装。"

  37、 There is no love queen of the world.女王的世界里没有爱情。

  38、 "Does not belong to me,I wil let go.不属于我的,我会放手。"

  39、 i love you just the way you are. 我会按照你的方式爱你。

  40、 "If you begin to remember, while I began to forget.。"

  41、 Love has you only then to be perfect. 爱要有你才完美。

  42、 Every thing is gonna be alright. ------ 一切都会好起来的。

  43、 Take control of your own desting.命运掌握在自己手上。

  44、 Great oaks from little acorns grow.万丈高楼平地起。

  45、 Every noble work is at first impossible.每一个伟大的工程最初看起来都是不可能做到的!

  46、 "The most known person,the warmest partner.最懂的人,最暖的伴。"

  47、 "Not to pay, to know not overdo sth.得不到的付出,要懂得适可而止。"

  48、 If we the dream everything will be ok.敢于梦想,一切将成为可能。

  49、 Jmuped.Then I changed my mind.纵身一跃后,我改变了主意。

  50、 Time urged me to go against your life.时间怂恿我背离你生存。