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  Online Games

  As a product of modern computer and the Internet, online games have become very popular among college students. students have enjoyed great pleasure and satisfaction from these games. But as we see, some students lacking(缺乏) self-discipline(自制力)these games so that their health and academic(学术的) performances are affected. This phenomenon(现象) has caused much worry from the teachers and parents. online games are not always harmful. They can train the ability of youngsters(年轻人) to respond to things quickly. (刺激,激发) their imagination and their interest in computer science. it does bring college students much pleasure and release(释放) their pressure greatly. online games are a wonderful entertainment(娱乐) if you play them in a reasonable(合理的) way. When they interfere(干扰) too (然而)if you have enough self-control over them, you can certainly obtain(获得,得到) real pleasure and benefit a lot from them.


  1.a great many 大量的,许多;

  2.indulge in 放纵,沉溺于;

  3.from my point of view 在我看来(可作为最后总结自己观点的通用模版句);

  4.give up 放弃。


  1.however 然而

  2.moreover 而且,此外(表递进);

  3.more importantly更重要的是。









  Social Practice of College Students

  Nowadays encourage and organize students to social practice activities. During the holidays, students in mounting numbers choose to be the volunteers(志愿者), take part-time jobs, or take part in other practical activities alike(类似的)social practice (play a/an role in 在中扮演一个的角色) China’s college education.

  social practice. , they are provided with more opportunities to contact the real world outside campus. , in social practice activities, the solution (此外), social practice helps strengthen(增强) students’ sense of social it is necessary for college students to social practice may bring some problems. For example, some students spend too much time in taking ignore(忽视) , we the relationship between social practice and study.






  1. on one’s own account 为了某人的缘故, 为了某人自己的利益

  (=at one’s own risk) 自行负责(=by oneself)依靠自己

  2. take…into account(=consider)把..考虑进去

  3. give sb. an account of 说明, 解释 (理由)

  4. account for 解释,说明

  5. on account of (=because of) 由于,因为

  6. on no account(=in no case, for no reason)绝不要,无论如何不要(放句首时句子要倒装)

  7. accuse…of…(=charge…with; blame sb. for sth. ; blame sth. on sb. ; complain about) 指控,控告

  8. be accustomed to (=be in the habit of, be used to)习惯于。

  9. be acquainted with(=to have knowledge of) 了解; (=to have met socially) 熟悉

  10. act on 奉行,按照…行动; act as 扮演; act for 代理





  Certificate(证书) Craze(狂热) on Campus quite possibly, you may get the answer that he is preparing for a certificate of some kind. Why does this craze appear(出现) that forces(逼迫) college students to get lot more graduates(毕业生) have to face the fierce(激烈的) competition(竞争) in the job market(市场). How can one make himself more competitive(有竞争力的)More certificates at hand, maybe. Furthermore, diploma(学位证书) and 至关重要的) standards(标准) employers measure(衡量) a person’s ability. increase the qualifications(质量) for a job, the students compel(强迫) themselves to run from one exam to another. (理性的) certificates, since certificates do not necessarily prove(证明)one’s ability. Being crazy(疯狂的) in getting certificates blindly(盲目地) is nothing but wasting time. we should improving our ability but not getting a certificate of no practical(实际的) value.


  1.in recent years 近年来;、

  2.on campus 在校园里;

  3.a good many 大量的;

  4.in order to 为了;

  5.when it comes to 当提及时;

  6.to conclude 总之(可作为总结用的通用短语);


  3.to begin with 首先

  4.Furthermore 而且,此外


  1.There are mainly two reasons behind this phenomenon.


  3.it is that 表示强调









  Extravagant(过度的) Spending on College Campus

  a survey, the monthly expenditure(花费) of a college (没有概念)thrift(节俭) in their mind. They take it for granted that they spend money from their parents before they enter into the society. This extravagant spending is primarily caused by the following factors. are the apple in their family’s eyes and naturally(自然地) get more care(关心) and pocket (负担得起) higher expenditure of their children. Moreover, some students like to pursue(追随) fashion and trends(趋势)is also a possible factor causing extravagant spending. 纯粹的) consumer(顾客,消费者), should learn to be thrifty(节约的). We should limit (限制)our expenditure on of thrift can help us form right values(价值观念) development.


  1.according to 根据

  2.in recent years 近年来

  3.take sth. for granted 认为某事是理所应当的

  4.with the improvement of 随着的发展

  5. be favorable to 对有利


  2.first of all 首先

  3.in addition 此外

  3.finally 最后

  4.regardless of 不管,不顾






  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the remark “Good habits result from resisting temptation”. You may cite some examples support you view. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.





  第三段:再次强调抵御诱惑对于培养好习惯很重要+我们自己具体应该怎么做 范文:(好习惯都源于抵制诱惑)

  Good habits result from resisting temptation


  1)There are three reasons for this.

  2)The reasons for this are as follows.

  3)The reason for this is obvious.

  4)The reason for this is not far to seek.

  5)The reason for this is that...

  6)We have good reason to believe that...

  例: There are three reasons for the changes that have taken place in our life.Firstly,people’s living standard has been greatly improved.Secondly,most people are well paid, and they can afford what they need or like.Last but not least,more and more people prefer to enjoy modern life.

  注:如考生写第一个句子没有把握,可将其改写成两个句子。如:Great changes have taken place in our life. There are three reasons for this.这样写可以避免套用中的表达失误。


  1)It has the following advantages.

  2)It does us a lot of good.

  )It is beneficial to us.

  5)It is of great benefit to us.

  例: Books are like friends.They can help us know the world better,and they can open our minds and widen our

  horizons.Therefore,reading extensively is of great benefit to us.


  1)It has more disadvantages than advantages.

  2)It does us much harm.

  3)It is harmfulto us.

  例: However,everything dividesinto two.Television can also be harmful to us.It can do harm to our health and make us lazy if we spend too much time watching televi- sion.


  1)It is important(necessary,difficult,convenient, possible)for sb.to do sth.

  2)We think it necessary to do sth.

  3)It plays an important role in our life.

  例: Computers are now being used everywhere,whether in the government,in schools or in business.Soon, computers will be found in every home,too.We have good reason to say that computers are playing an increasingly important role in our life and we have stepped into the Computer Age.


  1)We should take some effective measures.

  2)We should try our best to overcome(conquer)the difficulties.

  3)We should do our utmost in doing sth.

  4)We should solve the problems that we are confronted(faced)with.

  例: The housing problem that we are confronted with is becoming more and more serious.Therefore,we must take some effective measures to solve it.


  1)Some changes have taken place in the past five years.

  2)A great change will certainly be produced in the world’s communications.

  3)The computer has brought about many changes in education.

  例: Some changes have taken place in people’s diet in the past five years.The major reasons for these changes are not far to seek.Nowadays,more and more people are switching from grain to meat for protein,and from fruit and vegetable to milk for vitamins.


  1)We cannot ignore the fact that...

  2)No one can deny the fact that...

  3)There is no denying the fact that...

  4)This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in.

  5)However,that’s not the case.

  例: We cannot ignore the fact that industrialization brings with it the problems of pollution.To solve these problems, we can start by educating the public about the hazards of pollution.The government on its part should also design stricter laws to promote a cleaner environment.


  一. 结论

  Obviously(此为过渡短语), we can draw the conclusion that good manners arise from politeness and respect for others.二. 建议 Obviously, it is high time that we took some measures to solve the problem.(虚拟语气用得经典)


  Accordingly, I recommend that some measures be taken.

  Consequently, to solve the problem, some measures should be taken.


  1) 是否切题(主题句)

  2) 是否连贯

  3) 是否有语法错误




  Advantages and Disadvantages of…题型


  Nowadays, …plays an important part/role in … //… has become a household word. Like everything else, it has both merits and demerits. Generally speaking, the positive aspects can be listed as follows:

  First,…. In addition,…. Above all,….

  But every coin has two sides. // But every advantage has its disadvantage. The negative aspects are also apparent. To begin with,…. To make matters worse,…. Worst of all,…. But obviously, the advantages of … outweigh its disadvantages, which speaks for its popularity.

  Application Letters

  1. Express your interest in the post you are applying for give reasons for your application.

  2. State personal qualifications and experience related to the post.

  3. References//Requests for further information.


  1. 关于……人们有不同的观点。一些人认为……

  There are different opinions among people as to ____ .Some people suggest that ____.

  2. 俗话说(常言道)……,它是我们前辈的经历,但是,即使在今天,它在许多场合仍然适用。

  There is an old saying______. It"s the experience of our forefathers,however,it is correct in many cases even today.

  3. 现在,……,它们给我们的日常生活带来了许多危害。首先,……;其次,……。更为糟糕的是……。

  Today, ____, which have brought a lot of harms in our daily life. First, ____ Second,____. What makes things worse is that______.

  4. 现在,……很普遍,许多人喜欢……,因为……,另外(而且)……。

  Nowadays,it is common to ______. Many people like ______ because ______. Besides,______.

  5. 任何事物都是有两面性,……也不例外。它既有有利的一面,也有不利的一面。

  Everything has two sides and ______ is not an exception,it has both advantages and disadvantages.

  6. 关于……人们的观点各不相同,一些人认为(说)……,在他们看来,……

  People’s opinions about ______ vary from person to person. Some people say that ______.To them,_____.

  7. 人类正面临着一个严重的问题……,这个问题变得越来越严重。

  Man is now facing a big problem ______ which is becoming more and more serious.

  8. ……已成为人的关注的热门话题,特别是在年青人当中,将引发激烈的辩论。

  ______ has become a hot topic among people,especially among the young and heated debates are right on their way.

  9. ……在我们的日常生活中起着越来越重要的作用,它给我们带来了许多好处,但同时也引发一些严重的问题。

  ______ has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life.it has brought us a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well.

  10. 根据图表/数字/统计数字/表格中的百分比/图表/条形图/成形图可以看出……。很显然……,但是为什么呢?

  According to the figure/number/statistics/percentages in the /chart/bar graph/line/graph,it can be seen that______ while. Obviously,______,but why?


  1. 相反,有一些人赞成……,他们相信……,而且,他们认为……。

  On the contrary,there are some people in favor of ___.At the same time,they say____.

  2. 但是,我认为这不是解决……的好方法,比如……。最糟糕的是……。

  But I don"t think it is a very good way to solve ____.For example,____.Worst of all,___.

  3. ……对我们国家的发展和建设是必不可少的,(也是)非常重要的`。首先,……。而且……,最重要的是……

  ______is necessary and important to our country"s development and construction. First,______.What"s more, _____.Most important of all,______.

  4. 有几个可供我们采纳的方法。首先,我们可以……。

  There are several measures for us to adopt. First, we can______

  5. 面临……,我们应该采取一系列行之有效的方法来……。一方面……,另一方面,

  Confronted with______,we should take a series of effective measures to______. For one thing,______For another,______

  6. 早就应该拿出行动了。比如说……,另外……。所有这些方法肯定会……。

  It is high time that something was done about it. For example. _____.In addition. _____.All these measures will certainly______.

  7. 为什么……?第一个原因是……;第二个原因是……;第三个原因是……。总的来说,……的主要原因是由于……

  Why______? The first reason is that ______.The second reason is ______.The third is ______.For all this, the main cause of ______due to ______.

  8. 然而,正如任何事物都有好坏两个方面一样,……也有它的不利的一面,象……。

  However, just like everything has both its good and bad sides, ______also has its own disadvantages, such as ______.

  9. 尽管如此,我相信……更有利。



  Dear ________,

  I’m very ___________ to know / learn that __________. I am writing to voice my suggestions / proposals / views concerning _________. In my opinion,_________. On the on hand,__________. On the other hand,__________.

  As to _________, I would like to suggest / recommend that __________, because __________. It would be __________. In addition,___________. I am sure that __________.

  Please inform me of your feedback on __________. I am looking forward to __________.

  Truly yours


  Dear __________,

  My name is __________, and I am __________. I venture to write you a letter about __________.

  The focus of the complaint is _________. For on thing,___________. For another,__________. Under these circumstances, I found / find it __________. Honestly speaking, _________. In addition,__________. All in all, there is still much room for improvement.

  I do hope _________. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

  Sincerely yours



  Thank you very much for_____________.To be honest,__________.However,the current situation does not allow me to do this.

  This has been a difficule decision for me,but I have to do this.On the one hand,____________.On the other hand,__________.In view of these,I regret that_____________.I hope this does not bring you much inconwenience.

  I feel very sorry to disappoint you.If___________,I will __________.I do appreciate your________.Meanwhile,I wish___________.

  Sincerely yours




  I have just learnt that___________.I hasten to tender you a word of congratulations on this splendid success of________.

  It is indeed a remarkable thing for _________.The success of your________proves not only____________,but also___________.

  Again,please accept my warm congratulations and please give my best wishes to__________.

  Sincerely yours,




  I am terribly sorry to tell you that_________,and I am writing this letter to show my deep regret.Please accept my sincere apology with gratitude.I hope you will understand my situation and excuse me for___________.

  The reason why__________is that__________.Under that circumstance,____________.Therefore,it was not my power to___________.

  If possible,I would like to suggest that___________.I shall be obliged if you will kindly write and tell me___________.I am looking forward to seeing you again.





  My name is ________,and I_________.I am writing to____________.I will be very grateful if my application can be considered and accepted.

  There are several factors contributing to my application. First of all,_________.Besides,__________.furthermore,___________.Therefore,_________.

  I sincerely hope you will grant me _____________.If you need more information,fell free to contact me at any time by calling_____________.Thank you for your kind consideration and I am looking forward to hearing from you .

  Sincerely yours,



  I am _______and I would like to apply for the position of___________posted on________.I have attacheda copy of my resume for consideration.I believe my qualifications are ideal match for your requirements.

  I am a major in_______,and I will graduate in___________.In addition to my experience of_____________,I_____________.I believe my education and experience__________.You will find me to be____________.I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require, please feel free to contact me.It would be great if you give me an opportunity to meet you for interview.

  Best regards.



  ____________at/in__________on___________.It would be a great pleasure to have you attend this event.

  I am sure that you will be interested in_______.First,____________.Second,_______.Enclosed is the details of_____________.Your participation is very important because_____________.

  The ____________will begin at____________.We do hope that you can make it .If not,would it be possible for you to drop us a line before_________?Thank you very much.

  Best wishes.



  I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for___________.Had it not been for your assistance in ___________,I fear that ___________may not have____________.I’d like you to know that your help __________.It not only____________,but also__________.I shall always remember__________.

  I hope that I will have the opportunity of returning your hospitality by inviting you to ______.Will you kindly let me know whether you____________?I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

  Again,I would like to express my thanks to .Please accept my appreciatin and pass my best wishes on to ____________.I hope to hear from you soon.




  I read from today’s newspaper about recent_________and I am writing to extend my deepest condolences.

  It broke my heart to__________.I could not believe my eyes when_________,and I am really worried about you and your_________I am crossing my fingers for you now in hope that________.

  I can imagine how difficult it must be for you , and I want to let you know that you have my full support.We are donating money and necessities to______.Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  I feel extrenely sorry for the tragedy,and I am convinced that you will overcome the difficulty and embrace a better life.

  Sincere yours,



  I am writing this letter to call on_________.As some of you may know,________.In face,________.

  It is necessary for us to________.On the one hand,__________.On the other hand,_________.Hesce, it is high time________.Firstly, we should _____________.Secondly,___________.

  Please contact us via_________.Please join us in the effort to __________.

  Thank you for your paiticipation~



  Under the auspices of__________,__________will be held ___________.T he activity aims to__________.The arrangements are as follows.

  Firsr of all,__________.After that,________In addition,_____________.

  Anyone who is interested in the activity is welcome to _____________-.Please contact us through____________.We are earnestly looking forward to our active participation!__________


  Private School

  With the development of the society and economy, various private schools

  arise. When you read newspapers, turn on TV, or even walk on the road, you will inevitably see lots of advertisements about private schools, mainly dealing with foreign languages, puters, music, sports, and so on.

  However, is it a good or bad thing to have so many private schools? As a coin has two sides, so are the private schools. On the one hand, private schools can cater to the special need of the society and the special need of people. On the other hand, they often bring people extra burden because of parison and petition.

  Were it left to me decide whether we should have a society without



  We Should Balance Our Love

  Nowadays it is mon to see that many parents focus their attention on their children, but leave their own parents without proper care. The most typical example is the phenomenon of empty nest seniors. This problem has aroused the public concern and has bee the hot topic of many discussions.

  Paying little attention to older parents can have serious consequences. First, the elderly often feel lonely and depressed if there is no child with whom they can talk, and this can have a bad effect on their mental health. Second, the aged parents with no children by their sides can have a lot of trouble in their daily life due to disease or old age.

  In my opinion, we should take the following measures. Children should be encouraged to live with or near their old parents, which is very helpful for them to know their parents, concern and attend their daily life. And it is also necessary for them to create chances to municate with their aged parents. Besides, our govemmeiit should strive to establish the service system for the elderly and expand its social insurance coverage among them.

  We Shouldn't Totally Turn to the Inter

  Nowadays, Inter has bee an indispensable part in our life, and we use it for various purposes, such as searching useful information and chatting online. However, now more and more people turn to the Inter for help whenever they have trouble in finding solutions to their problems, and this phenomenon has aroused the public's attention.

  and more people turn to the Inter for help whenever they have trouble in finding solutions to their problems, and this phenomenon has aroused the public's attention.

  Relying on the Inter to solve all our difficulties can have bad impacts on us. On one hand, since we can always settle the troubles by searching solutions online, we can bee very lazy and don't bother to think up answers by ourselves, which can hinder the development of creative thinking. On the other hand, the answers online may be inaurate or wrong. If we use them without thinking the credibility of them, we may make serious mistakes someday. As far as I'm concerned, we shouldn't pletely depend on the Inter to settle problems. When we e across some difficulties, we’d better try our best to find possible solutions. If we make great efforts and still can't e up with an answer, then we can surf online to search solutions. But we should question the correctness of these answers before we adopt them.

  This cartoon is silly, and yet pelling: a large customer holds a hopelessly small piece of cloth as the tailor carefully measures. Such an image suggests that one needs to consider practical reality in the pursuance of goals. Merely acting on one's desires, while ignoring the facts at hand, cannot lead to suess. The fact that currently there are more graduates than jobs reminds us of the importance of rational thinking. Every year approximately 3 million students graduate from universities and begin looking for work. Many of them fail to find suitable employment because there are simply not enough opportunities to aommodate such great numbers of graduates. In addition, however, one might also cite flawed individual assessment as a reason.

  In order to create a realistic target for one's future, one must make rational decisions and prepare aordingly. A student who aims to be a surgeon, for example, must take care to acquire opportunities to do clinical practice and gain sufficient knowledge. In other words, customers would do well to take aurate measurements before purchasing their fabric. A small piece of cloth cannot adequately clothe a large person.

  Shopping through Media

  With the development of science and technology, it is much more mon for people to buy goods through different kinds of media than before. People can buy things such as puters and necklaces through TV, radio, the Inter, etc. Shopping through media is weled by most people due to various reasons. From the perspective of consumers, it can save time for people who don’t have much spare time. For retailers, it can cut costs for those without much circulating funds. However, there are still some defects in shopping through media. First, pared with face-to-face deal, it seems less reliable and trustworthy. Second, people will lose the fun of bargaining.

  In my view, although shopping via media brings great convenience to us, we still should be brings great convenience to us, we still should be careful when we “go shopping” through media. We should check the information released by the media. Only in this way can we fully enjoy the convenience brought by media shopping without the concern of being cheated.

  when i was in high school, I had to study all the time and hardly had spare time to do what i wanted to.Besides, I had to focus on my textbooks and doing exercise again and again. Therefore, I had little time to read magazines and novels and watch TV. what was worse, I couldn't play with my friends a lot, which I couldn't stand the most. In a word, all i did in high shool should be considered for the College Entrance Examination.

  However, my college life is totally different from the life in high school.I can arrange my time freely. I spend most of my time reading in the library, where I can open my eyes and broaden my mind.In my free time, I also join some clubs,where i can make a lot of friends of different majors. My teachers in college are so kind and knowledgeable that they not only teach us knowledge but also how to be a person and how to get on with others. In addition, there are more opportunities for me to improve myself.

  I believe college life is an important stage in my life. In college, i can learn how to learn by myself, how to get on with others, how to live independently.College provides me with a stage where i can show myself and be myself. One of the most important problems a young person faces is deciding what to do. There are some people, of course, who from the time they are six years old “know” that they want to be doctors or pilots or fire fighters, but the majority of us do not get around to making a decision about an oupation or career until somebody or something forces us to face the problem.

  Choosing an oupation takes time, and there are a lot of things you have to think about as you try to decide what you would like to do. You may find that you will have to take special courses to qualify for a particular kind of work, or you may find out that you will need to get actual work experience to gain enough knowledge to qualify for a particular job.

  Fortunately, there are a lot of people you can turn to for advice and help in making your decision. At most schools, there are teachers who are professionally qualified to give you detailed information about job qualifications. And you can talk over your ideas with family members and friends who are always ready to listen and to offer suggestions

  How to Keep Psychologically Healthy?

  One in four people will experience some kind of mental problem in the course of a year. When you fail to manage these problems, they are likely to cause various mental illnesses.

  The cause of mental health problems often vary a lot from one case to another. In today’s society, a good number of people are suffering from heavy pressure. Others lack munication skills. In addition, a lot of people are ignorant of psychological knowledge about how to keep mentally fit.

  There are a lot of ways to curb mental health problems and keep psychologically healthy. Firstly, find the real cause of your mental health problem and see whether you can do something about it. Secondly, learn to relax yourself and take exercises to release the pressure. Lastly, you may find it helpful to talk to your partner or friend about your problem, or seek support and advice form a psychological consultant.

  As can be seen from the graph, there have been sharp changes in the age distribution of drug addicts. To be concrete, the teenage addicts only made up 10 percent of all the drugsters in 1982 while the ratio rose up to 65 in xx.

  The causes for them are not hard to find. First , teenagers’ fearless curiosity about everything new has led some of them into this marsh. Second, many of the young addicts turned for the first time to drugs for escape either from their failure in the national entrance exams or from their parents’ breakup. And above all, our education in the harmfulness of drugs has been far from adequate to build teenagers’ sound resistance to drugs. To sum up, the causes mentioned above must call for more of our concern, and effective measures should be taken to check the trend. Obviously the drastic change will exert great impact on individuals and the whole society. For one thing, drug-taking does great damage to the health of drug users.. For another, some drug users mit robbery or even murder their parents and relatives to get money to buy drugs, which poses a great threat to the social security and the social stability. Therefore, it is high time we did something to put an end to this trend.

  Nowadays, TV PK Shows (or we can call it Talent Shows) are great hit in China and have attracted many young people. As for me, TV PK Shows, as all other things, have both positive and negative effects. Therefore, the most crucial thing is how we see them. Some people think Talent Shows provide grass-root people with a stage to display their talents, so they should seize every opportunity to show off their talents. Some College students even give up their studies to attend these TV PK Shows in the hope of being famous overnight. They even regard TV PK shows as a shortcut to the suess. While other people reckon that TV PK Shows will develop the undergraduates’ attitude of anxious of achieving quick suess. And once they were failed in these shows, they would suffer a great psychological unbalance. This is really bad to their physical and psychological health.

  To sum up, everything has its limit. As long as the right attitude is employed, then it is OK.




  根据《大学英语教学大纲》的要求,四级写作是一种给题目、提示、及指导的短文写作,因此,紧紧围绕其题旨是至关重要的。在四级作文考试标准中文章是否切题首当其冲,可见其重要性。考生在审题的过程应当认真审阅作文的说明要求和所给的材料,比如段首句、提纲、关键词、图表等,确定相应的体裁(确定是议论文、说明文还是记叙文),明确自己的中心思想,从而明确作文的写作范围和侧重点。审题的目的首先是立意,即根据题目或材料确定文章的主题思想,明确主题就是立意的过程。一篇文章只能有一个主题思想,要鲜明、深刻、有新意。 另一方面要明确题目给定的题材及写作考试重点们还要从题目当中找出关键词,总结该题目涵盖了哪几个方面的内容,尤其是侧重点。例如"How I Finance My college Education"重点应放在"How"和"I"上。











  最后,想提醒广大考生,写作能力的提高不仅需要考生平时的刻苦训练,而且需要各个环节的密切配合。写作体现的是考生的英语综合水平,因此,考生在平时的学习中要多练习,多总结,还是那句老话,"No pains, no gains"。




  审题就是要审作文的题材和体裁。因为什末样的体裁就会用什末样的题材去写。那末体裁包括那些呢?它包括议论文,说明文和描述文。从近些年看,四级作文不是单一的体裁,而是几种体裁的杂合体。例如:Directions: For this part ,your are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topicTrying to Be A Good University Student .You should write at least 100 words and you shouldbase your composition on the outline (given in Chinese ) below :









  描述文:一"人"为中心描述一个"做"的过程。与上两段相比,本段的主语多为人称代词,他要与第二段相互应进行描述。 二 确定主题句


  1.It is very necessary to be a good university student . (议论体的主题句)

  2.There are several respects of necessities to be a good university student .(说明体的主题句)

  3.What I will do in the future is the following .(描述体主题句)


  Good Health

  1.Importance of good health

  2.Ways to keep fit

  3.My own practice


  1.It is very important to have good health .(将名词importance变成形容词important)

  2.There are four ways to keep fit for me .(用there be句型)

  3.My own practices are the following .(采用原词)


  保证不跑提示写作当中第一任务,第二个重要任务就是要做到条理清楚。对于议论文来说,正反面要清楚,对于说明文来说条理要清楚,对于描述文来说,谁干什么要清楚。就拿上例Good health来说,第一段保持正反面要清楚救应这样写:正面(With good health ,we can...),反面(Without good health ,we cando nothing .We can't do...)

  为了使文章更具有条理性,我们可以用first(ly) second(ly) third(ly)等副词,他们可以是文章的条例性更加突出。作文是主观题,想得告分就必须引起老师的主意,老师的时间很短(每篇作文只有一两分钟就要阅完),所以我们在列调试最好不用: To be with,... after that ,...And then, ... The next , ... Thefollowing , ... As last ... 。因为用这样的词语不利于老师看出你作文的条理性。


















  1.Along with the advance of the society more and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is that....


  2.As to whether it is a blessing or a curse, however, people take different attitudes.

  然而,对于此类问题,人们持不同的看法。(Hold different attitudes 持不同的看;Come up with different attitudes 有不同的看法)

  3.As society develops, people are attaching much importance to....


  4.People are attaching more and more importance to the interview during job hunting


  5.As to whether it is worthwhile ....., there is a long-running controversial debate. It is quite natural that people from different backgrounds may have divergent attitudes towards it.


  6.In the process of modern urban development, we often find ourselves in a dilemma.


  7.Recently the phenomenon has aroused wide concern, some people are in alarm that....


  8.The human race has entered a completely new stage in its history, with the increasingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization, more problems are brought to our attention.


  9....... plays such an important role that it undeniably becomes the biggest concern of the present world, there comes a question, is it a blessing or a curse?"


  10.Now we are entering a new era, full of opportunities and challenges,


  11.People from different backgrounds would put different interpretations on the same case.


  12.The controversial issue is often brought into public focus. People from different backgrounds hold different attitudes towards the issue.


  13.When asked ..., some people think..... while some prefer...


  14.Just as the saying goes: "so many people, so many minds". It is quite understandable that views on this issue vary from person to person.


  15.To this issue, different people come up with various attitudes.


  16.There is a good side and a bad side to everything, it goes without saying that...


  17.When it comes to ..., most people believe that ..., but other people regard ...as …..


  18.When faced with...., quite a few people claim that ...., but other people think as...


  19.There is a public controversy nowadays over the issue of .... There who criticize ..argue that ...., they believe that ...,but people who favor .., on the other hand, argue that...


  20.Some people are of the opinion that..


  21.Many people claim that...


  22.Some people contend that ... has proved to bring many advantages (disadvantages)


  23.Those who argue for ... say that ...economic development of the cities.

  觉得_____的人认为,______ 城市的经济发展。

  24.Some people advocate that ....


  25.They hold that ...


  26.People, who advocate that ..., have their sound reasons (grounds)


  27.Those who have already benefited from practicing it sing high praise of it.


  28.Those who strongly approve of ... have cogent reasons for it.


  29.Many people would claim that...


  30.People who support ... give some or all of the following reasons.


  31.But others hold the view that ...但是,另外一些人则认为_______。

  观点的用词:Attitude, opinion, 与其搭配的动词以及词组:Take, have, come up with,set forth, put forward等。

  32.But on the other hand, there are also quite a few people who strongly advocate that..,.


  33.But people who are ..., on the other hand , maintain that...


  34.However, there are a large number of people who hold a different view concerning this case.

  然而,很多人对此有不同的看法。问题用词:Issue, phenomenon,后接介词, on, over等。

  35.However, some others argue that...


  36.However, there are also some others who contend that...


  37.But other people set forth completely totally different argument concerning this case.


  38.Some people examine this issue from another angle.


  39.On the other hand, there are also many opponents who strongly ...


  40.According to my personality and fondness, I would prefer ... rather than...


  41.Personally, I side with the latter (former) opinion...


  42.Personally, I am in favor of the former point of view.


  43.To my point of view


  44.To my mind, the advantages far overweigh the drawbacks(disadvantages, shortcomings)


  45.For my part, I stand on side of the latter opinion that..


  46.As far as I am concerned, I am inclined to be on the side of the latter view.


  47.After a thorough consideration, for my part, I am in favor of the latter view that...


  48.If asked to make a decision, I would prefer...


  49. I have nothing against something. But …


  50. I think it’s time we put a stop to something.

  我认为是我们停止某事的时候了。(it’s time (that) 后的从句要用虚拟,既(should)+动词原形)

  51. I find the statement of … to be too narrow.


  52. I can tell you from experience that …


  53. Personally, I am standing on the side of …


  54. Although doing something might seem a wild idea, I believe that … 虽然做某事似乎狂妄,但我相信…

  55. At an individual level, I feel that …


  56. I sincerely believe that …


  57. But for me, I would rather think of the matter in an (optimistic) way.


  58. But I do not think that this view can hold water.


  59. It is not half so important to do something as it is to do something.


  60. There are some people who hold that …. And on the other hand, there are some other people whoargue that…. Both opinions are very popular…. But I cannot accept either view.


  61. Although many people (believe) that …, I doubt whether the (argument) bears further (analysis).


  62. In my opinion, it is more advisable to do something than to do something.


  63. In the nationwide discussion, many people suggest that …. But I argue that …

  在全国范围内的讨论中,许多人提出…。但我却认为… (该句suggest引导的从句应用虚拟。)

  64. As opposed to widely held belief, I believe that …


  65. From a personal perspective, I also prefer to …


  66. Finally, to speak frankly, there is also a more practical reason why I would choose to …


  67. Some people think that …. To be frank, I cannot agree with their opinion for the reasons below. 一些人认为…,坦白地讲,我不赞同他们的观点,理由如下:

  68. The situation is not rare. It is one of many examples I have encountered.


  69. 37) There is another reason why I cast my preference for … 我倾向于…还有另外一个原因。

  70. As for me, I am on the latter part of the argument. The reasons are as follows.


  71. From my point of view, it is more reasonable to support the first opinion rather than the second.


  72. The following reasons can account for my inclination.


  73. To make myself as plain as I can, I should give my standards for …


  74. I disbelieve, and therefore strongly resent, the claim that …


  75. My final and perhaps my best reason for not doing something is …


  76. For the same reason, it matters to me that …


  77. For these reason, I recommend that …

  出于这些原因,我推荐/建议… (recommend做建议讲时,接从句要用虚拟,即谓语用(should)+动词原形)

  78. My answer is that …. I have several reasons, and they’re good ones. The first is the one that …


  79. My view is that …


  80. Like almost everybody else, I believe that …


  81. I just don’t get excited over the idea of …


  82. I’m not entirely convinced of …


  83. I cannot entirely agree with the idea that …


  84. I’m not suggesting that …

  我并不是建议… (该句中suggest做建议讲要用虚拟,即(should)+动词原形)

  85. I do not choose to … merely because I feel that …






  第二、词汇量太小,且对已学词汇记忆不清。除了底子太薄这个历史原因之外,学生词汇量太小也是一个不容忽视的原因。有的学生汉语功底很好,用汉语作文,他们就会思如泉涌,下笔千言,但是一到用英语作文就好像被缚住了手脚,不知如何下手。比如99年1月的作文,题目是"don't hesitate to say no",





  所以在说过一个又一个的"no"再加几个"yes"之后,阅卷老师也给搞得云里雾里,头脑发胀,最后也只得酌情给个两三分罢了。还有的一写到纸上就是错字别字满篇,有些词汇的用法也走了样。其中最典型的就是for example写成example for , for instance写成for a instance, illegal写成unlegle,而such as, in spite of等许多短语则是乱用一气。词汇的有限导致许多学生有口难言,欲说不能,对他们来说,用英语作文实在是一件很头疼的事情。

  第三、缺乏思想,深度不够。99年1月的考试中很大一部分学生不能得高分还有一个重要的原因,就是他们的作文缺乏思想,深度不够。很多学生虽然已是大二的学生,甚至是大三大四的学生,但是他们在作文当中所表现出的智力水平与阅历似乎只相当于一个初高中生。写出的文章着眼点低,视野狭窄。作为学生,作文着眼于学生之间的关系,反映学生之间的帮忙,这并不为过,但是这种帮忙不能仅仅限于在考试当中的帮忙,而且对这种帮忙都是一句话"don't hesitate to say'no'"。更有相当一部分学生在文章中写帮忙就是这一次四级考试当中的帮忙。与在校考生比较起来,社会考生应该多了许多社会阅历,也多了一些见解,但是举出来的例子也是范围太窄,大多是讲老板或领导让干的事只能答"yes"而不能回答"no"。其实除了这些,可举的例子很多,关键是要抓住实质。

  第四、缺乏应试技巧。缺乏应试技巧,主要表现为有些学生在篇首或篇尾有喊口号倾向(如dear friends, let's not hesitate to say"no"),或画蛇添足,本来文章该结束了却偏要罗罗嗦嗦再来两句多余的话;另外一些学生字数把握不准,不是写得太短就是写得太长,写得太短的会因为字数不够而失分,太长的又因为阅卷老师任务繁重,时间窘迫,不能因为一篇文章乱了整个阅卷节奏。还有一些学生的笔迹(尤其是用纯蓝墨水钢笔和出水太浅的圆珠笔写的),让阅卷老师怎么也看不清楚。




  1)some one consider that fresh water will not touch it's end.

  2)one man's life lack of money, he will impossible to live on.

  3)as is know, that there are much fake commodities in today's society.


  表达思想不清楚的主要原因是考生作文中严重汉化的英语,即中式英语,比如:"man can live happiness","man is iron, and food is steel.","women are half side sky."。此外,语言错误的普遍性和严重性十分惊人,比如,主谓不一致,名词单复数不分,动词时态语态滥用,常用词拼写错误比比皆是。这些严重地影响了思想的表达。考试实践表明,多数考生在写作上的主要欠缺不是系统的写作理论和方法,而是最基本的单句写作能力。


  一、"there be"结构


  1. there are many people like to go to the movies.

  2. there are different kinds of vegetables can be bought on the market by people.


  1. there are many people who like to go to the movies.

  2. there are different kinds of vegetables that people can buy on the market.

  这两个例句的错误比较有普遍性,因为在历次考试中有不少考生不能正确运用there be这一最常用的句式。在这种结构中,there是引导词,没有实际意义。be在句中作谓语,有时态和数的变化。例如:

  1. there was no school in the village at that time. (=there was not a school...)

  注意:在否定句中,否定词用no,也可用not a或not any。not a后接单数名词,not many后接复数名词,no后面的名词单复数都可以。

  2. there is not a moment to be lost.

  3. there are many people rushing into the cities every year.

  4. there are many things we can do to prevent traffic accidents.

  5. there is no use holding back the wheel of history.

  从以上例句还可看出,句中的主语后面可接多种修饰语,如介词短语、不定式短语、定语从句、分词短语等等。这无疑使该结构增加了表现力,使句子表达内容更加丰富。在运用这一结构时,考生最容易犯的错误是在there be之后又用了一个动词作谓语,使句子结构出现严重错误。这里列举的考生的典型错误均属这种情况,对此我们在写作中要格外注意。



  1. comparing with the bike, the car runs much faster.

  2. the climate in walton is colder than other cities.


  1. compared with the bike, the car runs much faster.

  2. the climate in walton is colder than that of other cities.


  在例1中,对两个事物进行比较的句式为compared with a, b...,只能用compare的过去分词,不能用现在分词,因为b是分词的逻辑主语,只能被比较。





  1)in 1998 we produced as many cars as we did in the previous five years.

  2)we have accomplished as much in the past three years as would have taken ten years in the past.


  1)children now enjoy better medical treatment than before.

  2)we can live longer without food than we can (live )without water.


  1)this is the most interesting book i've ever read.

  2)of all his novels i like this one best.

  4.the more…the more…结构

  1) the harder you work, the greater progress you will make.

  2) the more a man knows, the more he discovers his ignorance.


  1) i prefer staying at home to going out.

  2) they prefer to work rather than (to) sit idly.

  3) he prefers to work alone.


  1)句用的是prefer a to b结构,to为介词,后接名词或动名词;


  3)句用法同2),只是不把rather than部分表达出来。


  1) motion is absolute while stagnation is relative.

  2) he is tired out, whereas she is full of vigor.




  1. the real reason to our failure is not far to seek.

  2. the reason for this is because some people want to earn plenty of money without working hard.


  1. the real reason for our failure is not far to seek.

  2. the reason for this is that some people want to earn plenty of money without working hard.


  从遣词造句上看,这两位考生具有一定的写作能力,not far to seek, plenty of money以及without working hard等均运用正确、恰当。但令人遗憾的是,第一位考生不知道reason不与to搭配而应接介词for,第二位考生犯了一个中国学生常犯的错误,就是用because引起表语从句,because这个词不能引起表语从句,在本句中只能改用that才正确。掌握好表达原因的结构是十分重要的,几乎所有的写作试题都要求写原因或可以写原因。在大学英语四、六级考试、研究生入学英语考试以及toefl考试中,写作的文体基本上是议论文,而议论文的基本模式是摆事实、讲道理,讲道理就是说明原因。写作测试的文体决定了表达原因结构的重要性。

  英语中用来表达原因这一概念的结构有多种。我们可用as , because, since, seeing that, considering that, now that, not that...等词组引出表示原因的从句。例如:

  1. now that we have seen these great achievements with our own eyes, we feel more proud than ever of our country.

  2. professor liu is strict with us because he wants us to make rapid progress.

  3. since we live near the sea, we enjoy a healthy climate.

  4. pollution is still a serious problem, not that we don't have the ability to solve it, but that some people have not realized the consequences of the problem.


  1. the reason for this change is quite obvious.

  2. diligence is the key factor of success.

  3. idleness is the root of all evils.

  4. he was ashamed to have made the mistake.

  (=he was ashamed that he had made the mistake.

  =he was ashamed because he had made the mistake.)




  1. some people think we needn't to worry about fresh water.

  2. nowadays many people don't like to go to the movies, too.


  1. some people think we needn't worry (或don't need to worry) about fresh water.

  2. nowadays many people don't like to go to the movies, either.


  例句1的错误在于该考生混淆了need作为情态动词和作为普通动词的用法。need作为情态动词时,主要用于否定句,后面的动词不带to, needn't worry,作we的谓语。need作为实意动词时,可用于肯定句、否定句和疑问句,don't need to worry中的to worry作don't need的宾语。

  例句2的错误在于该考生混淆了too和either的区别,这两个词都表示"也"的意思,但是在英语中too, also只能用于肯定句,而either只能用于否定句。


  i.含有否定意义的词汇和短语以下列举的词和词组本身就具有否定的含义,因此无需用否定词。介词against, beyond, but, except, without,...形容词和动词absent, deny, differ, different, fail, free, ignore, miss, refuse, the last, used to, reluctant, lack, want,...短语keep...from, protect...from, prevent...from, let alone, at a loss, in vain, instead of, out of the question, rather than, too...to, by no means, anything but,...例句:

  1)women fail to get the equal rights in some countries.


  2)this is by no means the best way to solve the problem of energy crisis.


  3)we should protect trees from being destroyed.


  4)in old china we could not make a nail, let alone(make) machines.


  ii.含有半否定意义的词语barely, hardly, few, little, rarely, scarcely, seldom, not all, not everyone, not everything,...具有半否定的意义。例句:

  1)we could hardly see any fresh vegetables in winter on market several years ago.


  2)these young people know little about how to choose good books to read.


  iii.不含否定意义的否定结构有些词和词组形式上是否定结构,但其含义是肯定的,比如:cannot but, can't help, no sooner...than, not...until, in no time, none other than, nothing but,等等。例句:

  1)we can't but face the reality.我们只有面对现实。

  2)these old buildings will be replaced by modern apartment buildings in no time.



  1)on no account should we follow blindly.我们决不应当盲从。

  2)no where has the world ever seen such great enthusiasm for learning as in our country.没有任何其他地方有我国这样高的学习热情。



  1. as is known to all of us that science and technology play an important role in the development of society.

  2. it is known to us, practice makes perfect.


  1. it is known to all of us that science and technology play an important role in the development of society. (或:as is known to all of us, science...)

  2. it is known to us that practice makes perfect. (或:as is known to us, practice...)


  很显然,两个考生混淆了it和as的用法。如果用it作形式主语,后面的主语从句必须由that引起;如果用as,则后面不能用that,因为as是关系代词,代表practice makes perfect。it在英语中是个相当活跃的代词,在写作中我们常要使用它。以下几种用法应熟练掌握,并能灵活运用。


  it is necessary for us to master a foreign language skillfully. it makes difference whether we could purify the air or not.


  we find it rather difficult to prevent people from doing that. modern science has made it possible for babies to grow healthily and for people to live longer.


  it is only by this way that we can achieve success. it was then that people began to realize the importance of controlling population.






  病句:when one have money, he can do what he want to.

  剖析:one是单数第三人称,因而本句的have应改为has ;同理,want应改为wants.本句是典型的主谓不一致.

  改为:once one has money, he can do what he wants (to do)

  二.修饰语错位(misplaced modifiers)


  病句:i believe i can do it well and i will better know the world outside the campus.


  三.句子不完整(sentence fragments)


  病句:there are many ways to know the society. for example by tv ,radio ,newspaper and so on .

  剖析:本句后半部分"for example by tv ,radio ,newspaper and so on .”不是一个完整的句子,仅为一些不连贯的词语,不能独立成句.

  改为:there are many ways to know society ,for example ,by tv ,radio ,and newspaper.

  四.悬垂修饰语(dangling modifiers)


  病句:at the age of ten, my grandfather died.

  这句中"at the age of ten"只点出十岁时,但没有说明”谁”十岁时.按一般推理不可能是my grandfather,如果我们把这个悬垂修饰语改明确一点,全句就不那么费解了.

  改为:when i was ten, my grandfather died.

  病句:to do well in college, good grades are essential.

  剖析:句中不定式短语“to do well in college”的逻辑主语不清楚.

  改为:to do well in college, a student needs good grades.

  五.词性误用(misuse of parts of speech)


  病句:none can negative the importance of money.


  改为:none can deny the importance of money.

  六.指代不清(ambiguous reference of pronouns)

  指代不清主要讲的是代词与被指代的人或物关系不清,或者先后所用的代词不一致。 mary was friendly to my sister because she wanted her to be her bridesmaid.



  mary was friendly to my sister because she wanted my sister to be her bridesmaid.

  and we can also know the society by serving it yourself.


  改为:we can also know society by serving it ourselves.

  七.不间断句子(run-on sentences)

  什么叫run-on sentence?请看下面的例句。

  病句: there are many ways we get to know the outside world.

  剖析:这个句子包含了两层完整的意思:“there are many ways.”以及“we get to know the outside world.”。简单地把它们连在一起就不妥当了。

  改为:there are many ways for us to learn about the outside world.或:

  there are many ways through which we can become acquainted with the outside world

  八.措词毛病(troubles in diction)


  病句:the increasing use of chemical obstacles in agriculture also makespollution.(农业方面化学物质使用的不断增加也造成了污染。)

  剖析:显然,考生把obstacles“障碍”,“障碍物”误作substance“物质”了。另外“the increasing use (不断增加的使用)”应改为“abusive use (滥用)”。

  改为:the abusive use of chemical substances in agriculture also causes/leadsto pollution.



  病句:in spite of the fact that he is lazy, i like him.

  本句的“the fact that he is lazy”系同谓语从句,我们按照上述“能用词组的不用从句”可以改为:in spite ofhis laziness, i like him.

  病句:for the people who are diligent and kind, money is just the thingto be used to buy the thing they need.


  改为:diligent, caring people use money only to buy what they need.



  病句:the fresh water, it is the most important things of the earth.

  剖析:the fresh water与逗号后的it不连贯。it与things在数方面不一致。

  改为:fresh water is the most important thing in the world.