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  大学英语四级词汇训练试题及答案 篇1

  1.Ten years later, that man was _______ from prison.

  A.shut B. released C. penetrated D. elected

  2.I _______ you’ve decided against taking my advice.

  A.express B. declare C. assume D. exclude

  3.I wrote to my aunt last night. I couldn’t _______ it any longer.

  A.delay B. reply C. rely D. opposite

  4.I imagine I’ll _______ some friends instead of going to the movies.

  A.envy B. interest C. entertain D. courage

  5.A________ thing happened to me last night.

  A. sake B. peculiar C. baggage D. average

  6.It was a terrible _______ and I won’t forget it.

  A. shock B.vessel C.royal D.evidence

  7.Mary is always _______ when she doesn’t get any mail.

  A.affected B.dissed C.plain D.disturbed

  8.Each member has a chance to _______ his argument in the conference.

  A.present B.recall C.stock D.council

  9.I wish you would give me a more detailed _______ of you trip.

  A.account B.advance C.accuse D.count

  10.What time is the mail _______ on Saturday?

  A.objected B.outlet C.delivered D.starved

  11.What’s the price of that _______ of potatoes?

  A.beg B.pig C.pint D.sack

  12.You don’t have to pay any _______ on personal belongings.

  A.price B.duty C.expense D.elevator

  13.Mary is too weak to _______ the piano across the room.

  A.apply B.appeal C.attract D.drag

  14.I was crossing the street and was almost _______ by car.

  A.attacked B.dicked C.hit D.held

  15.Do you have anything to _______ for customs?

  A.show B.declare C.exam D.check

  16.He worked hard this week, but _______ very little.

  A.presented B.obeyed C.composed D.accomplished

  17.Will you accept my _______?

  A.sympathy B.synthetic C.satellite D.saddle

  18.In general, my reaction is that we should _______ carefully.

  A.proceed B.pace C.pale D.pan

  19.Along the northern coast there are many deep _______.

  A.divers B.harbors C.bats D.bars

  20.Nobody knows who will be the _______ of this city.

  A.mayor B.inhabitant C.dash D.bow

  21.Food _______ is a big industry in this area.

  A.projecting B.promising C.processing D.president

  22.We never _______ that John would become a doctor.

  A.respected B.wondered C.suspected D.estimated

  23.Don’t be too _______ on your children. They are still too young.

  A.shine B.internal C.copper D.severe

  24.Greater efforts are needed before we can _______ our goal.

  A.dozen B.attain C.avenue D.reward

  25.Eggs are _______ according to size.

  A.passed B.judged C.graded D.chained

  26.He worked in our university as a football _______ for nearly five years.

  A.clerk B.grain C.coach D.couch

  27.The _______ in the river has to be rebuilt.

  A.court B.cousin C.dam D.damp

  28.He designed an experiment in order to _______ his theory.

  A.demonstrate B.proof C.defense D.grasp

  29.Heavy taxed are _______ on wines imported from the other countries.

  A. imposed B.trgistered C.splashed D.thudered

  30.I would like to visit you and _______ our friendship but in fact I can not come.

  A.rent B.renew C.mouse D.spot

  31.This factory is planning to build a new _______ line this year.

  A.resemble B.assembly C.productive D.assess

  32.Meat _______ much more easily than vegetables.

  A. loses B.numerous C.weaves D.decays

  33.Dr. Smith is _______ in his research and does not know anything about politics.

  A.shut B.typed C.defeated D.absorbed

  34. He said he would _______ me to Mr. Li but he didn’t .

  A.comment B.suggest C.command D.recommend

  35.A magnificent monument has been _______ in Tian An Men Square in honor of the people’s heroes.

  A.envied B.erected C.created D.curved

  36.In this kind of hotel, there are no _______ rooms.

  A. luxury B.marvelous C.occasional D.sulphur

  37.Nothing can _______ me to leave my own country.

  A.verse B.hay C.tempt D.attempt

  38.Nobody in the class can _______ him of his mistake.

  A.believe B.admit C.thirst D.convince

  39.This tree is _______ for its beautiful flowers.

  A.hooked B.stemmed C.cultivated D.parceled

  40.He _______ his success to the good education he has received.

  A.distributes B.contributes C.attributes D.owns

  41.Professor Smith seldom _______ the class on time.

  A.dismisses B.nervous C.misleads D.regrets

  42.Mr. Wang _______ his wife and children when he went to the United States.

  A.prescribed B.delayed C.decreased D.deserted

  43.He _______ a lot of time in trying to develop the education system in this area.

  A. involved B.investigated C.invested D.interfered

  44.They spent many years _______ for oil in this small island.

  A.exploring B.exploding C.exposing D.exploiting

  45.We can’t _______ the fact that we are still a developing country.

  A. ignore B.neglect C.imagine D.impress

  46.Can you _______ the man who robbed you of your watch?

  A. illustrate B.exhibit C.damage D.identify

  47.Many children in developing countries can not go to school,because of _______

  A.property B.sword C.trace D.poverty

  48.What is your _______ to his coming?

  A.altitude B.attitude C.attribute D.aspect

  49.He _______ into the water and rescued the little girl.

  A. ed B.sloped C.heaped D.dived

  50.You may _______ of the extra books in our department library.

  A.deposit B.enclose C.fade D.dispose

  答案:1.B 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.B 6.A 7.D 8.A 9.A 10.C 11.D 12.B 13.D 14.C 15.B 16.D 17.A 18.A 19.B 20.A 21.C 22.C 23.D 24.B 25.C 26.C 27.C 28.A 29.A30.B 31.B 32.D 33.D 34.D 35.B 36.A 37.C 38.D 39.C 40.C 41.A 42.D 43.C 44.A 45.A 46.D 47.D 48.B 49.D 50.D[/move]

  大学英语四级词汇训练试题及答案 篇2

  1.They ____the report to the State Council for approval.

  A)made B)leave out C)committed D)admitted

  2.I ought to have insisted on ____ a thorough rest before you left for New York.

  A)you to take B)your taking C)that you take D)you taking

  3.A table made of steel costs more than ____ made of wood.

  A)that B)which C)one D)it is

  4.Now we have got so far with the project,we ____ finish it.

  A)can as well B)should as well C)would as well D)may as well

  5.Their plan is not economically____.

  A)efficient B)feasible C)advisable D)urgent

  6.Our teacher’s reading is of very wide____ .

  A)extent B)range C)limit D)border

  7.I ____ some old photos in the attic

  A)came through B)came to C)came round D)came across

  8.I prefer to put the meeting off____ it without adequate preparations.

  A)than hold B)rather than hold C)than to hold D)rather than to hold

  9.It was not ____ midnight that they discovered the children were not in their beds.

  A)before B)at C)after D)until

  10.Most doctors recognize that medicine is ____ it is a science.

  A)an art as much B)much an art as C)as an art as much D)as muchan art as


  1.C 译文:他们把这个报告提交给国务院批准。解析:A.made 制,做。B.leave out 省去,略去。C.committed 把……提交给,commit…to…把……提交给……。D.admitted 接纳,纳容。均不合题意。结合上下文题意,C为正确答案。

  2.B 译文:我该坚持让你去美国之前做一次彻底检查的。解析:insist on...坚持……,后动名词作宾语,据此A.C被排除。动名词的逻辑主语应用形容词性物主代词;不能用人称代词或其宾格形式引出。因此,只有B答案符合要求。

  3.C 译文:钢制的桌子比用木头制的桌子价格贵些。解析:B.which 不能用于此处,因为不是定语从句。D.it is 用于此处,结构错误。one和that都可以用来代替前边出现过的名词,但如果名词是单数可数名词。则用 (the) one 代替,据此C为最佳答案。

  4.D 译文:既然这项工程我们已经进行了这么多,我们还是把它完成的好。解析:may as well还是……的'好,固定搭配,其它各项均无此意思。

  5.B 译文:从经济的角度来看,他们的计划是不可行的。解析:A.efficient 有效的,效率高的。指具体的行动或方法产生预期的效果而不浪费时间,精力等。计划只是一个笼统的概念,故不能用efficient来描述。 C..advisable明智的,合理的,用来描述具体的作法,行动或想法等。e.g Is it advisable to stay here?留在这里合适吗?plan不是具体的行动,故不能用advisable来修饰。D.urgent紧急的,紧迫的,用于此处语义不通顺。 B.feasible可行的,行得通的。经常用来表述计划或一系列措施的可行性。用于此处恰当,故B是正确答案。

  6.B 译文:我们老师的阅读范围非常广泛。解析:A.extent 长度,范围,大小。指一块土地的面积大小的范围。B.range范围,领域。既可以指一块土地,又可以用来指抽象的“领域,范围”。C.limit 限度,界线,一般不用 wide 修饰,因为 limit 本身含有“被束缚,被限制的范围”的意思。D.border边界,界线,多用于指国与国之间的边界或边境地区。综上分析,可以看出只有B答案适合用于此处。

  7.D 译文:我在屋顶阁楼上意外发现几张旧照片。解析:A.come through 接通(电话)。B.come to 苏醒,涉及;C.come round 来,到来,恢复健康。以上三项均与题意无关。D.come across 碰到,意外遇见。符合题意,因此D是正确答案。

  8.B 译文:我宁可推迟开会也不愿开准备不充分的会。解析:prefer后接两个不定式相比较时,只能用rather than, rather than 后跟不带to的不定式。故此B项正确。

  9.D 译文:直到午夜,他们才发现孩子不在床上。解析:not...until...直到…才…,固定句式。

  10.D 译文:大多数医生都承认医学既是一门科学,也是一门艺术。解析:as much...as ...是固定结构,意为“……程度一样”。又如:This is as much our responsibility as yours.这既是你们的责任,也是我们的责任。