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  Dear classmates, for we have just walked out of the junior high school, came to a new environment may each other between each other, here, I introduce myself to you all. On * * * years for others is an ordinary day, but for our family is worthy of a party to celebrate the good times. Accompanied by a lot of crying a new life was born, and thats what I * *. Hour hou has had many colorful dream, when a flute player, a dancer or when an athlete is my best dream. So, I take every opportunity to learn the flute, street dance, spare time to do all kinds of physical exercise, let them to enrich my life. Whether in elementary school or high school, I will be the style of actively participate in school activities, and with the help of the teacher I had a little success.

  The peach blossom spring red, too much in a hurry. Time went by, I have been out of the * * middle school, with the pace of the firm to enter high school. In the junior middle school three years of study and life, I gradually grow up to be a cheerful, sunshine, people with a sense of humor. I think my this several advantages in the future life will bring you happiness.

  My hobby is widespread. I like sports, like listening to music, like watching movies, like to watch cartoons.

  I like sports, because can let me find happiness in the process of movement, movement strength can make my body health, has abundant energy into high school life.

  I like watching movies, because the movie makes me to good physical and mental relaxation, let me feel very happy.

  I like to watch cartoons, I like to see those lovely cartoon characters dangling in front of me. I most like to watch pleasant goat and Wolffy, I like the character may not be the same as most of the people, my favorite is Wolffy, there it is a villain, but I dont think its the sort of persistent spirit is worth me to learn to catch the sheep. In the next three years, my goal is through their own efforts to enter a ideal university. I believe the future is beautiful, because with the colorful dream, is not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of failure. I hope with their own efforts for success, I believe in yourself, believe in the future.

  Junior high school (primary school) has become the past, suddenly in the past such as yesterday, the important is not to get or lose, but experienced. Cry because it is over, smile is brilliant, because experienced, colorful memories. Always cant forget the past years, cant forget because we came, even though the pace of young, look back and feel kind, because that is true, even if was not on the way to the flowers open, remember also feel regret, because its covered with his own life at every step.


  Hello, everyone, my name is li XX (your name), I am a higher a freshman just entered high school gate, with a number of new students, I took my curious and have a strong curiosity heart came to the palace of the divine. We are not very familiar with to me! Let me introduce myself to everyone

  I am plain: round face with embedded but not jiongjiongweishen eyes; Below the eye is almost on the face of the nose collapse, even can let a person remember level plain ; Below is that piece I have kissed the blarney stone mouth nose, it can often help me to bring you joy! I although plain, but my personality and a lot of and the girl of my age is very different:

  I have a black head, clean hair, and on my appearance and name again, how see how like a boy. My hobby and character and, like many boys, I like sports, badminton and table tennis room my favorite; My character is similar to boys, I like of the director-general, seem serious, stead fast, dont like slow, Dally. This might be my strengths! Because, since the childhood I like serious, diligently to do a thing, even meet again big difficulty, I also will continue. Im not bragging,

  Remember when I just came back from their hometown transferred to Beijing, I am English really obsessed with the 7 can be said to be the six - dont know anything. At that time I already grade four, I have to strong, looking at the students at the time of test is always can get ideal scores, but they dont can, in the mind really not the taste. At this time, I secretly determined: I must catch up with the classmates in our class, to go beyond them! Since then, I started to deliver on their promises to pay effort: three hours of extracurricular class on every Sunday; Do exercise every night... In this way, with my dedication for English, I improved my English slowly, imperceptible in, my English has been leading the way, which makes me dont mention how happy! Again, this is a symbol of Chinese old saying: nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it! You said, it is?

  No one is perfect, of course, I have many shortcomings. But one of the most lethal and I was very careless. This defect has been with me for six years, I really want to get rid of it. How I tried to also of no help, however, always a few small mistakes in a crucial moment. I really hope I can get rid of this drawback, is an old saying goes: nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it! I believe that one day I will have my advantage over my fatal shortcoming.

  You know me? This is me, a plain to me, I like boys, a tireless in me, a careless of me.


  My name is wei, a pure clever, but the name on our family efforts to take oh! Grandpa said this name, opened only by N times family meeting. s and fathers family name is wei, ying is the family expect me to stand out from the extraordinary, pure was not in my name in the word but consider if call Wei Ying family, will be a lot of sharing the same name, so they added a pure word in the middle, I simply hope. My name is full of the whole familys love for me and look forward to, so I also try to do they expected of me.

  I character cheerful, frank. I am full of confidence to oneself, how many times, I am 100% confident to participate in all kinds of campaign, 200% ended up in failure. In the face of cruel reality, I feel disappointed and sad, because I dont get paid what. But, Im not so depressed, I know want to learn from failure and confidently for failure to hone my will. "Self-trust is the first secret of success". I firmly believe that as long as there are efforts, there will always be a day to have truly belong to me.

  My hobby is widespread, sports, or art, I like it, but also because his character short-tempered, everything is just learn some fur, not deeply, so I created today, what will be, but nothing good. Swimming, of course, my favorite is the sport, because influenced by my father since I was a child, 5 years old began to learn swimming, until now already has 10 years of history, often talking about swimming, I can be very proud to stand chest my YouYongShi introduce it to you.

  Familiar with all my friends know my ideal is to be a police, and then through their own efforts when the Shanghai public security bureau chief, the last is a great honor for me when the mayor of Shanghai, ha ha, the back of the two is just my wish, but it is I grew up in front of the goal, I think I will be to me such a lofty ideal and goal to struggle!

  Yesterday I, today of I, tomorrow, I compose a lifelike, pure self-portrait. Chaoyang waved to me, the grass in the nod, lets try our best to strive for.


  My name is MAO culture, 19 years old this year. Im from shaanxi province full of well-being, as is known to all, shaanxi is a very profound historical and cultural details big province, perhaps because of this to make the I love history and writing. Ankang municipality as the qinling tunnel opening, my hometown has become the important transport hub city, to play the role of a bearing in the south of the north, as a healthy person, I also hope that, like a home to become a media people, strengthen the cultural exchange and communication, let more people understand shanxi, let more people know China.

  I live in a harmonious and happy family, may be influenced by my father, I love making friends, warm, generous, so I learned good social skills. I love novels, as a boy, it may be a lot of people like suspension setting, reasoning, and I was like the youth romantic, I like close to life, close to our story, about growth, about dream, about emotions, in my opinion, these is enough true. Science class I think is too false, however, this does not hinder my powerful and unconstrained style of thinking. Of course, Im more like war movie history. Especially in the TV series strong-arm reaction. Yun-long li swagger, Zhao Zhengwei polite, thats what Im trying to learn. Such as the movie "wind" again. Finally Gu Xiaomeng that monologue "because people have to survival, we had tried to save only in one thousand." It give me is not just a psychological shock, I found myself more in this kind of light and shadow world favorite professional.

  I love the youth, love history, I am very strong, is also very fragile, perhaps this is very contradictory, but not to say that philosophy, contradiction is the driving force of development. I also eager to I this contradiction between physical find their own stage of development.