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  圣诞节是西方最重要的节日。“圣诞节 Christmas”原是“基督弥撒 Christmass”的缩写。下面小编就给大家带来2016圣诞节英语手抄报内容资料大全,大家一起来看看吧。


  Christmas is a Christian holiday held on December 25 which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Eastern Orthodox Churches, which use the Julian Calendar to determine feast days, celebrate on January 7 by the Gregorian Calendar. Both dates are merely traditional and neither is thought to be the actual birthdate of Jesus. Christ's birth, or nativity, is said to fulfill Old Testament prophecies concerning the coming of a messiah, or savior.The word Christmas is derived Middle English Christemasse and from Old English Cristes mæsse.[1] It is a contraction meaning "Christ's mass". The name of the holiday is often shortened to Xmas because Roman letter "X" resembles the Greek letter Χ (chi), an abbreviation for Christ (Χριστός).In Western countries, Christmas has become the most economically significant holiday of the year. The popularity of Christmas can be traced in part to its status as a winter festival. Many cultures have their most important holiday in winter because there is less agricultural work to do at this time. Examples of winter festivals that are believed by some to have influenced Christmas include the pre-Christian festivals of Yule and Saturnalia.In Western culture, the holiday is characterized by the exchange of gifts among friends and family members, some of the gifts being attributed to Santa Claus (also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, and Father Frost). However, various local and regional Christmas traditions are still practiced, despite the widespread influence of American, British and Australian Christmas motifs disseminated by film, popular literature, television, and other media.


  圣诞节是西方最重要的节日。“圣诞节 Christmas”原是“基督弥撒 Christmass”的缩写。传说记载,12月25日是耶稣的生日,在这一天,世界各地的天主教会都要举行弥撒纪念耶稣的生日。

  而如今,圣诞节已经从一个宗教节日变成一个世界性的大众节日。人们在节日期间互相祝福,期盼欢乐的新年来临。圣诞节使得这个寒冷的冬日增添了一股暖意,也拉开了年底holiday season 的序幕。



  Christmas Eve:平安夜,也就是圣诞节的前一天。每年的12月24日。这跟我们的大年夜有点相似(New Year's Eve)。

  Christmas Day:圣诞节当天,每年的12月25日。相当于中国的大年初一。Everybody goes for various parties to celebrate the festival on Christmas day.(在圣诞节那天,大家都去参加各种各样的派对来庆祝节日。)

  Boxing Day:圣诞节后的第一个工作日,即每年的12月26日,意即“重拳出击的那一天”。

  尤其值得注意的是,在西方,还有一个Christmas season。它是指12月24日至翌年1月6日,我们称之为“圣诞节节期”。也就是经常说的holiday season,指的是一整段日子。

  Christmas gift或者Christmas present:这两个词都可以表示圣诞礼物。我们经常会说:Here is a Christmas gift for you. 或者:I have a present for your Christmas Day.即表示要送对方圣诞礼物的意思。

  Santa Claus:圣诞老人。他赶着驯鹿,拉着装满礼物的雪橇挨家挨户给每个孩子送礼物的形象已深深地留在人们的记忆中。


  Christmas tree:圣诞树。与之相关的还有Christmas decorations(圣诞装饰物);Christmas wreath或者Christmas garland(圣诞花环);Christmas crafts(圣诞工艺品)。这些美丽的装点都使得圣诞节变得熠熠生辉。

  Christmas Waits:报佳音的人。圣诞夜指12月24日晚至25日晨。教会组织一些圣诗班(或由信徒自发地组成)挨门挨户地在门口或窗下唱圣诞颂歌,叫作“报佳音”,意思是再现当年天使向伯利恒郊外的牧羊人报告耶稣降生的喜讯。“报佳音”的人称为Christmas Waits,这项活动往往要进行到天亮,人数越来越多,歌声越来越大,大街小巷满城尽是歌声。

  Christmas carol:圣诞颂歌。《平安夜》等圣诞颂歌人们耳熟能详。

  Christmas pudding:圣诞布丁。圣诞节吃的一种应节食品。

  Christmas stocking:圣诞袜。传说圣诞老人会把礼物放在里面。

  Christmas recess:圣诞节暂停营业、上学、工作期间。


  1. Every year on dec. 25, the birth of Jesus Christ was memorial day of the Muslim, called the



  2. .From December 24th to next January 6 is Christmas feast. During the festival, christians were

  held the ceremony. Christmas is originally Christian festivals, because people attention, it became a national holiday, the biggest festival in a year, and the New Year in western .It is like the Spring Festival of China. Exchanging gifts and sending Christmas CARDS on Christmas day celebrate Christmas.


  3.说到圣诞节,不得不提一下平安夜,究竟人们都在平安夜做什么呢? 4.the Christmas Eve

  Christmas Eve is also commonly says Christmas Eve ,and the family reunion in the sitting room, will be around the tree to sing Christmas carols and exchange gifts, and share the joys and sorrows of a life, express the wish and love. In that night will see a group of lovely boys or girls, playing a guitar,singing a poem and a good tidings.

  圣诞节前夕也就是俗说的平安夜,当晚,全家人会团聚在客厅中,围绕在圣诞树旁唱圣诞歌曲,互相交换礼物,彼此分享一年来生活中的喜怒哀乐,表达内心的祝福及爱。在这天晚上都会看到一群可爱的小男生或小女生,弹着吉他,一家一家的唱着诗歌报佳音。 5.说过平安夜还要提到其中的一个重要角色。

  The red and white sceneries is Santa Claus, He is the most popular pepole. Western children on Christmas Eve will put a sock near the fireplace or a pillow before going to sleep, They thought Santa Claus will fill it with gifts in the sleep.


  It si said that Santa Claus would drive reindeer sleigh full guild to send gifts for the children on Christmas Eve, he would enter into the house quietly by the chimney, put present in stocking.which hangs on the head of a bed .So the children always strips of colour profusion stockings at the head of a bed, and put a cup of hot milk beside the socks to the household of Santa Claus to thirst, and hope that Santa Claus would send a gift for himself. The next day , every child can't wait to open the ritual, want to know what his reward.


  隔天每个小朋友都迫不及待地打开礼,想知道自己得到什么奖励。 6.The origin of the Christmas treeChristmas tree really appear in Germany, after the first introduced to Europe and America, and become the indispensable Christmas decorations. They usually use colourful lights, wax, gifts or angels, for Christmas .especially in the northwestern living people, because the local rich forest resources, they will go to pick the trees as a real tree. Christmas is a natural variety, pine tree and Christmas are also man-made and white Christmas. Each tree is hung on the SAN marino adornment, but every tree must have a big star at the top of the tree, symbolized star that guide the magi found Jesus. And in the traditional custom, and only the Lord of a family can put the star, others can't hang the longterm.