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  To be frank I fail to clearly remember why I made this choice initially. After present consideration I seem to understand my previous decision.


  First and foremost the fact that as a kindergarten teacher I can spend more time staying with a group of children at 5 or 6 is a crucial incentive for me to opt for this job. During the process of my growing up I am increasingly tired up of coping with complicated interpersonal relationship putting up with customary social unfairness and taking utmost self-interest as a priority. More often the past moment of my childhood without any worry or calculative comes up to my mind. I am clear that I couldn’t go back to the past as a little girl but to retrieve innocent lively and confiding characters of a kid is accessible if I am surrounded by a flock of angel-like kids. Teaching talking and playing with them I can be myself by opening up my heart wearing a sincere smile and maintaining a young optimistic and energetic attitude to life.

  Secondly I want to go to great lengths to ensure that our children experience a memorable childhood. It is universal that small children are obliged to learn speaking foreign languages playing musical instruments painting singing swimming and the like. Frankly speaking I am not consistent with this opinion that children ought to learn as much as they can to avoid losing the game at the scratch line. On the one hand this teaching method suppresses the natural and healthy growth and development of kids who in this stage should play to their hearts’ content and satisfy their curiosity about the world. On the other hand excessive studying burden deprives kids of genuine interest in learning needless to say heartfelt effort and willing persistence. I always feel fortunate that I got through an unforgettable childhood for I was never forced to learn what I was reluctant to learn and for I had the opportunity to go to various parks almost every week going close to nature or making greetings to animals and plants. Perhaps it seems common but undoubtedly it contributes to my physical and psychological health. Therefore I plan to create a good circumstance in the kindergarten that every kid can seek out their own hobbies and have an interesting childhood to remember.

  Last but not least it is generally acknowledged that some criminals commit crimes mainly due to their miserable childhood when they suffer from family abuse when they are frequently neglected by their busy parents or when they from single-parent families lack enough love and care. I want to catch sight of these kids. I intend to strain every nerve to take care of them to encourage them and to touch them. I am looking forward to arousing love and kindness from them and seeing reduce of teenage criminals.

  On account of not having my dream job on the tip of my tongue the previous reason why I dreamed of being a kindergarten teacher remained vague. But fortunately I find out new reasons to support my determination. What’s more my enthusiasm for this job yet continues. Maybe it is ideal for me now but with my persistent passion and endeavor I am sure that I can climb over this mountain no matter how high or tough it is.