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  The electric door guard has replaced the traditional "door lady" in a dormitory at Shanghai Songjiang University City, within the range of many universities.

  In the future, more electric door guards will take the place of "door ladies."

  The electric door guard operates under an IC card system, with students using IC cards to enter. Each resident student is issued an IC card with his/her personal information stored on it. Information like the card-holding student's name, major, grade, and even time of entry will be stored on their IC card. The door has also been equipped with a "digital eye" to take video 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  With the new "door guard" already on duty, students began to discuss the pros and cons of the latest renovation to their dorm in community forums.

  Some complained that having to take their IC card everywhere is inconvenient, adding that the system is not always reliable. They noted times when the system failed to recognize them and they had to call repair workers to fix it.

  Others say the former "door lady" was more flexible and gave them a sense of "home." Sometimes when a student had to stay out late, to study or for other business, the door lady would wait for them and let them in if they told her beforehand. Or when students' parents came to visit, the door lady would let them in. But now, all of these conveniences seem impossible.

  Still, students admit that the electric door guard is much safer, as it prevents thieves as well as unwelcome salesmen from entering their dorm. In this way, the electric door guard has its own advantages.

  The school's authorities say the new system needs some time to improve and that students need time to get used to it. The school has said it will consider the inconveniences brought along with the new door guard and attempt to solve them by other means. On the whole, the new system seems to be good for students living in the dorm building.

  篇二:校园安全campus security

  Every child is the apple in their parents eyes. And every child is the hope of our country. Being the gethering place, campus’ security turns out to be very significant.


  However, recently years campus security is being threatened. Some extremly people, who have suffered something bad will take revenge on the society. Because they think it’s the society fault to lead their disaster. And school is important to the society and the students are vulnerable groups, who don’t have too much ability to fight back. So they can easily success. In addition, some teachers’ quality may not good so that the students in school can’t get good education or affect their virtuous soul. What’s worse, some schools may occur the phenomenon of child abuse. There are also some coincidences will threat the campus safty.


  It’s high time that we should take measures to keep a safe campus. First of all, the school should hire more responsible gate keeper and make specific rules to prevent the social people from coming into the campus. Secondly, when hiring new teachers, the school should not only consider the teachering skill but also the personal quality. The school also have to make some speech for students to increase their safe consciousness.


  In general, campus security is very important that need all of us to make effort to achieve it. The measures mentioned above are just parts of keeping campus security. I hope people from all walks of life can give their hands to help the student grow healthly.


  篇三:校园安全 Security Issue on Campus

  We all say that students are the future of our country, but there are much more reports about campus safety than before, such as killing, injury or maltreat and so on. Therefore, campus security has aroused many concerns. Why are there so many campus injuries? I think the following reasons may explain it. Firstly, some people are treated unfairly so that we take revenge on society and the place they first choose is campus, especially elementary school or middle school. The students are the vulnerable group that they can’t protect themselves. Secondly, some parents make trouble in campus because of some fees issues. They may hurt students if they are agitated. Finally, teachers may be a hidden danger of campus security. Some of teachers can not take good care of students because of irresponsibility. They do not fully fulfill their duties. Even worse, a very few teachers maltreat students because of personal reasons. It shocks the whole society and worries many parents. From discussed above, we should pay much more attention to campus security to prevent students from danger.


  篇四:校园安全英语作文  Campus Security

  Security issue may sound clichéd, but when it comes to the campus security, we have to take it seriously. Nearly every day, there are reports to the security office on campus that valuable things are stolen away.

  A surrounding with stealing, mugging can’t be worse for studying. In such cases, what measures should be taken to improve the campus security?

  On the one hand, we students should strengthen our security awareness. Once we smell out something unusual, we should report it to the campus guard immediately. On the other hand, more equipment such as monitors should be installed on campus so as to detect crimes as soon as possible.

  Besides, a proper amount of security guards should be arranged to patrol the campus。

  In my opinion, campus security will be improved as long as efforts are made on campus. Therefore colleges and universities should try their best to make everyone on campus safe and sound。