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  Text 1

  The first time I heard the actual London Bridge was in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, I thought it was a joke. A stupid joke at that. I mean, what sort of moron would take a perfectly good, perfectly famous bridge and move it halfway around the world to some no-name town in northwest Arizona? Back in 1962 when all this started, Lake Havasu City was nothing. A couple of shops, a couple of homes, and no tourism at all.

  It turns out Robert McCulloch is the moron in question, and he wasn' t quite the moron I thought he was. His 2.45 million dollar investment( 投资 ) in the 130-year-old bridge--which the British government was selling because it was about to fall into the Thames (泰晤士河)--ended up being the investment of a lifetime. You see McCulloch was a real businessman, among other things, and his money paid off big. He turned Lake Havasu into one of the most visited tourist at- tractions in Arizona.

  It took nine long years to take down the bridge, ship it brick by brick to the middle of no- where, and build it up again. When it finally did open up in 1971, it was a huge deal covered by the international press.

  The bridge is now a popular tourist attraction, and there' s even a mini "English Village" at the foot of the bridge with souvenirs( 纪念品 ) and real British food so you can have a good old time.

  Nowadays Lake Havasu is a busy town with a population of about 56,000 citizens and another2.5 million visitors each year. Most of that is during spring break when the town overflows with energetic boys and girls. Even MTV and the Girls Gone Wild people get in on the action. All thanks to that little bridge.

  I don' t know about you, but I' m saving my pennies. When the French get sick of that Eiffel tower, I' ll be the first to put money on it. It' ll look great in my backyard.

  56. The underlined word "moron" in the first paragraph means________.

  A. a brave person

  B. a foolish person

  C. a famous person

  D. a strange person

  57. Why did the British government put the London Bridge up for sale?

  A. It polluted the Thames.

  B. It was no longer popular.

  C. It was going to fall down.

  D. It could bring them the needed money.

  58. What was Lake Havasu City like before 19627________.

  A. It was a good place for investment.

  B. It was known for its English Village.

  C. It was a small town with no tourism.

  D. It had a population of 56,000 citizens.

  59.In the last paragraph, the author tries to be________.

  A. polite

  B. friendly

  C. practical

  D. humorous












  59.D 【精析】推理题。题千意为“最后一段作者试图表现得________。”。根据最后一段,我们可以看出作者非常幽默,法国人不可能对菲尔铁塔厌烦,还有个人也没有那么多钱去购买埃菲尔铁塔,这一切都是作者的想象和幽默。故D正确。

  Text 2

  Studies over the past decade at the University of Utah show that hands-free cellphones are just as harmful to drivers as hand-held ones because it is the conversation, not the phone, that is distracting(分散) their attention. "Even though your eyes are looking right at something, when you are on the cellphone, you are not as likely to see it," says Professor David Strayer. "Ninety- nine percent of the time, it' s not that critical(危机的), but that 1% could be the time a child runs into the street," he adds.

  Dr. Strayer' s studies have also found that talking on a cellphone is far more distracting than talking with a passenger. Listening to the radio, to music or to a book on tape also isn' t as distracting, because it doesn' t require the same level of interaction as a conversation. But even drivers may miss some details of a book on tape if their attention is focused on driving tasks. some people can train themselves to pay extra attention to things that are important--like police officers learn to search faces in crowds.

  And the Utah researchers have found a rare group of "super-taskers"--about 2.5 % of the pop-ulation--who seem able to attend to more than one thing with ease.

  Many more people think they can effectively do several things at the same time, but they are really turning their attention rapidly between two things and not getting the full effect of either. Clearly, it is easier to put some tasks together than others. "Not all distractions are the same," says Dr. Strayer. Things like cleaning and working out can be done automatically(自动的) while the mind is focused elsewhere. But doing homework and texting at the same time isn' t possible. Even talking and watching TV is difficult. "Just try talking with your wife while watching football. It' s impossible," jokes Dr. Strayer.

  60. What is the first paragraph mainly about?

  A. The harm in using phones while driving.

  B. The advantages of hand-held phones.

  C. The danger of running in the street.

  D. The causes of road accidents.

  61. What does the example of police officers in Paragraph 2 show?A. Searching for faces require more attention than driving.

  B. Talking to a crowd calls for a high level of attention.C. one' s attention can be easily distracted in crowds.

  D. The ability to attend to two tasks can be trained.

  62. "Super-taskers" can be best described as people who can________.

  A. do several things effectively at the same time

  B. turn their attention rapidly to two things

  C. handle all difficult tasks with ease

  D. pay full attention to one task

  63.Which of the following can you do while talking on the phone?

  A.Doing homework.

  B. Writing a letter.

  C. Working out.

  D. Watching TV.








  61.D【精析】推理题。题干意为“第二段中警官的例子说明什么?”。从文章第二段最后一句话“some people can train themselves to payextra attention to things that are important--like police officers learnto search faces in crowds.”可以得知,这种能力是通过“train them—selves”获得的。故D正确。

  62.A【精析】推理题。题干意为“Super.taskers最适合被描述成能干什么的人?”。从文章内容来看,在第三段“seem able to attend tomore than one thing with ease”,有能力轻松地把注意力放在几件事情上的人。放A正确。



  Young women who take part in beauty contests(比赛) are helping to keep alive an outdated o-pinion of women : that a woman' s most important value is how she looks.

  Women have been working very hard through the years to change their image (形象). They have been trying to prove that the value of a woman does not lie only in her beauty. The world is just beginning to recognize that women are as smart, wise and strong in personality as men are, and that there are qualities more important than looks when judging people. When women take part in beauty contests for top prizes, they encourage people to value them for their beauty alone. It is un- fair to say that beauty alone determines one' s worth.

  Beauty contests not only encourage spectators(观众) to judge women by their appearance, but they encourage this idea in the contestants as well. These young women spend months losing weight to be the "right" size and learning how to dress, wear makeup, and walk just right so that some judges will consider them beautiful. I think it' s great for a woman to feel good about her appear- ance, but looks shouldn't be sought after in an extreme or unreasonable way. There are too many other, more important, things in a young woman' s life: learning, developing friendships and preparing for their future work and perhaps a family.

  As long as there are beauty contests, women won't be fully recognized as well-rounded human beings.

  64. According to the text, women have tried to change their image by_______.

  A. proving they are as good as men

  B. paying attention to their clothes

  C. winning more beauty contests

  D. encouraging people to value their beauty

  65. What do women usually do in preparation for beauty contests?

  A. Leam about their personality.

  B. Do everything for their bodies.

  C. Choose the right size dresses.

  D. Develop friendship with spectators.

  66.What can we infer from the text?

  A. Looks determine everything.

  B. Wisdom carries much weight.

  C. Spectators should have their voices heard.

  D. Qualities other than looks are more important.

  67. According to the author, beauty contests are

  A. disrespectful to womenB. unpleasant to contestants

  C. necessary for modem society D. helpful in improving women' s image