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  Text 1

  William Kunz is a computer genius(天才).When he was just 11, Kunz started writing soft-ware programs, and by 14 he had worked out his own computer game.As a high school first-yearstudent in Houston, Texas, he won first prize in a science fair for a program he wrote.In his thirdyear, he took top prize in an international science and engineering fair for designing a program toanalyze and sort DNA patterns.

  Kunz went to attend Carnegie Mellon, one of the nation' s highest-ranked universities in computer science.After college he got a job with Oracle in Silicon Valley, writing software used bycompanies around the world.

  Three years later, Kunz is in his first year at Harvard Business School.He left software engineering partly because he earned much less than his friends who were going into law or business.

  He also worried about job security(保障), especially as more companies move their programmingoutside the country to lower costs.

  56.What does the first paragraph mainly tell us?

  A.Kunz won several top prizes.

  B.Kunz liked taking part in fairs.

  C.Kunz designed several programs.

  D.Kunz had a gift for programming.

  57.What did Kunz study in Carnegie Mellon?



  C.International law.

  D.Computer science.

  58.Why did Kunz decide to go to Harvard Business School?

  A.to get a secured and better paid job.

  B.to improve his working conditions.

  C.to start a business with his friends.

  D.to go outside the country to work.

  Text 2

  Can you imagine life without French fries(炸薯条) ? Potatoes are very popular today.But inthe past this was not true.Potatoes grew in south America five thousand years' ago.But they onlybecame popular in other places two hundred years ago.

  In the 1500s, the spanish took the potato from south America to Europe.But the people inEurope did not like this strange vegetable.some people thought that if you ate potatoes your skinwould look like the skin of a potato.Other people could not believe that you ate the undergroundpart of the plant.so they ate the leaves instead.This made them sick because there is poison (毒性) in the leaves.

  In the 1800s, people in other parts of the world started to eat potatoes.In Ireland, potatoes became the main food.Then, in 1845, a disease killed all the potatoes in Ireland.Two million people died of hunger.

  Today, each country has its own potato dish.The German people eat potato salad, and theUnited States has the baked potato.And, of course, the French invented French fries, which arenow popular all over the world.

  59.When did potatoes get well-known outside south America?

  A.About 200 years ago.

  B.About 300 years ago.

  C.About 400 years ago.

  D.About 500 years ago.

  60.Why did some Europeans refuse to eat potatoes at first?

  A.They did not trust the Spanish people then.

  B.They were afraid of the poison in potatoes.

  C.They were afraid it would cause skin problem.

  D.They had never eaten food from abroad before.

  61.Why did two million people died in Ireland in 18457

  A.They had nothing to eat.

  B.They ate the bad potatoes.

  C.They ate the potato leaves.

  D.They got a terrible disease.

  62.What do we know from the last paragraph?

  A.Baked potatoes are popular now.

  B.People cook potatoes differently.

  C.Potatoes are expensive nowadays.

  D.The French eat potato dishes most.

  Text 3

  There are a growing number of pet owners who feed pets on raw, which means, "uncooked"

  meat and bones.William Burk, a pet food specialist from the Food and Drug Administration(FDA), believes that feeding raw meat to pets is against its goal of protecting the public fromhealth dangers; besides, raw meat and bones do not have all the required nutrition (营养) that a petneeds every day.

  Recognizing how popular these foods are, the FDA has provided guidelines for producers ofpet foods that contain uncooked meat for dogs, cats, and other pets.The guidelines give rules toprotect pet owners and pets from dangers about food safety and lack of nutrition.

  Pet owners who feed raw meat and bones should deal with these products very carefully toprotect themselves against possible dangers, says Burk.Just as when preparing foods for humans,use hot water and soap to wash hands, containers, and surfaces that come into contact(接触) withthe food.Don' t put your hands near your mouth until you' ve washed them, and don' t allow yourpet to touch your face right after it has eaten meat.

  If owners choose to feed bones to their pets, they should watch their pet carefully when it iseating bones.Burk also says, "If the pet eats a big piece of bone that won' t pass through the digestive system(消化系统), it could kill the pet."

  63.What does William Burk think of feeding pets on raw?

  A.It'll make the pet owners sick.

  B.It' 11 cause the death of other pets.

  C.It' s against the policy of the FDA.

  D.It' s dangerous and lack of nutrition.

  64.Wiry did the FDA provide guidelines for producers of pet foods with raw meat?

  A.The quality of pet foods has dropped.

  B.Most pets have been lack of nutrition.

  C.Pet safety has become a serious problem.

  D.Feeding pets on raw has become popular.

  65.Those who feed pets on raw should do all the necessary cleaning when

  A.preparing raw meat for pets

  B.preparing foods for humans

  C.touching the food containers

  D.bringing your pets for a walk

  66.What advice is given to pet owners in the last paragraph? A.Pets should be kept away from raw meat.

  B.Pets should be watched when eating bones.

  C.Pets should be fed with small pieces of bone.

  D.Pets should be checked on the digestive system.

  Text 4

  There are some objects in the sky that move so quickly that sometimes you only see them outof the comer of your eye.These are some of the huge number of bits of rock and dust that are floating around in space, called meteoroids.Normally, we cannot see them at all, but if they travel tooclose to the Earth, they get caught by the pull of the Earth, and begin to fall towards us.They fallfaster and faster, until they hit our atmosphere (大气层), by which time they are going so fast thatthey begin to bum up, and all that you see is a flash of light that moves very quickly across the skyand disappears.These shooting stars, or meteors as they are properly called, are quite common,and sometimes you may see several in a night.

  Most meteoroids are very small bits indeed, and they bum up long before they get to theEarth.However, a very few do manage to get all the way through the atmosphere, and actually fallto the ground.usually they do not do much damage, although this is not always the case.

  Meteoroids that actually manage to reach the Earth are called meteorites.Most countries haveplaces where meteorites have struck the Earth.some of these places are very large indeed and aretourist attractions.

  67.Why do some objects from outer space fall to the ground?

  A.They are too big.

  B.They are hit by huge rocks.

  C.They move too fast.

  D.They are pulled by the Earth.

  68.What do we know about meteors from the text?

  A.They become a star in the sky.

  B.They are too small to be seen.

  C.They disappear very quickly.

  D.They do damage to the Earth.

  69.What happens to most meteoroids coming into the atmosphere?

  A.They bum up.

  B.They fall to earth.

  C.They explode.

  D.The float in the air.

  70.The word "meteorites"( Line 1, Para.3)refers to pieces of rock that

  A.move fast in outer space

  B .have been found at a tourist centre

  C.flash through space at a high speed

  D.have fallen onto the Earth from space

  Text 5

  Pack your bags.Hold the mail.It' s time to turn your dream vacation into a real trip."Ihaven' t seen a buyer' s market like this in 25 years," says travel expert Peter Greenberg."Everything is on sale.Even the high end of the market is quietly offering add-ons: a free night here, aspa(水疗) pass there."

  In a bad economy, this comes as good news for many.Whether you want to fly across thecountry or drive across the state line, here are places that offer plenty to do.

  For anyone who can' t bear to sit still, big cities are the best choice for weekend trips.Zero inon cities that attract business travelers during the week.The big-name hotels empty out on theweekends and will give tourists a better deal.

  Chicago, Illinois: One of America' s best-looking city centers, especially in the spring andsummer.Spend a sunny day in Millennium Park, or consider an evening at Grant Achatz' s Alinearestaurant in Lincoln Park.

  Las Vegas, Nevada: It' s never been so easy to score a deal on the Strip.Five-star hotels aremarked down to three-star prices.Book a luxury suite (豪华套房)for $89 a night at www.trumplasvegashotel.com.

  San Francico, California: It's rare for a major city to have such an extraordinary physicalsetting--the,views of the bay(海湾)from the hills and the Ferry Building Marketplace are striking.

  It's also a walkable city with great museums.You can visit the new California Academy of Sciences building in Golden Gate Park.Go early!

  Portland, Oregon: The International Rose Test Garden is the one place one never tires of visiting.It's green, friendly, and laid-back.There are over 10,000 rosebushes, and because it's atest garden, the public has never seen many of these 550 varieties.The Rose Festival is one of thebiggest celebrations in the city and runs May 22 to June 14.

  71.Why is it the best time for traveling now?

  A.People have more free time.

  B.Everything is at lower prices.

  C.The weather is more pleasant.

  D.tourist sites are less crowded.

  72.What does the word "add-ons" ( Line 3, Para.1 ) most probably mean?

  A.Major sales.

  B.Extra services.

  C.Paid holidays.

  D.Additional payments.

  73.Why does the author suggest going to the big cities on weekends?

  A.Big-name hotels are cheaper.

  B.Parks are open free of charge.

  C.The traffic is much less heavy.

  D.There are no business travellers.

  74.Which city is the best choice for museum lovers?


  B.Las Vegas.

  C.San Francisco.


  75.Where is this text probably taken from?

  A.A textbook.

  B.A storybook.

  C.A magazine.

  D.A dictionary.