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  Because novel coronavirus is widely spread, we can only stay at home, but this is so boring, so I came up with an interesting game -- connecting bamboo poles.


  The rule is: you can flip your own card vertically, but you can turn it over when you swing it. If you encounter the same card, you can take it away and see who loses first. In this way, most of me have won. I am so happy that I want to jump three feet.



  Novel coronavirus is a casual visitor to the Spring Festival during this winter vacation. It's a virus that is full of corolla and is highly infectious. It's mainly transmitted by droplets.


  Because of its break in, the original lively Spring Festival also appears so pale. We can't play happily with our little friends; adults can't visit relatives and friends as usual; we can't go out and enjoy the beautiful food, and the whole Spring Festival is shrouded in a tense atmosphere. We can only stay at home and wear masks when we go out.


  When we complain about being bored at home, there are such a group of amiable and respectable people who risk their lives and escort us day and night.


  Grandpa Zhong Nanshan, 84, once again went out to fight for the people to rescue the patients. He told us to eat and sleep on time to increase our body's resistance. But he himself worked day and night. Dad showed me a picture. Grandpa Zhong's eyes were full of tears because of his hard work day and night. I want to say to Grandpa Zhong, "you are a hero who has touched countless Chinese people!"


  There are also such a group of medical staff, who have no bold words, but bravely move forward in the most dangerous place! Many doctors and nurses can't care for their parents, leave their children behind, regardless of pay, regardless of life and death, and safeguard the people's health. Because of the lack of masks, they don't get the most basic protection. My mother showed me a picture of the nurse's aunt taking off her mask. Her face and nose were bloodstained by the mask. I want to say to them, "thank you, this is the most beautiful makeup on your face!"


  In the epidemic area of Wuhan, there are also a group of construction workers, who are racing against the clock to speed up the construction of the hospital. They are also overworked in order to receive more pneumonia patients. I saw their worn hands under the gloves and was more moved by their heartache. I want to say to the builders, "you're working hard!"


  There are a lot of volunteers who have paid silently for the epidemic. They are united to fight the epidemic.


  In my heart, they are all the most lovely people in the world!


  At present, what we need to do is to wash hands and wear masks frequently, not go out, not get together, often ventilate and strengthen the body. I believe that the epidemic will soon pass and spring will soon come!



  We are in the new year, but they are passing the customs. In the fear of the virus, they are fearless all the way.


  In front of the novel coronavirus, they rushed to the front line, and they were not afraid of difficulties. They are the angels in white from all provinces and cities, and they are the reversers on the road of anti-virus.


  Grandfather Zhong Nanshan, 83, could have avoided the danger of the virus and lived in his old age, but he stood up when the people needed him most, just like when the SARS virus broke out 17 years ago. Seventeen years ago, he said firmly, "send all the patients to me!" the firm words shocked the whole world. Over the past 17 years, this heart of serving the people has never changed, and its retrograde aspiration to serve the people's security has never changed.


  There are many doctors and nurses. On the new year's Eve, when we have family reunion dinner and the whole family is happy, they leave their families and set foot on the battlefield in Wuhan. These rebels fight for people's safety in the hospital field.


  Pay homage to the rebellious, revere nature and guard life. They interpret "dedication of love" and "sincerity of great doctors" with persistence and perseverance. We sincerely salute them. Let's fight this war without gunpowder together, and look forward to their early return and family reunion. Let's go to the streets together and share the flowers!


  阻击疫情 中国加油

  Stop the epidemic. Come on, China

  2020年的春节很特殊, 一场新型冠状病毒打的全国人民措手不及,每天新闻,电视报道着各种各样的疫情信息, 白衣天使为大家舍小家的英雄事迹,让我深受感动看到爱心人士有钱出钱,有力出力,万民一心的精神让我备受鼓舞 。

  Novel coronavirus was be taken by surprise all over the country in 2020. The news of the day was reported by TV and all kinds of epidemic information was reported. The white angels were the heroic deeds of everyone, and I was deeply moved to see that the love people paid money and worked hard.

  作为学生,我们能做的就是好好呆在家,尽量不出门,出门戴口罩,做好防范,不给祖国添负担,我们一定会打赢这场没有硝烟的战争,晋城加油 武汉加油 中国加油,必胜!!!

  As students, what we can do is to stay at home, try not to go out, wear masks, do a good job of prevention, do not add burden to the motherland, we will win this war without gunpowder smoke, Jincheng refueling Wuhan refueling China refueling, we will win!!!




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