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  good morning, ladies and gentlemen:

  today i'm very happy to be here to share with you some of my thoughts on the topic of globalization. and first of all, i would like to mention an event in our recent history.

  thirty years ago, american president richard nixon made an epoch-making visit to china, a country still isolated at that time. premier zhou enlai said to him, "your handshake came over the vastest ocean in the world - twenty-five years of no communication." ever since then, china and america have exchanged many handshakes of various kinds. the fundamental implication of this example is that the need and desire to communicate across differences in culture and ideology is not only felt by the two countries but by many other nations as well.

  as we can see today, environmentalists from different countries are making joint efforts to address the issue of global warming, economists are seeking solutions to financial crises that rage in a particular region but nonetheless cripple the world's economy, and diplomats and politicians are getting together to discuss the issue of combating terrorism. peace and prosperity has become a common goal that we are striving for all over the world. underlying this mighty trend of globalization is the echo of e. m. forster's words, "only connect!"

  with the it revolution taking place, traditional boundaries of human society fall away. our culture, politics, society and commerce are being sloshed into a large melting pot of humanity. in this interlinked world, there are no outsiders, for a disturbance in one place is likely to impact other parts of the globe. we have begun to realize that a world divided cannot endure.

  china is now actively integrating into the world. our recent entry to the wto is a good example. for decades, we have taken pride in being self-reliant, but now we realize the importance of participating in and contributing to a broader economic order. from the precarious role in the world arena to our present wto membership, we have come a long way.

  but what does the way ahead look like? in some parts of the world people are demonstrating against globalization. are they justified then, in criticizing the globalizing world? instead of narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, they say, globalization enables developed nations to swallow the developing nations' wealth in debts and interest. globalization, they argue, should be about an earnest interest in every other nation's economic health.

  we are reminded by karl marx that capital goes beyond national borders and eludes control from any other entity. this has become a reality. multinational corporations are seeking the lowest cost, the largest market, and the most favorable policy. they are often powerful lobbyists in government decision-making, ruthless expansionists in the global market place and a devastating presence to local businesses.

  for china, still more challenges exist. how are we going to ensure a smooth transition from the planned economy to a market-based one? how to construct a legal system that is sound enough and broad enough to respond to the needs of a dynamic society? how to maintain our cultural identity in an increasingly homogeneous world? and how to define greatness in our rise as a peace-loving nation? globalization entails questions that concern us all.

  like many young people my age in china, i want to see my country get prosperous and enjoying respect in the international community. but it seems to me that mere patriotism is not just enough. it is vitally important that we young people do more serious thinking and broaden our mind to bigger issues. and, there might never be easy answers to those issues such as globalization, but to take them on and give them honest thinking is the first step to be prepared for both opportunities and challenges coming our way. and this is also one of the thoughts that came to me while preparing this speech. thank you.


  Let me begin my speech with a replay of scenes familiar to most, if not all, of those present here today. “Mum, I'm sorry, but I need 3,000 yuan for my tuition this year.”

  “Mum, it is my friend's birthday tomorrow, I must buy her a present.”

  “Mum, this jacket was out of fashion long ago, would you do me a favor? ”

  Take. Take. Take. The relationship between a mother and a child always seems to follow such a pattern. I know my mother is always there for me, providing me with everything I need; from food to clothing, from tuition to pocket money. I never thought twice about all she did until one day she said, “Will there be a time that you'll say you have taken enough from me? ”

  Like a child endlessly asking, we humans, throughout history, have been continually demanding what we desire from nature. We enjoy the comfort and beauty of our furniture, yet we never bother to think about the serious soil erosion caused by deforestation. We take it for granted that we must warm ourselves in winter times, yet we seldom realize the burning away of precious natural resources. We appreciate all the prosperity from the development of modern industry, yet few would give the slightest consideration to the global air and water pollution caused by industrial wastes. Our ruthless exploitation has permanently impaired our mother earth. As we tragically learned from last summer's floods. we cannot continue our carelessness.

  Finally, standing here at the threshold of the 21st century, we cannot help thinking of our posterity. Nature is not only the mother of the present generation, but also the mother of the generations to come. How severely our descendents will criticize us if we leave them a barren and lifeless mother? How much more they will appreciate us if we give them a world of harmony to inherit? Let us start respecting and caring for nature from now on. Let us start the campaign of creating a mutually beneficial relationship between people and nature right from this moment. With this new start, I firmly believe, that our children, and our children's children will live in a brand new age of green trees, clean air, crystal water, blue sky and an even more promising world!


  Honourable judges and friendsGood morning! i am very glad to be here to share my college life with you .

  Two years ago i came into this city of and started my college life the most memorable journey of my life. i was just a shy and little girl that time. all the things seemed fresh to me: new faces large library and physics lab etc. i breathed the air of college greedily i was curious about everything.the class given by the teachers are excellent.they provide us with information not only from our textbook but from other sources as well.i actively involved in student union and varies of association. but soon i realized that i do not make full use of my spare time so i got a part-time job to help a junior student with math lessons besidesi also took part in activities concerning public welfare. we taught the kids there who could not afford school i was deeply touched by their eagerness to learn the precious experience with the poor kids made me aware of the responsibility on the shoulders of us--future teachers. the enrichment of experience taught me the significance of modestyresponsibilitytoleranceand perseverance.

  and now i have been here two years. recalling to the two years i think i have to talk about one thing--learning. learn how to study independently learn how to get along with others learn to love learn to… oh there are too much things we have to learn.

  comparing with senior high school college is a rather different place. there aren’t so many people to watch you and guide you how to do something any more neither are there so many students who share with you one dream. in college you must think and study yourself so you have to learn and practice to control yourself.

  another relationship in college is friendship. my roommates have lived two years with me. in these years they forgive my faults cry with me laugh with me play with me… they always stand with me and support me i have learned a lot from them. i love them all and treasure the friendship with them.

  in the next 2 yearsi’ll try my best to and make great contributions to society! that’s my college life. i cherish all i have experienced in college. i love you my college!

  that’s all thank you!