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英语教师口语演讲稿2017-08-18 22:26:14 | #1楼回目录

I’m proud of being a teacher

Wenyang Central Primary SchoolWu Jianjian Dear ladies and gentlemen,

It’s my honor to stand here to make a speech .My topic today is “I’m proud of being a teacher”.

This summer I was lucky to take part in the summer English training for primary school of Feicheng.One of my foreign teachers T.J. impressed me deeply.Every morning and afternoon before classes,he always asked us to say “Teachers are the greatest profession in the world.”It influenced me very deeply.To be a teacher may be not a good job,but I don’t regret my choice.

I always remembered a message from one of my students.It happened on a spring festival.The student made rapid progrein the final examination.He sent me a message.He said,“Dear Ms Wu,you treated me like my mother.Without your help,I could not make so much progress.Thanks for your help.I love you forever,Ms Wu.May you be happy every day.”I was excited to receive the message.In my opinion,I just encouraged him often and taught him some learning methods.But it helped him a lot.From it,I knew my choice of being a teacher was right.I’m proud of being a teacher.

So, in my opinion, we teachers must pay more attention and patience to children and above all——love them. If you give a little love to

children,you will get back a great deal.

So,I will try my best to put all my heart and soul in the teaching.I’ll regard every student as my own child.Because I’m a teacher.Teachers are the greatest profession in the world. I’m proud of being a teacher.That’s all.Thank you.

英语教师口语大赛演讲稿2017-08-18 22:26:49 | #2楼回目录


Good morning,dear judges!

I'm very glad to stand here and give my short speach to you. I' m a young English teacher from XueLang Primary School. I'm No.4. Today my topic is "Holiday".

我很高兴地站在这里,给我简短的发言给你。我是年轻的英语老师从XueLang小学。我四号。今天我的主题是“假日” 。

As we known, there is a lot of holidays in every country, especially in China. You see,the new year is coming,2016. And the first holiday of 2016 is the New Year’s Day. So, I want to give my best wishes to you and a “Happy New Year!”

正如我们知道,有很多节日在每一个国家,特别是在中国。你看,在新的一年的到来, 2016年。第一节日是2016年元旦。所以,我想给我最良好的祝愿您和“新年快乐! ”

Well, when I’ve got this topic, I remember a holiday at once, that is the Children’s Day——the Children’s Day last year. Why? Because there is really something impressed me.


During the first year of my teaching career, I always work with full passion and attention. I like children, I like to study and play with them. Sometimes, they make me feel that I’m not a teacher but a friend. I believe that if a student like you and he will like the subject you teach.


Every Children’s Day, people will hold a big celebration, so do our school. Before that day, we would make preparations for the activities. I and another new teacher were in charge of the “Ringers” game. We felt a little nervous because we had no experience. So we tried our best to decorate the place to attract children. And we took our computer with us to play the funny cartoon music. Then we wait for children to come.


Out of our surprise, when the celebration began, lots of children rushed to our place and asked for playing the game. There was a long line. The music played and played, children happily came and went. But time was limited. 40 minutes later, we had to declare game over. At that time, I saw a little boy who didn’t want to leave, when we said to him the game was over again, he

even cried. So, I let him play again. And he got the last toy. When I gave the prize to him, he smiled and said “ Thank you, teacher.” I felt so satisfied and because of the smile I wasn’t tired at all.

在我们的惊讶,当庆祝活动开始时,许多儿童送往我们的位置,并要求玩游戏。有一长排。音乐比赛和发挥,孩子高兴地来了又走了。但时间是有限的。 40分钟后,我们不得不宣布比赛结束。在那个时候,我看到了一个小男孩,谁不想离开,当我们对他说,比赛是一次又一次,他甚至哭了起来。所以,我让他再上场比赛。他拿到了最后的玩具。当我给他的奖金,他笑着说: “谢谢你,老师。 ”我觉得很满意,因为我是微笑不累的。

So, in my opinion, we teachers must pay more attention and patience and the most important——love to children. If you give a little love to children,you will get a great deal back.


That’s all. Thank you for listening. Thank you very much.

这是所有。谢谢你听。非常感谢。 《英语教师口语大赛演讲稿》

小学英语教师口语比赛演讲稿2017-08-18 22:26:24 | #3楼回目录


Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s an honor for me to be here to make a speech.. Hope you enjoy a wonderful time! First I want to say is here my topic, which is how to make my claactive and interactive.

Actually , when I stepped to the 3-foot platform to be an English teacher , I tried my best to make my students practice the patterns time after time , I hoped that they would get high marks in test .However , my students didn't care about it , they showed leattention to my class.

Until one day, a student had a talk with me. He said : ”I’m learning many things that are boring, useleand not valuable. So I’m tired of studying. MiMa , can you understand me? ”At that time, I felt my clawas lack of active and interactive patterns.

Then I gradually found that make claactive and interactive is from active learning to interactive teaching.

First , we should be energetic and encouraging .Because our passion can make clawant to learn English, they will act with nature and show more potential abilities. Also,we should praise in various ways. In our clawe often say “good, very good”, the simple word not only make them active in class, but also foster their sense of achievement in future learing..

Secondly, we should make clameaningful and creative. In class, we can use the short and simple sentence, use the body language to communicate with students .We should give students clear purpose and offer them opportunities to try, to create and allow them to fail. Make sure the clarelaxing and interactive, be familiar to the feeling of English language.

Coming up next is organizing games and activities .You know, activity is the key part of class. Including paired work, competitions, role play, guessing game, TPR activities, and so on. Whatever I use , I should often change the way. From students and I; student and student ;to students and students. Make all class.

The last but not the least is helping the clafeel comfortable with asking me questions and answering my questions. To do this, do not criticize any questions from students .This will insure that students will continue to ask questions. Do give more chance to students ask and answer , make students and ourselves learn interactively. So after clastudents can listen, read, write, think without force and pressure, keeping interests and motivation .

This is my talk from my experience, sharing with you today . Thank you for your attention!