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英语教师的演讲稿2017-08-11 09:12:17 | #1楼回目录

Perseverance and my teaching career

China has boundleland .rich culture and long history,but the greatest wealth we have are our virtues.Let`s review the past of China,The 5000-year history is a history full of natural disasters and wars.Facing these difficulties and disasaters,the Chinese people have shown unimaginable perseverance.perseverance is considered as a good virtue by Chinese people.

Zhang Haidi is a good example. When she`s very young.She was forced to accept the fact that she would never be the same as the other girls again-she was disabled.She felt really painful at first.But later,she gradually took to writing,which saved her and helped her through days and nights.At last ,she finished a nover life in the wheelchair,which has won her the great honor.When she is in her forties .she was diagonsed with cancer.But she still feels the greatneof being alive and try to help others with her love .She once said,“My way ahead may not be to long .But what does life mean?I means being helpful to others and confident of your own value”.

From Haidi`s story,we can see Chinese people`s good virtue-perseverance.Now ,about my teaching career.In a twinkle of an eye, six years has passed since I became an English teacher. Looking back, I have experienced pleasure, succeas well as confusion and sadness. But I think there is much to be grateful for. During the first two years , I had a hard time in my teaching career. many students in the common classes are quite different from my former students. They didn't study hard at all. It is a common sight for

them not to do homework. They didn't care about their school marks. What is more, they showed deaf ears to your advice for their mistakes or faults. When I wanted to point out their mistakes, I should weigh my words over and over not to hurt their feelings. I felt as if I lost my way in the sea. I even had such an idea: To give up the job as an English teacher.

But now,As a Chinese people. I remembered the Chinese people`s good virtue persiverance,I remembered the haidi`s story .then I began to think and reflect myself in my teaching. As a teacher, first we should love the students like our own children.I told my students:facing English we should show persiverance again and I told the Hai di`s story to them. I try to stand in the students' position, understand them, help them and at the same time improve our teaching skills and method. Now more and more of my students study English very hard and I feel happy to be an English teacher, too. Today I'd like to share a sentence with all of you. If there were no cloud, would the sky feel lonely? If there were no sky, where should the cloud wander?

Before finishing my speech, I`d like to say: to be an English teacher is the best choice in my life. I enjoy my job,and I love my life.

So much for this . Thank you .

A crow and a fox

A crow had a piece of meat ,He hold it in his mouth standing on the tree.

A passing-by fox saw it with spittle flowing.“I want to get that meat.”she spoke to herself.

So she walked to the tree and spoke to crow:“Mr crow,your feather is so beautiful!”

The crow didn`t pay attention to her ,and the fox continued to say:“If you can sing a song,that is much more wonderful!”

After hearing of it,the crow was so elated that he opened his mouth to sing happily.

But when he opened his mouth,the meat fell from his mouth.The cunning fox picked up this meat .and threw it into her mouth:“Crow,you are too stupid to believe me.”

The Girl in the Pagoda

A beautiful girl lived in Luoyang.There was a very tall pagoda in the city.One day ,it was very hot.The girl sat under a big tree.

Suddenly a big wind came and took her into the sky. The girl`s family was very sad.

When the girl opened her eyes,she was at the top of the pagoda.A young man was in front of her.

“Will you marry me ?”asked the young man.“No,I won`t,”said the girl.“I want to go home.”

The young man was angry.“Then you will stay in this pagoda,”he said.

Every day the young man visited the girl.But the girl still didn`t want to marry the young man.

One day,the window of the pagoda was open.The girl looked out.The young man was now a monster!The girl was very frightened.

Later ,the girl saw a kind man below the pagoda.

“Help!Help!”she said.The man didn`t hear her.So the girl threw her clothes out of the window.The man saw the

clothes.Then he looked up and saw the girl at the top of the pagoda.He ran for help.

The next day everyone went to the pagoda to help the girl.When the girl`s brother saw the monster,he hit it.The monster flew away in the sky.

Then they saved the girl.“I missed you so much,”said the girl to her brother.Everyone in the village sang and danced for many days.

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做一名优秀的英语教师演讲稿2017-08-11 09:14:05 | #3楼回目录


众所周知,在当今世界上,英语倍受人们的钟爱。因为它是世界上使用 最广泛的语言,英、美、加拿大等国都把英语当成母语,而许多国家在日常生活 中把它做为一门外语,世界上的国际会议都以英语为官方语言,并且近半的信件 也是用英语写的,从而可见,它的“广泛性”。英语做为一个时代的特征,受到 了重视,由此以来,对于没有小学英语基础的学生来说,能掌握好英语,并能在 短短的三年内达到相应的水平,是英语教师的重大责任,以下是我在教学过程中 总结的几点做法,介绍给大家,仅供参考。

一、将英语教学贯穿到日常生活中 如果想学好英语,仅限于几节英语课是远远不够的,要想学好英语,必须从“听” 开始,教师在开始就坚持用英语讲课,让学生在轻松自然的气氛中,掌握越来越 多的英语句子,并鼓励学生与老师、学生与家长用英语进行交流,不断丰富并巩 固所学的日常用语,使学生在生活环境中自如的运用英语。如:创办“英语角” 学生自由说,畅所欲言,是提高听说能力的有效方式。

二、为学生创设良好的语言环境,培养学生学习英语的兴趣 兴趣是学好一切的前提,只有把学生的积极主动性调动起来,培养学生学英语的 兴趣,才能使学生学的轻松,学的乐意。 在学英语的过程中,语言环境起到关键作用,所以教师应充分利用学生所熟悉的 实物、教具等,增加教学的直观性,帮助学生尽快理解内容,在课堂教学中充分 运用眼神、手势、动作、表情。如:讲身体部分名称时(the parts fp the body),rxj 指着自己的眼睛、头发等或让学生当场表演。总之,使学生通过亲自观察、感受、 理解,最后达到掌握和运用的目的。

三、创设情境,寓英语教学于表演中 学生活泼在、可爱的天性,使他们很乐于参与活动,乐于表现自己,他们善于模 仿,争强好胜,所以在教学中,应尽量让学生把学习语言当作一种游戏活动,让 他们从动作、表情、语言等形式参与活动,让他们在这个过程中感受英语、运用 英语。我们教师应充分采用多种教学法,把对话、表演、游戏、歌曲等充分运用 到教学中,使学生在轻松、愉快的气氛中学习英语。如猜谜游戏,利用“What is in your bag”练习衣服的名称。 在表演时,创设情景,激发他们的开口欲望,培养他们的口语表达能力,模仿老 外的声音和表情,还伴以形象的动作表演,学生们争着参与。在学生的搞笑表演

中,他们多次运用了“打电话”的日常用语,在欢乐、轻松的气氛中,运用并学 会了句型。这也就是我们常说的“寓教于乐,寓学于乐”吧!为了表演好,他们 积极准备道具,并设计动作,共同商讨。在学知识的过程中,他们互帮互助,增 强了他们的团队精神、集体观念。

四、重视语言应用能力的培养 要提高学生的语言能力,不仅只是让学生在词句的增加,而是原有词、名整合能 力的提高,让学生在读、记中培养语感,真正学习语言的实际运用,从而提高英 语语言的实际运用能力。 在实际教学中,我采用了“写英语日记”和“课前3 分钟演讲”的方式来锻炼他 们的语言运用能力。如:每周两篇日记,学生把本周所学的语句贯穿其中,即练 习单词、句型,也大大提高了学生对所学语言的实际运用能力,效果理想。

五、充分利用各种教育资源 在英语教学中,应运用适当的电教手段,(如录像带、光盘、磁带等)来创设适 当的情境,增加语言环境,弥补教师语言语调的不足,训练他们的听力、视觉语 言和听觉语言相互结合,帮助他们理解,并掌握所学内容,可尽量在多媒体室内 上课。 有条件、有能力的家长可以辅导孩子在家中自学,创设多层次的课外语言学习环 境,充分发挥环境的教育作用。经过一系列努力,学生会逐渐主动使用英语,能 听懂教师组织语言,在英语发音方面,基本上摆脱了双语发音规则的影响等等。

六、利用竞争、比赛来激活学生的大脑思维,提高效率 课堂教学过程应是“学生为主,老师为辅”。乏味、紧张的学习,会抵制学生的 思考,从而也降低了学习效果。无论课上还是课下,我都会采用“竞争、比赛” 的形式,来调动学生思维活动的积极性,使他们活跃思维,如:单词拼写比赛、 听力比赛、演讲比赛、抢答比赛等。在丰富多彩的比赛中,学生的大脑始终会处 于兴奋状态,学生的思维非常敏感,从而提高了学习效率,提高了学生的成绩。

七、充分利用表扬、激励功能 在教学过程中,主抓英语教学的同时,应充分利用表扬、激励功能,培养他们的 自信。 在现实中,很多家长或老师看到孩子学习成绩不理想,就一味的批评,结果没有 效果,因此要多对学生进行鼓励和表扬。学生要想学好英语,先得有自信心,要 进入 “我能“的心理状态,鼓励是一种生命的热力传递。美国一个大教育家说过,“把 孩子教育好,除了鼓励,我不知道还有什么办法”。在英语教学中,我们绝不能 指责学生的发音、拼写等

等,批评是于事无补的,我们应用“伯乐”的眼光看待 每个学生。 “授人以鱼,只供一饭之需;教人以渔,于终身受用无穷”。这句话深深的扎根 在我的心里,我知道培养学生的自觉意识、自学能力也是非常重要的,他们只有 在这方面的能力提高了,我们才会达到高效率、高收益的课堂效果。因此我们在 注重课堂教学策略的同时,注意学生自学能力的培养,让他们在平时就能主动获 得知识、发现问题、解决问题,这样才能培养出真正高素质的学生。 我相信,在所有的教学过程中,如果我们能寻找、摸索一些好的经验,利用有效 的教学方法,并倾注自己的爱心。那么,我们一定会成为一名优秀的教师。