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I love teaching English

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, my name is Li Shengcai,my topic is “I love teaching English”.

Working as a teacher, maybe there is nothing special in their life. But we have a belief deep within, that is --we must protect our students, keep our children safe, we won’t let any of them get hurt. Just as what the Secretary of education in Shangrao County said: “The accident happened so quickly, it happened in a flick of an eye, there is no time to think about it or hesitate, saving the others is an instinctive action. She did it only because she was of great stature. She forgot about herself in the heat of the moment. ”

There is no doubt, teachers are worth all respect! Teachers are selfless! They impart knowledge to the students, they offer ways and skills of learning to their students, and they offer their lives with no hesitancy when necessary! So I am proud of being a teacher. I like students, teaching will be my life-time career.

There are thousands of different languages in the world. Which language is the most important? As we know, English is an international language, and it could be used all over the world. English is becoming more and more important and popular in China. We adults learn English, school students learn English, even the babies in the kinder garden learn English. It’s a necessary language if you want to go abroad, It’s an essential quality for the researchers to get the latest information in the world quickly. In an age of fast communication, if we want to learn about the outside world, English is definitely the language we should know.

Let’s take a look at a practical viewpoint, if you’re looking for a job that can provide you a good position and a high salary, understanding English often makes it much easier. It can’t be denied that English is very important if you want to make a good living. English is a very important language no matter what you do or where you go, Millions of people would like to master English, but it’s not a piece of cake.

So being an English teacher is good. I am fortunate that I can expremy opinions in English. So I am lucky I can teach English.

Furthermore, Being an English teacher, I am very content. I am so grateful to have a life that is filled with teenagers’ trust and love. When my students answer my questions correctly, when they discupassionately, when they communicate with foreigners fluently, when I see the slowest in thought make progress, I know I have done a great job. Nothing can replace my pleasure.

So being an English teacher, I have got fantasticpleasure. It is English that makes my life wonderful. It is English that makes me feel confident. It is English that makes me different

If there is another chance for me to choose my occupation, I won’t choose anything except being an English teacher.

I enjoy my job, and I love my life.

英语教师演讲稿2017-08-11 08:07:56 | #2楼回目录

Good morning , Ladiesandgentmen It isgreathonourtospeakhere . I value this chance of sharing teaching

experience with distinguished teachers very much. To be honest I felt rather nervous. I can

still remember when I made my first speech in college. Iev encouldn'tcontrolmy breath .

.Because Ireallydidn'tknowwhattosay atthattime . Well- today, being anEnglishteacherfor some years in Zhongxin, I have a strong

sense of responsibility, which always fills me with strength and confidence.

After being an English teacher,

I think, to be a good English teacher, youshould

know your majorwell. Your personality is as important as your knowledge.

A good English teacher must be enthusiastic. You must love your students and respect them. In addition, You must also respect yourself and take pride

in your work. A good English teacher should be kind, encouraging, andhelpful and youshould motivate your students to seek knowledge.

I'll tell you a true story, last year, a boy named LiuLei came to our class,

he looked so quiet, no age children's lively and cheerful, he didn't dare to

answer the question loudly, when I asked him to do the dialogue in front, he

even had a big cry . And he didn't daretosee anyone ,whosevoice low like

a whisper, I am well aware that helacked ofconfidenceandnecessary

encouragement . So, then Igivethe opportunity to him for eachcla, and I encouraged him to say: Jake you have been done better than last

time, and I also make the classmates to applaud him, I also told his mother

to encourage him whenseeinghis progress,day byday , I am surprised to

find the child really progressed, now he can put up hands to answer a question

activly ,what's more, he can take part in the game, performance has been greatly

improved. His mother was pleased to tell me herchild progressed . every time,

after schoolhealways chatter without stopping told her that what he learned

inZhongxin , and the performance is greatly improved, as his teacher was really

excited for his progress, I realized the unprecedented :

[n'presidntid)achievement! This sense of achievement is no substitute.

In Bible,it says: Love is patient; love is kind;

. It does not insist on its own way;

It bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love neverEnds.

Ihope these words always stay in my heart and use love to accompany them

grow up,use love to bring them bright sunshine, use love to improve my life

value,that is what I want to do.

If there is another chance for me to choose my occupation, I won’t choose anything except being an English teacher.

I enjoy my job, and I love my life.that'sall .Thankyou forlistening!上午好女士们先生们





我给大家讲个真实的故事,去年我们班来了一个男孩,他的名字叫-刘磊,他看上去是那样的沉默寡言,没有同龄孩子的活泼与开朗,在上课的时候不敢大声的回答问题, 当我让他到前面做对话的时候他甚至都大哭了一场,连看大家一眼都不敢,声音低的就像在说耳语一样,我深知这是他对自己没有信心并且缺乏必要的鼓励所造成的。所以,后来我每次上课都给他表现的机会,并且每次我都鼓励他说:Jake你这次比上次有进步, 同时我也让全班的同学一起为他鼓掌,我也告诉他的妈妈在家也多鼓励孩子,只要看到他的进步就表扬他,一天一天的过去了,我惊喜的发现孩子真的进步了,现在他能主动举手回答问题,主动的参与游戏,成绩也有了很大的提高。他妈妈很高兴的告诉我他的孩子有进步了,每次从中信放学后总是喋喋不休的跟她说他学到了什么,并且成绩也是大幅度提高,我作为他的老师真的为他的进步而兴奋,我体会到了空前的成就感!这种成就感是任何东西都代替不了的。