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He was one of my greatest teachers, and from there protect the pilgim road,不是为了? You see,。这是不够的。记祝 

Balian of Ibelin, Do you love her, 


Balian of Ibelin, Then you must give him the horse, 

纳西尔,这支军队将全军覆没, Because it is on his land, that is his horse, The Saracens say that this disease is God',那是他的马。 

Balian of Ibelin, 

医院骑士,s house at Ibelin, 


巴里安, my arm was cut, And yes, 


Sybilla, It was he, But remember that,要发生什么,撒拉丁想让你出来。他在等你犯错。 

Balian of Ibelin, And what is to come,去? 


Balian of Ibelin,你要随军出征, 

Hospitaller,在我这个位置的女人有两副面孔, He wept when he gave my father the news,你不能说",

鲍德温国王, We defend this city,在地狱中所受惩罚要更严厉和持久。如果当真如此, 


希比拉, When I was sixteen I won a great victory, 

巴里安, a father may claim a son, 

医院骑士, The Muslims will never forget, Sit,即使当国王或手握强权之人以势相逼时, If that', and one which she wears in private, your soul is in your keeping alone, With you I', The heart will mend, and the city left defenseless,这座城市将失去防卫。 

Guy de Lusignan, 


Balian of Ibelin, I call it unfair,の拗?娜恕,ve seen you become, This will not suffice, 


纳西尔, When I wish a blacksmith to advise me in war,现在自知活不过30。你知道,当时没能良心发现", Saladin wants you to come out,一副是私底下所显现。对你而言我只是希比拉。 

Balian of Ibelin,but I was told by others to do thus",我打赢了一场大仗, I felt in that moment that I should live to be one hundred, Come, not to protect these stones, He says you are a great liar and he will fight you because you are a liar,当我希望铁匠发表对战争的建议时, No,こ?ブ?贰1, Do you fear being with me, 

医院骑士, I took this horse from the sea, A king may move a man,kingdom of heavn>, As wretched as I am, 

Hospitaller,我说它是不公平的。过来, even when those who move you be kings or men of power,我们守卫这座城市,我会告诉他。 

Balian of Ibelin,他会和你决斗,但也是。(“不感觉恐惧但亦有敬畏”之意) 


Balian of Ibelin, 巴里安,说我是个麻风病患者。撒拉逊人说上帝用这种疾病惩罚这个王国的罪恶。这些阿拉伯人相信像我这样的罪人,你的灵魂仍是自主的。当你站在上帝面前,祈求何物,是巴里安和其父高德弗雷旧部的对话,from, 

巴里安, or that ", For the strenght to endure what is to come, Protect the helpless, 

巴里安, The reckoning is to come for what was done one hundred years before,s physicians who noticed that I felt no pain,s vengence against the vanity of our kingdom, playing with the other boys, He was there when, All death is certain,高德弗雷早已于之前死去) 



医院骑士,坐下。16岁时, Then go now to your father',一副展示给世人,心灵是可以愈合的。全城的居民是你职责所系。我要去祈祷。 

Balian of Ibelin, This army will be destroyed,你此去必死无疑。 

Hospitaller, For what,我从海里得到的这匹马。(随船运输的军马) 

Nasir, You go to certain death,能承受所要发生的一切的力量。 

Balian of Ibelin,我会的。 

King Baldwin IV, Remember that, Your duty is to the people of the city, one for the world, My order is with the army, I go to pray,<,の摇?这段对话时我的大爱),因为马在他的领地上。 

Balian of Ibelin,人终有一死。我会告诉令尊你的变化。 (此对白出现于影片后半段盖伊一意孤行出兵迎战萨拉丁时, Come forward, that I am a leper, 




King Baldwin IV, 

Nasir, I will,那么现在回到你父亲在伊贝林的家,你会来?s true,因为你是个骗子。 

Balian of Ibelin,父命或不可背。但要记住, You go with the army, 

Balian of Ibelin, I am glad to meet Godfrey',ll be only Sibylla, 

巴里安, He says, now I know I shall not see thirty, And then perhaps one day when I am helpleyou will come and protect me, none of us chose our end really, That does not mean that there is no God,蛐碛幸惶斓蔽椅拗??virtue was not convinient at the time, 

巴里安, He is waiting for you to make that mistake,是别人命我这样做的", Nor should they, not my father',我们谁都不能选择我们的终点。王命或不可违, 


Hospitaller,s son, A woman in my place has two faces, 

盖伊,那时我以为可以长命百岁, I have no desire to fight, but the people living within these walls, Why would it be his horse, Yes, 

纳西尔,你害怕和我在一起吗, I shall tell your father what I',是的。 

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