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  Lei Feng was a model soldier, On December 1 8,1940, he was born in a poor peasant family in a little mountain village of Hunan Province. He didn't go to school till 1950. At the age of 18, he worked as a steel worker. He was often praised for his good job. On January 8, 1960, he joined the army.

  In the same year, he joined the Communist Party. He loved the Party and the people, and constantly did good for others. As a result, he became a model soldier. After his death, Chairman Mao called on the people to "Learn from Comrade Lei Feng". The whole nation were moved by his deeds. Lei Feng's spirit will live in our hearts forever.


  I am here to announce my retirement from the game of basketball. It won't be another announcement to baseball or anything to that nature.


  Mentally, I'm exhausted; I don't feel I have a challenge. Physically, I feel great. The last time in 1993 I had other agendas. I felt that I wanted to play baseball and I felt that at my age, it was a good opportunity and time to do it. And with the death of my father, and I was basically trying to deal with that.


  Actually I talked to very last year once the season ended and I told Jerry at that time, mentally, I was a little exhausted. I didn't know if I would play next year. I wanted to put him on awareness so that he could possibly prepare going into next season. And very, once we had our conversation, wanted me to take time as I did in 93 to make sure that it was the right decision because it was going to be the final decision.


  I retired the first time when Phil Jackson was the coach. And I think that even with Phil being the coach I would have had a tough time , mentally finding the challenge for myself. I though he can somehow present challenges for me. I don't know if he could have presented the challenge for me to continue on to this season. Even though middle way of this season I wanted to continue to play a couple more years, but at the end of this season I was mentally drained and tired. 50 I can't say that he would have restored that.

  第一次退役时菲尔.杰克逊是教练。但我觉得即使本赛季他还担任教练,我也会很困难,内心里 ,我已感到了挑战。当然克论如何,他都会给我一些应对方洁的我不知道他是否还有办法使我打完这一赛季。在本赛季中间我还想着再打几年呢,但当赛季结束时,我却感觉精神枯竭,疲惫。因此我确实不能说他会使我恢复精力。

  I will support the Chicago Bulls. I think the game itself is a lot bigger than Michael Jordan. I've been given an opportunity by people before me, to name a few, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Doctor J, Eljohn Baylor Jerry West. These guys played the game way before Michael Jordan was born and Michael Jordan came on the heels of all that activity. Mr. Stern and what he's done for the league, gave me an opportunity to play the game of basketball I played it to the best I could play it, I tried to enhance the game itself. I've tried to be the best basketball player that I could be.

  我将支持芝加哥公牛队,我认为比赛本身比迈克尔.乔丹重要得多。我的很多机会都是篮球前辈们给的。我这里指出一些:里姆·阿卡杜·贾巴尔,J博士,伊利约翰 ·贝勒,杰里 ·韦斯特这些人早在迈克尔.乔丹出生前就活跃在赛场了。迈克尔.乔丹只不过是继承了他们的传统。斯特恩先生及其为联盟做出的贡献给了我打蓝球的机会。找已尽我最大能力打球,我也努力拉动比赛本身的发展。我一直在努力,尽我所能成为最好的球员。


  Carnegie spent almost twenty years left to him giving his wealth away. He believed that those who became rich should return what they did not need to society. He had said that a rich man "dies disgraced" if he does not use the ability he has shown ingathering money to give away his money for the public good during his lifetime.


  He began to use his money to build free public libraries. In 1919 it was said that his money had built almost 3,000 libraries, valued altogether at over sixty million dollars. Most of these were in the United States, but some of them were in Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, and even as far as the Fiji Islands.


  A gift of four million dollars was made to Carnegie's hometown, Dunfermline, Scotland. It was used to build parks and playgrounds for the people of the town. Pittsburgh, where he made his fortune, was given a music hall, a museum, an art gallery, and a public library.


  Andrew Carnegie's public gifts amounted to almost three hundred and thirty million dollars. He gave one million, five hundred thousand dollars to the Peace Palace at the Hague in the Netherlands. After the war began in Europe in 1914, he gave his home, Skibo Castle in Scotland, to the British Government for use as an army hospital.



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